MMQ March

If you’ve read my past posts, you may have seen me mention that I joined the Murder Mystery Quilt – a block of the month style group. I have been enjoying the challenge of learning some new quilting techniques, but when March hit, I kind of froze. Even more advanced quilters were talking about this month’s difficulty (and size), so I put it off. Then got covid and didn’t feel like sewing for quite awhile. Then realized, I really needed to work on this block if I wanted the additional “clue” for completing the block on time (which, I might add, is an awesome incentive to finish). So with days left to finish my block, I set to work… and here she is:

I hung this one on my door to photograph (so you can see how large it really is!). I think if I would have started on this project and taken my time, I would have had fewer “mistakes” putting it together, but overall, it looks pretty good. In the end, this block wound up being 3″ longer than the finished measurements (I’m not sure anyone’s came out the correct size from what I can tell), which doesn’t seem too bad given the overall length (mine is 75″). I did learn quite a bit and almost enjoyed putting it together, LOL (I think if I would have started this earlier and not felt rushed I would have liked it more). Plus, I got my bonus clue!