Classic Oxford

Picture day is coming up next week (I know, already?) and I thought I would try to make something for Easton to wear this time around. I’ve been dying to make a fun button down shirt with the Converse shoe print I picked this spring from Emma One Sock. Unfortunately when I bought this, I didn’t purchase enough to really do anything with it – or so I thought.

I decided to use the Classic Oxford pattern with this fabric – it’s something that I’ve made before and went together well, but also used the smallest amount of yardage that I could find in this style. So, the big question is, can you make a size 12 boy’s (short sleeve) button down shirt with one yard of fabric? The answer is, “Yes you can, but I don’t recommend it”. Fortunately this fabric is very wide (59″) so I had enough width to work with, but there was a lot of creative pattern placement going on to get everything to fit. Now that I’m finished with the hard part (or at least I hope it is), I’m anxious to get sewing!