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Anchors Away!

A second new top is down for Taylor, this time using an anchordot print from Needle Nook Fabrics. The material was extremely thin, rolled continuously, and made holes very easily so I had to treat this fabric carefully. By the time I was done sewing everything together, I decided that I would just skip the hemming all together and let everything roll to the right side. I think the unfinished look works with this shirt – super casual and fun for summer (not to mention the easiest shirt I’ve made all year)!

Headphones V2

Taylor has taken a growth spurt (we’re now eye-to-eye) so many of the shirts she owns are getting too small. One of her favorites, the headphone print tee started becoming a ‘belly shirt’ this spring so I told Taylor that I would make her a new one (goodness knows I have yards of this material). I finally got around to making her shirt the other day – it looks exactly the same as the original, except I added an extra 2 1/2 to 3 inches to the length.
I’m already planning on making another t-shirt for her with a nautical print that I picked up at Needle Nook this summer. I guess I’ve gotten a bit sidetracked from my paisley halter, eh?

Shirt Making Machine

I know what you’re thinking, I’m a shirt making machine. However, I promise that this is the last version I’ll be working on for awhile, I have so many projects that I’d like to get to before coming back to this one. In the mean time, I finished my mom’s v-neck, long sleeved shirt and am crossing my fingers that she likes it (and it fits her o.k.). My mom generally prefers solid colored shirts so this print will be a bit of a change for her. I found the fabric itself to be a bit slippery so both the sleeve and bottom hems have been interfaced – I think it produced a great looking hem. Now we’re off to stop by her house to see how it looks on!

Weekend Updates

This little birdie arrived in my mailbox over the weekend. It was a prize that I had won at From The Magpie’s Nest and he’s absolutely adorable! I love how this little bird is pieced together – I may have to think about making something similar next Christmas… can’t you see one of these in all white and hanging on a tree?
I also started working on another Jalie 2805 – yes I know, another t-shirt. This one is for my mom who requested I sew one up for her. She’s normally wears a lot of solid colored shirts so I’m taking a chance with this one and using a print, I’m crossing my fingers and hopes she likes it.
Lastly, it will come as no surprise to you that I have joined another swap. The Bag of Talent Swap has you create a themed tote, purse, or bag according to your partner’s interests or hobbies. We were paired up with partners last week and I immediately got an idea of what I wanted to make….. (no peeking Amy)

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Another Winner

Since the last Jalie shirt was so well received, I thought that I would keep the momentum going and make another ring neck for Taylor. This time I opted for the cap sleeved version and headphone printed fabric.

This one was immediately put on and worn out the same evening which definitely proves we have a winner! I neglected to put up a review of Jalie 2805 on Pattern Review, so I will be putting up a complete montage of all the shirts I have made shortly. By the way, if you’re interested in getting a hold of this print, I have two yards of this material up for sale – if I don’t sell it, you may be seeing a lot of headphone print gear in the coming months!

Thermal Hearts

I didn’t intend on making another Jalie top so quickly, but after spending so much time on the Boulevard Jacket, I was ready to work on an ‘instant gratification’ project. However, this time, the top wasn’t for me, it was for Taylor:

I had found this heart print thermal knit in the clearance section of Joann’s – not only did it scream Taylor’s name, but it was also an additional 50% off (apparently the thermal knits did not sell well because they shrunk up so much after washing)! Unfortunately they didn’t have quite enough of this print for the long sleeve tee so I improvised – I used a ribbed knit to make cuffs at the ends of the sleeves. I think this also gave the top a more ready-to-wear look, too. The most important thing is that she liked it, which says a lot, Taylor hasn’t let me sew anything for her in ages!
By the way, thank you all for the comments on the jacket! I’m glad it looks o.k. (the patterns aren’t so off that it’s obvious to everyone in the picture) to everyone – I’m wearing it with pride this weekend!

First Project Of The New Year

I managed to put the finishing touches on my v-neck shirt – attaching the neckline and adding hems. While the fit is fine, the color is absolutely dreadful on me. I’ll wear it a few times, but I don’t see this making it beyond one season. I do plan on making this style again in the future, though – just in a different material.
Now to start tracing off the Boulevard Jacket. After a quick glace, this pattern has quite a few pieces so marking everything should take awhile (not to mention the cutting)!

Upcoming Giveaways

It happens several times a year – some internal cleaning clock goes off and I feel the sudden urge to organize, purge, and straighten rooms in the house. My latest target? My sewing room. Instead of finishing up my Jalie top (I have the V-neck to insert and hems to put in), I tackled my cutting table, bookshelves, desk, etc. (I still need to sort through stashed patterns). The result? A week-long book giveaway! That’s right, I’m de-cluttering some of my books (to make room for more!) and thought I would share with those that are interested in increasing their sewing library. So, mark your calendars – starting Sunday evening I’ll be giving away one new book (published within the past 2-3 years) each day for 7 days.
Now that my area is clean and no longer distracting me, I can get back to the business of sewing!

Projects For The New Year

Things are finally slowing down around here which means that I can make my way back into the sewing room. In addition to my latest pincushion swap, I’m planning on completing a number of projects. I’ve started listing them on the sidebar, but here’s a breakdown of each one:
I’ve had the fabric for the v-neck version of Jalie 2805 sitting on my sewing table since before Christmas. I plan on working on this first so that it will become the first completed project of 2009.
My second project, Hot Pattern’s Riviera Boulevard Cardigan-Jacket. I purchased the fabric and the pattern in late November and am determined to complete this before 1) spring hits and the jacket starts looking too fall-ish and 2) houndstooth goes out of style! I’ve got the notions ready to go on this one as well so it’s looking like this may become the second completed project of the year.
Another project I’m anxious to work on is Hot Pattern’s Metropolitan Good Times Dress, Tunic & Top. Even though I don’t wear a lot of dresses, I’m really attracted to this design and have already purchased a lovely RPL knit to finish the look – it may even match some awesome tights that I picked up this fall.
Lastly, I’ll start my transition into spring sewing by whipping up a pair of slinky knit beach print pants. For now, I’m planning on using Kwik Sew 3165 (which is the same, heavily altered, pattern that I used in my pants class just a few weeks ago). However, I may look around for a pattern that has a more relaxedcasual look to it.
I’d love to know what everyone else is planning on working on to kick start their 2009 sewing!