Necessary Clutch Wallet

I’ve had the Necessary Clutch Wallet in my “collection” for over 8 years, but never used it until this week. My goal was to make a matching wallet and purse as a Mother’s Day gift for my mother-in-law. Unfortunately, it looks like it may just be a purse.

Overall, the wallet looks “nice”, but it’s EXTREMELY chonky (and heavy). I used a grape Mora faux leather for the exterior and a lightweight cotton for the lining, along with all the required interfacings to make this project. My machine BARELY powered through the thickness in some parts. The instructions are good, but I would definitely do some things differently if I attempt it again and it won’t be in a faux leather!

Unfortunately, I just don’t think this is giftable so I’ll be on the hunt for a thinner wallet to make (or it’ll just be a purse this year!) to go along with the purse I have in mind. I plan on harvesting the hardware to repurpose for later creations and chalking this pattern up as a learning experience!