Floral Bouquet as a Hoodie

After finishing up my leggings the other day, I set to work on a coordinating sweatshirt to go with it. Instead of making a “traditional” sized hoodie, I decided to make mine cropped…. and I used Jalie’s Laurent to do it! This pattern already has markings for a cropped design which made things a bit easier, but when I measured it, I felt like it was going to be shorter than I wanted so I added 3″ so that it would sit on the high hip (still cropped, but definitely looks better if you’re not wearing high waisted pants).

I really waffled back and forth if this project wanted to become a hoodie or a sweatshirt. I wound up completing everything but the neckband, then tried it on so I could determine what I wanted to do next… somehow it screamed hoodie. Unfortunately, I did not have enough material left over to use as a lining, but I did have a wonderful dragon fruit peached performance that seemed to match well and really made the interior pop! Now I’m going to need a pair of (dragon fruit) leggings that will go with this hoodie too! Guess what I’m working on next?

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