Christmas Astoria

Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Astoria

Is it wrong that I sort of want to keep this Astoria for myself? I’m guessing since it’s a Christmas gift, I’ll have to give this one up, but I will say that I love this tunic so much more than what I thought I would! 

This time around I opted for “View B” (you can see my previous version here) – a non-ruched front with a cowl neckline. I used the remnants from the Christmas Leggings to create this version and was happy that I had just enough material to make this work. The only modification I had to make was cutting one section of the cowl into two pieces which is hidden on the underside of the full section. My other concern about this project was the weight difference between the two fabrics – the pink is very thick and heavy while the gray has a lot of drape and is very lightweight. Surprisingly, it worked out. I only used the pink as the accent pieces so it really doesn’t effect the drape of the top. Using the pink also seems to help the cowl keep it’s shape (and should be very warm, too). 

Now that this top is done, I’m thinking that I need raid my stash and make something similar for myself. As much as I love using wild prints, I really like how more solid materials worked so well together.