Brumby Pouch

If you enjoy sewing bags and pouches, chances are you’ve seen one of Sew Sweetness’ Minikins seasons. There have been a lot of adorable purses being made from these collections, but have avoided buying them in the past largely because of the cost (past seasons are $120, while the new season runs on sale for $80 – however all seasons have 12 patterns included) and the fact that (at the time) I wasn’t sewing as many bags. However, a few weeks ago she released a new collection and put past minikins seasons on sale, so I thought it was time to finally snag one. It was a toss up between the original season and 3, but in the end I figured I’d make more items from Season 3’s collection. For my first make, I went with the Brumby Pouch.

For starters, let me say, I’m not always a fan of using foam in my purses. While it typically sews up fine, I sometimes fight with the bulk and honestly, I don’t like the way it feels in my hands when I have to touch it (when it’s in it’s raw form). Unfortunately for me, this bag called for foam. I (briefly) contemplated not using it (and substituting it with a shapeflex or decovil lite) since the exterior print is a firmer canvas, but decided I should probably sew it up as directed before I decided to make any changes… and I’m glad I did. I can honestly say I LOVE the structure of the bag itself and the bit of softness that it brings when it’s completed. In short, this bag may have won me over for using foam as an interfacing!

I made both the medium (the open pouch) and large (standing) size bags and found that the instructions were well written and everything came together nicely (there’s really only one pattern piece so it’s probably not the best gauge on that front). The completed bag sizes are great for traveling and hold a lot more than what I expected! I’m anxious to give some of the other patterns a try. You can grab this print (along with other new fabric releases), tools, and hardware tomorrow in Zor-Elle’s retail drop!