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Two New Pairs

I’ll admit it, the underwear project that I have going on just isn’t exciting enough for me to work at a fast pace. Out of the 4 pairs I had cut out, I’ve only managed to finish 2:

I’m really happy with they way they have turned out – in fact I showed them to my mom today and she’s requested some pairs for herself, but I’m just not motivated enough to finish the other two. I’m debating on putting them in a ‘work in progress’ pile and moving onto the next project or just working through my motivation issue with this one and getting the last two done. Any suggestions?

Still Stashbusting

Shhh! Do you hear that? Me either. It’s the sound of…… silence. Since it’s Saturday, everyone is sleeping in which gives me the perfect opportunity to bake some monkey bread, catch up on blogs, and of course put up my post for the day (but since everyone isn’t awake yet, you’ll have to wait for the photo until this afternoon!).
So, what’s next? Undies. I still haven’t gotten out of stash fabric sewing mode yet and noticed that I have quite a bit of jersey that’s not quite big enough for anything else, so I’ve redrafted Jalie 2568 (eliminated the lace waistband and designed them to use fold over elastic instead). I’ve decided on making 2 of each style – in the low rise boyshorts, a nice stripe cotton that I used for my Onion top and the skulls and roses jersey that I just used for Taylor’s hoodie; in the bikinis I’ve opted for the fun Italian jersey left over from the Burda plunge back top and a plain white cotton that I intend on using a fun multicolored FOE with. Now let’s hope I can remember how to properly use the elastic!

Edited to add the fabric photo.

More Brazilians

For the second time this year, I’ve resurrected Jalie 2568 (panty and camisole pattern) from my pattern stash to make more of the Brazilian style undies. I am still in amazement that Victoria Secret sells this style for $12-$14 a pair when I made both of these (with enough lace left over to make 2 more pairs) for $6!

Actually, I couldn’t help myself getting these wide laces. I had originally purchased them when I bought my fabric for the Plunge Back Top. I purchased 2 yards – which, with careful pattern placement, I was able to make one pair each and I believe I have enough to make another set in both fabrics!

The Brazilian

I spent some time the other afternoon, redrafting the Jalie panty. While I kept the size the same, I did need to increase the rise to accommodate the fold over elastic and eliminate the 3/4 inch stretch lace trim around the waist. While I was at it, I decided to make two pairs of the Brazilian Hipsters from the lace trim that I recently picked up from Needle Nook Fabrics.

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