If you’ve been to IKEA, chances are you’ve seen the Henriksdal chair somewhere in the store. I spent a great deal of time looking at new dining chairs, and this one kept catching my attention – not only are they comfortable, but they have so many possibilities when you change up the cover. So, I bought 6…. and 2 matching barstools.

The Henriksdal cover desconstructed

The covers for these chairs are pretty limited (besides, why buy them when you can make them?) so I decided that I would sew up my own. My first step was to take an existing cover and rip it apart -which you can see that I’ve done (and labeled) on the left. It’s really just 6 pieces, with lots of velcro (to attach to the chair), so I believe construction should be fairly straightforward.

My next step to to trace off the pieces, even them up (if needed, I’m not sure how “accurate” they are cut), add seam allowances, and come up with a plan for how I want to sew them together. I’m very excited about the idea of making some interchangeable covers – this could be fun for the holidays!