Adventure Bag on an Adventure

And I’m back! Last week I had mentioned that I made the Adventure Bag to take on an upcoming girls trip to Universal Studios Orlando and promised a review of it in action, so here’s a few thoughts about how it worked out.

As I had mentioned, my fabric\stablizer choice made my bag very firm. While it’s probably the perfect combination for the crossbody style, it probably isn’t for wearing across your chest (it’s extremely bulky this way, not to mention uncomfortable to wear). Definitely go for a much thinner material (and possibly skip the interfacing depending on what you’re using). Consequently, I wound up wearing my bag as a fanny pack the entire time… it also meant that I had a lot of extra webbing to deal with as well, so it might be in your best interest to decide how you might like to wear it best so you’re not dragging the webbing behind you.

As for the size – it’s amazingly large! The front pocket was perfect for stashing cash (and I didn’t have to worry about losing it when opening the main zipper) while the interior pocket was able to hold my phone, a charger, a coozie, and still have room for other smaller items. Overall, this was a great park bag.

On one of the days I was there, I did swap out my belt bag for something a bit larger – my Wayfarer Sling Bag. This was great for storing a bit more items (and perfect if you wanted to carry around a water bottle and still be hands free), but a bit more cumbersome to take items in and out of your bag (because you either need to take it off or turn it around, then unlatch and unzip the bag). Even though it was larger than the Adventure, it was still small enough to fit in the free lockers on the rides you couldn’t have personal\loose items. Overall, it is another great option to take with you to the parks!