His & Hers

I was wrong. I was not done giving handmade gifts this season. However this time instead of making clothes, I made bags! (And then I thought I took a picture of them, couldn’t find the photo, and now they’re wrapped – so you’ll have to use your imagination on this one!).

I opted to make 2 messenger bags for my brother and sister in law – both messengers. Mostly because I love the style, but also because I think they will too. For her version, I used Betz White’s Midtown: with faux leather accents and strap and Amy Butler material for the body. For his I used the Ravenwood pattern in a solid canvas for the body. 

I’m disappointed I didn’t get a photo, but I’m happy to say that I’m done sewing gifts. I’m contemplating sewing up something to wear for church this year… I have a printed velvet that I picked up last year that’s been screaming to be made into something for the holidays!