Before I put the Chibi Horror Animal pattern away for awhile, I made one final version – a Cthulhu. Easton saw this plush on the cover of the instructions and requested one to put on his computer desk (apparently he like to collect cryptids because it goes well with his Mothman).

I didn’t have a good shade of green that would work, so I wound up having to order “kiwi” – which I thought would work for future “alligator variant Loki” as well (as a side note, I wish Shannon Fabrics had a color swatch card). I cut the entire pattern from this shade (no contrasts as I really didn’t have anything that would work with it anyway), embroidered the eyes, and set to work! The second version of this pattern definitely came together much smoother and faster than my first effort and felt more comfortable free-handing the topstitching on the wing, too. I will say that if you chose to make this pattern, don’t cut the tentacles! I tried that the first time and was not pleased with my end results. Instead trace the stitching lines onto the back of the fabric and then sew on top of the lines – you’ll get a much clearer shape that way and perfect results!