It was Easton’s birthday this weekend. I always struggle what to do for him because his “list” is usually pretty small. So this year, I decided to do something unique – I “Corolined” him.

You see, Easton has always been a big fan of Coroline (both the book and the movie). Right around Christmas time, he saw an Instagram reel for a woman who created Coroline style dolls for weddings, birthdays, etc. and sent me a message that he wouldn’t mind that as a gift. Since there wasn’t enough time to stitch this up for that holiday, I vowed I’d make one for his birthday… and here we are.

I did a bit of pattern searching and opted for Koala & Mila’s Dean Winchester Doll – not only was it a great size (and bendable arms and legs), but it came with a ton of “accessories” so customizing to someone else was easy(ier). Overall the doll itself was pretty easy to put together, except for those feet! Sewing in the round with tiny features is difficult (but worth the effort. It probably didn’t help that the metric units for sewing\measuring were slightly different from what I used. Aside from the face details, I sewed this one up as directed.

Now for the accessories! This was the really fun part because I totally think that I captured Easton in his clothing. The hoodie was made from a remnant from this project and is a mash-up of the t-shirt and hooded shirt pattern included in the pattern. The joggers is made from a too-small pair of athletic shorts (which surprisingly used most of the short – those legs are long). I modified this one to have a side stripe (which most of his pants have) and changed the way that the waistband was constructed some so I didn’t have to thread elastic through a casing. And finally, the shoes are made from a premium felt and are made to look like his Adidas shoes – believe it or not, this wasn’t difficult to sew and came together really well, it just took more time to construct that I envisioned.

All that work paid off because Easton was very surprised when he opened this gift. His first response was “IT’S ME!” followed by, “That’s my hoodie” and then “OMG those are my shoes!” and then “Who did you get to make this?” He was very surprised when I told him that I made it (because cloth dolls are not my forte) and really enjoyed all the “details” that made the doll him.

I posted a few more detail shots on my Instagram account, so if you’re wanting to see a few things up close, you can check them out over there.