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Catching Back Up

After weeks of being terribly behind… on everything, I think I’ve FINALLY caught myself up. That means more time to sew AND keeping up with my blogging.

For starters, here’s my take on Linds Handmade Mav Pack. While I know you’re probably sick of seeing this fabric, you’ll be happy to know that this used up the last of it. LOL Initially, I didn’t intend on buying this pattern, but I saw so many adorable makes and heard so many things about the pattern that I couldn’t resist! And all those reviews? They weren’t wrong.

This little bag was a fun sew and came together really well… and surprisingly fast, too! I’ll definitely be stitching this one up again in the near future!

Delightmare Zippy

One of my favorite patterns to make has to be the Zippy Clutch. I’m not sure what it is about this pattern that keeps me coming back to it, but I greatly enjoy stitching it up and seeing all the great fabric\zipper\vinyl combinations I can put together. So, it probably comes as no surprise that I recently used some of my remnant Delightmares material to make one of these little bags.

The Beefcake

It’s not very often that I name my creations, but this bag turned out so awesome that I felt it needed one. So, I present to you the “Beefecake Bag”!

For this purse, I used the (large) Heartbreaker Bag pattern with the Delightmares, Men of Horror pinup print (in canvas), with a coordinating vinyl, zipper tape, and knife pull… and because I’m calling it “Beefcake” I decided it needed a fun little surprise on the inside of the bag, so I added a peen pull for the interior pocket.

While this bag looks intimidating, it really isn’t as hard as what it seems. I thought that the directions were well written and the pieces came together nicely. My biggest issue was trying to attach the heart shaped connectors to the side gusset. Since I used vinyl (and a dark one at that), I didn’t have a great way to mark the connector to keep a heart shape while sewing. I wound up making a heart shaped, paper template, attaching it with tape to the connector, and sewing around that shape. It’s not perfect, but it’s pretty close. If I make this pattern again in the future, I’ll either skip the heart shape or use connector hardware instead.

If you’re thinking of making your own Beefecake, you can grab all these materails (and more) in Zor-Elle’s semi-annual sale – 35% off everything until April 1!

Goth Cookies

I love to use ModCloth as a source of sewing inspiration – they tend to use fun and novel prints with a slightly vintagy vibe. So when I saw Zor-Elle’s Goth Cookie’s print, I immediately knew what I wanted to make….

If you’ve been to ModCoth’s site, then you’ve seen that they make quite a few mock turtle shirts in novelty prints. I decided to replicate this look with Patterns for Pirate’s Hepburn Top & Dress. I used the top version with short sleeves and mock turtle neckline, but I wound up shortening it by 2.5″ so it hit me more around the mid-hip area. Once I was done, I had “just” enough material left over to make a matching pair of Cutie Booty Boxer Briefs! The best part is, I was able to make all of this with just 1 yard of fabric!

You can snag this print along with Zor-Elle’s entire website for 35% off until April 1 – no code needed.

Beauty Bags

Whelp, after 3 years of escaping Covid, it’s finally hit our house this weekend. Fortunately, I managed to finish up a few projects before coming down with the virus, so let’s kick it off with these adult themed “anatomy” beauty bags.

I’ve made this pattern numerous several times now, making a few changes here and there. This time around I kept the pattern full size (because bigger is better, right?), but changed the zipper insertion slightly (I used the Butler method) because I feel like it gives a cleaner look in the end. Of course what makes these bags “adult” is the fabric and pulls. I snagged these uterus and penis pulls from RC Threadcraft and decided that I needed to start putting them to good use. Believe it or not, I had the penis fabric on hand (I had a friend who wanted a mask made from penis fabric a few years ago and unfortunately this print was way too large) and have previously used the uterus fabric for this exact bag. I also found some coordinating vinyls that worked with each fabric and am very pleased with the end results. When I’m finally released from the house, I plan on shipping these off to a friend.

Cutting, Cutting, and More Cutting

The bulk of yesterday (and this morning) have been spent cutting and interfacing a variety of different bag projects (I also have a couple strike fabric sews that I’m almost ready to share, too!) which include a couple of Peek-a-Boo Beauty bags, a Zippy Clutch, and the new LindsHandmade pattern, The Mav Pack.

I honestly had no intention on sewing up the Mav Pack, but I’ve seen so many now that I started getting FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) that I decided to pick it up the other day. LOL. Seriously, though, I did see several completed bags that really changed my mind on this pattern. I’m excited to try it out and see what all the excitement is about, though.

Also in the works…. a sewing room overhaul. When we moved almost 4 years ago, I had to downsize my space some, both in total sewing area and in storage. While I’ve made this work for awhile, I’m starting to have some serious issues in organization and storage – especially since I’ve taking up sewing more bags (which means more patterns, interfacing, and a ton more notions). In an attempt to keep the space “cute but functional”, I’m leaning toward a shelving system (to house books, patterns, the Cricut, some vinyl, etc.) and very possibly a pegboard to keep track of frequently used items. As much as I’d like a new table, I just can’t find anything I like better.

Any tips on how you keep your room organized, furniture finds, and pegboard ideas\uses are greatly appreciated!

Dress Robes

When I was at Universal last month, I came “this close” to buying myself a Hufflepuff purse (they have since replaced it with this mini backpack and if they had that when I was there, I wouldn’t have thought twice about getting it!). Since I talked myself out of the original bag, I decided that I would make one on my own… so here we are today, trying out some things so I can make this happen.

I purchased this cute little embroidery design this morning with the intention on using it with the Mav Pack sewing pattern (which I also bought this morning, I KNEW I should have gotten it when it was on sale!). Today was just a little test to see how I can make this work, the colors (the yellow thread is going to definitely have to change), and to see how thick this is going to be if I use all vinyl. So far, so good! I definitely need to make a few changes, but I’m excited about the direction this is going!


I realize that there’s been a noticeable lack of posting over the last month. I won’t say that it’s due to losing my sew-jo, but more of an inability to balance all the things I want to do vs all the things I have to do…. there’s definitely not enough time in the day to cram it all in! But this week, I’m excited to find the time to work in a few sewing projects that I’ve been wanting to get to.

Currently on the sewing table: the Heartbreaker Bag. I’ve been itching to make up a heart shaped bag for AGES. In fact, I had purchased the Pisces Heart Bag some time ago, but never got around to making one, but the Heartbreaker won me over because they had a smaller sized version that seemed more practical for my regular use…. that is until I got this print from Zor-Elle. As soon as I saw it, I knew it had to become a heart shaped bag – I mean, it’s fun(ny) male horror movie characters in a pinup style poses, it screams for a novelty bag! Because the scale is large I decided to start off with the bigger, crossbody bag to show off the print. I can’t wait to see how it comes together!


While the cropped leggings that I made are cute with the matching hoodie, I decided that I really needed a top that I could wear under it. Something that would work when the weather was warmer. I also decided that since these leggings have a higher rise, a cropped top might look great with this, too – which lead me to the Aria Twist Top.

While the shortest crop wasn’t quite the look I was after, the high-hip version was perfect. The fact that this top had a distinctive twist look really set it apart from other tees in my closet.

Making this top was very straightforward. The directions were easy to follow and everything came together without a hitch. Surprisingly this is a pretty quick sew too, I was able to make this entire shirt in a day (from printing, taping, cutting, and sewing). The fit is spot on and the twist at the midline is flattering as well. Overall, a cute look to a workout or casual attire (and comfy too).

One More Flex

I hope you’re not tired of looking at legging projects, because I have one more for you – at least this time it’s capri length!

I made another version of the Flex legging specifically to wear the last day of my Florida trip. It seemed perfect to wear for a trip to the park, warm enough to wear for the trip home, and comfortable enough to wear all day… not to mention those fabulous pockets – which are great for shoving my phone, keys, etc. into when I needed to quickly go hands free!

I used a dragon fruit peached performance from Amanda’s Bundles for this pair, which is the same material that I used for the interior hood of my Floral Bouquet Hoodie… and they look great together! It’s nice to have another option that coordinates with this particular print.

Even though I’ve made this pattern before, this is the first time I’ve done something other than a full pant. I found that their 3/4 length was still too long on me, so I opted to take some additional length off (about 2-3″) to make it cropped (mid calf on me). Otherwise, I made this pattern as directed… and I love them!