I love custom print fabrics because they are (generally) one of a kind, fun prints – but sometimes, I think that they are so fabulous that you go crazy with a pre-order and order too much. Thankfully you have several months to recover from the sticker shock of ordering all that fabric and when it finally arrives, you’re overwhelmed with it’s awesomeness.

This bunch is from KNITorious‘ Super Hero round. I wound up ordering the Wonder Woman panel (of course) with a coordinating knit print,  a knit super hero knit (for Easton), a knit comic exclamations (for leggings, as if I didn’t have enough), a woven floral superhero print (with the intention I may make a bag), and a French terry kid’s comic exclamations (because Easton wanted a jacket from this print). WHEW!

Some of these projects may wait until fall since it’s way to warm to think about jackets and pants right now, but I am open to bag inspirations!