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Linky Thursday

Need a quick bag to send you child off to school? Try this oldie, but goodie string bag project.

This hobo bag is a great way to show off your favorite large scale print or machine embroidery designs.

If the new school year brought you a new laptop, then you’ll want to protect it with a pretty sleeve.

This flared t-shirt looks comfortable to wear, but fashionable enough for work or a night out.

If you have a favorite shirt pattern, but are ready to for a different look, be sure to ready Melly Sew’s article on how to change necklines.

Tired of your glasses fogging up while wearing a mask? Then you’ll want to check out this fitted version.

I wish I had a feed sack to use for one of these bags – it definitely makes a great statement piece or just a cute tote to take to farmer’s markets!

Whether you’re new to sewing or new to quilting, you’ll definitely be making a gorgeous gift with this rainbow baby quilt.

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to the Fabric Fairy.

I Love My MTv

This weekend was one of the busiest we’ve had since the lock down began…. and it almost felt normal. Easton played an 18 hole golf tournament for his middle school on Saturday, a soccer game on Sunday, and while the boys went fishing on Monday, I started decorating for Halloween. That didn’t leave a lot of time for sewing, but I did stitch out these fun MTv dangles (eventually I want to attach these to the cassette tape bag design). I am disappointed in how the cheetah print turned out – I had higher hopes that it would look a lot cooler than what it did.

I also prepped a sewing pattern, George & Ginger’s Selfie Shirt, so that I can start cutting out the fabric and getting it ready to sew. If all turns out well, I plan on stitching up a matching pair of shorts to go with it. I’m thinking it may be a fun “date night” look for fall.

First Day

2020 has proven to be a really weird year. In keeping up with the weirdness, I’ve made…. a mask bag. Easton started his first day of school (we’re starting off hybrid) and has the requirement to wear a mask all day. I realize things happen and just in case, I figured he should carry around a few extras. I also realize his backpack is probably not the most sanitary thing on the planet, so I figured a mask bag was a good way to keep everything as “sanitary” as possible.

Of course, you can’t have a crafty mom and take any old bag to hold them. So, I made him something a little more fun: A Taki bag! This is an “in-the-hoop” embroidery project that has a finished lining and a zipper closure – and is just the right size for a couple of standard masks (I used disposable ones). He’s got a lot of Taki going on this year as he’s carrying around a hand sanitizer and a tag too.

Linky Thursday

Looking for a quick serger project to get you more comfortable with your machine? This eyeglass case is a great start!

It’s back to school season! If you’re looking for a quick project to kick off your year, check out one of these great pencil pouch tutorials by Noodlehead, Crazy Little Projects, or Sew Can She.

I recently saw a tutorial for folded fabric Christmas ornaments. I keep telling myself I’m going to try it – maybe this is the year.

This fabric storage basket is perfect for college dorms or just to keep your home organized – plus the divider is removable which is handy too!

This reading pillow is easy to sew and I love that it has a handle too!

Enter to win a 20 piece fat quarter bundle of Sweet Caroline fabrics.

This double layer chiffon blouse looks so easy to wear in hot weather. Learn how to draft one for yourself and get the perfect fit!

It’s never too early to think about Halloween, especially when it comes to sewing themed costumes. Here are some easy pincushion, scissors, and a spool of thread ideas.

Full disclosure, I bought fabric pumpkins at the store the other day. They looked just like these and I’m pretty sure it would have whipped up quickly and inexpensively, too!


I find that I tend to make things in “batches”. It might be home decor, clothes, quilt blocks, or in this case, bookmarks. I recently purchased a few machine embroidery bookmarks and couldn’t wait to start stitching them up. First off, there’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. I was a huge fan of the comic book before it became a Netflix series, so I couldn’t pass up this iconic shadow style straight from one of the original covers.

I set out to make a fun library card bookmark, but ran into lots of problems. At first, I attributed my issues to the fact that I changed stablizers. Then I thought it might be the vinyl (it was pretty soft). But with lots and lots of ongoing problems, I wondered if it was just the design. Turns out, it was a dirty machine. After a wicked jam, I took my machine apart and pulled out a bunch of thread that was hiding wayyyyy in the back – it was somehow working it’s way to the bobbin casing as it was sewing and causing lots of issues. Moral of the story? Maybe it’s time to deep clean your machine! I haven’t come back to this one as I’m waiting on more white vinyl, but check out all that thread!

Lastly, I decided to make a profanity laden bookmark – I though it might be a funny surprise for my (adult) daughter who’s finally taken up reading now that she’s not in school. I used a pretty glitter vinyl for the exterior (because profanity seems less offensive if it’s sparkly) and I LOVE the end result. I’m going to need more of this vinyl in my future.