The Green Tee

Taylor’s birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to be able to add some “Mom made” goodies to her package. I’ve been talking about making shirts from my avocado print for awhile now, and gift making finally motivated me to do it.

I sifted through my patterns and decided to try something different – Greenstyle’s Green Tee (you can try this pattern out for free if you are a member of their Facebook page). I went with the scoop neck version for starters.

Overall this was pretty straightforward to sew – if you’ve made tees before you can probably get away with not even reading the directions. As for the fit, I think it feels a bit snug on me but should fit Taylor perfectly (I should also note that we don’t necessarily wear the same size, I tend to be a bit larger AND I may have used an unrevised\older version of this pattern as well). I’ll give this another go, making sure I use the correct sizing for myself and see how this goes in the future. In the mean time, this print makes for an adorable tee.

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