I know, I know. I am woefully behind on posting. I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to carve out time to tackle everything I want to do every day that by the time I realize I never posted, it’s already evening. So, I’m attempting a new tactic – start posting early in the mornings, maybe make a schedule of activities (sewing and otherwise), then start ticking items off my list. With that said, what have I been up to?

For starters, I’ve started work on revamping my sewing room:

The photo on the left is the original set up, the photo on the right is how it looks now. As you can see I added a TON of shelving to this area. This not only freed up some space in my closet (that is a whole new project) by dragging out frequently used items (like vinyl rolls, notions, etc.), but it tidies everything up and gives me so much more room to expand, if needed!

If anyone is interested, I got these shelves from IKEA (the Billy bookshelf corner systems with the extensions) – they were easy to assemble, but I found the corner part fiddly and definitely needed extra help. The baskets, organizers, magazine file holders (for patterns) all came from the container store.

Also, (not show) is a new sewing chair! I’ve been needing one for years (it was an old office chair that would randomly lower itself) and decided that a bulk of my back pain while sewing was stemming from it (loss of padding, little support). For mother’s day I picked out a gaming chair (sans arms) and it is a game changer! Not only can I lean back (the back support would give out in my old one, LOL), but it’s much more supportive and cushy – I actually enjoy using it!