It was Easton’s birthday this weekend and I decided that I would sew him up a new hoodie for the occasion (I should point out that he LIVES in hoodies – until it gets too hot to wear them). I had purchased this black\gray tie dye French Terry from So Sew English (currently sold out) back in January with the intent on making him this very garment, but his looked at the material and was pretty underwhelmed… so it sat. On Friday morning I decided to go ahead and make it anyway – I figured if he didn’t like it, I could wear it (we’re about the same size, except he’s taller).

Since Easton wasn’t around to measure, I decided to pull out ready to wear hoodie that was in his closet to compare finished measurement’s to Jalie’s Laurent and went for a size ‘U’. I printed off the pattern, cut the fabric, and had this entire hoodie completed by the afternoon! As I was pulling it off the machine, he snagged the hoodie and wore it the rest of the night (he even wore it to school today, so you know he likes it).

As far as the fit – it’s just like his ready to wear style. He says that it is VERY comfortable (I have to agree, So Sew English has a lot of great feeling French Terry) and liked that it was a bit thinner (so he won’t get as hot when it’s warmer out) than some of his others. As far as the print goes – I learned that I’m not listening to his critiques and just forging ahead on what I plan to make… he winds up liking it in the end!