Trick-or-Treat Sam Bag

I have wanted to make a pumpkin purse for ages, but finally decided to make one after receiving this fun Sam print from Zor-Elle. Of course, I made it infinitely more complicated because I decided that the pumpkin should look just like Sam’s lollipop (you can zoom in on the photo and see him posing with it in the fabric as well as the lollipop pulls) – with a bit out of it!

For the basis of this purse, I used Oro Rosa’s Magdalena Circle Bag pattern, the Sam print in canvas (which will be available on Zor-Elle’s site May 2) for the lining, half of the gusset and back as well as a fabulous metallic purple sea vinyl for the front of the bag and remaining gusset. I eliminated the handles, did a reverse applique for the pumpkin features, and made a clear “window” for the bite. I also lined (and interfaced) the front of the bag so it looks finished when you open it, but if I try this technique again, I have a slightly different approach to how to do this to make it a bit easier and look more polished. I would also HIGHLY recommend using the same material for the binding that you are using for the lining, if possible, as it won’t stand out as much in the clear window area.

Overall, a really fun purse to create! I’m looking forward to trying out this pattern without modifications now!