I went into my “notions drawer” to pull out a zipper and pulled out a hot mess. I’d like to say that moving shuffled everything around, but I really just let it get to the point that everything was so jumbled, I couldn’t find anything.

I wound up taking everything out (yes, all that came out of one drawer!) and after the dog finally decided he was tired of laying on it, I reorganized the drawer. Not only did I find a huge assortment of zippers, but I may not need to buy 1″ elastic, fold over elastic, or bias tape for a very long time. Shockingly, reorganizing took a ridiculous amount of time, so it ate into all my sewing time, but at least I can find what I need for my next project!

2 thoughts on “Notions

  1. LindaC

    I recently separated my zippers by color and stored them in gallon zip lock bags. So much easier to find what I’m looking for now. I inherited a brown grocery bag full of bias and seam tapes a couple of decades ago. I haven’t had to purchase either of those things since. LOL I also can’t fit it in my sewing room.

    Organizing and storing things so they can be found easily is an ongoing challenge. 🙂

    1. stacy Post author

      That is an awesome idea! I wound up doing that with elastic, but didn’t sort out the zippers. Maybe I should go back and reorganize!

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