Mama Bridgette V2

I decided to give the Mama Bridgette one more try (you can see my previous version here), this time increasing the cup size, but keeping the band the same. I had run out of lace that was wide enough make the cups, so I decided to use a knit in that area and trim the edges in lace (with some modifications from the instructions that I’ll describe below).

To me, it seems like this pattern is designed to be made in all lace. There are instructions for using fabric for the cups and either lining them or adding lace to the edges. However, the instructions have you constructing the cups first, then adding the lace afterward – which would increase the overall dimensions of the finished bra. Instead, I wound up sewing the lace to the fabric first, then cutting the bra cups and constructing them as if they were the lace version. The rest of the bralette I constructed as written.

The fit this time is so much better – I’m not feeling as if I will be falling out of the cups when I wear it. I’m also pretty fond of the hot pink lace, so this version is definitely a keeper. With that said…. I did find that this pattern is identical to (last year’s) version of Free People’s Galloon Lace Racerback, which will run you about $20 (I happened across it at a boutique and was checking it out, thoroughly). So, if you like the look, but don’t want to spend the time making it (while the second one went together faster, I still think this was a time consuming make), find that your bras are about the same cost to make (some of those wide laces can get expensive), or just want to give this style a test run, buying it may be a great option.