Adventure Bag

If you’ve ever been to Lululemon and tried to buy their Belt Bag, chances are you left empty handed – it’s just so popular! So when Greenstyle came out with the Adventure Bag, I snatched up the pattern because it looks so similar. I finally got around to sewing the pattern up this week, so here’s a few thoughts I had while making it.

I opted to make my first version in this beautiful “marshmallow” ombre vinyl. Unlike a lot of vinyls, this particular one is very soft and pliable, so I decided that I would go ahead in interface it. While I think this would be needed for the crossbody version of this pattern, it is VERY firm when it comes to a belt bag (especially if you want to wear this across your chest, because it looks bulky). The vinyl did sew up very nicely, although, like any vinyl, got a bit bulky around those corners.

Overall, this pattern was very easy to sew and had fairly good instructions. It’s not as detailed a a lot of other bag patterns out there, but it is pretty straightforward so it probably doesn’t call for lots of detail. My only real complaint is that the interior is finished by binding the edges. I’m just not a fan of this method because my binding just doesn’t come out as clean as what I would like, although I don’t see how you can pull off a drop in liner without making a lot of modifications.

I’m headed on a girls trip tomorrow and plan on testing this little bag out. I think it should be plenty large enough to hold my essentials, but will update this post if it’s not!