Yokes & Collar

03-yokeIf you’re working on the Ziggi, you’ll be happy to read that today’s post is very straightforward and easy to construct: today, we’ll be adding the yokes and the collar! If you’ve decided to quilt the upper sleeve and yokes, be sure to do so prior to attaching them to your jacket (and be sure to transfer all your markings from the pattern as they are extremely useful for lining everything up). The yoke pattern pieces are labeled so you can easily identify the neck edge, front and back. Attach the the front of the jacket to the front yoke, lining up the markings (if you’re top stitching, press do so on the jacket front). Repeat for your jacket back.

Now you can properly try on your jacket (although it looks more like a vest at this point) and check out how good you look in it!

Next up, the collar. Use the placement marks to line up your collar to your jacket seams and markings. I’d suggest initially basting your collar to your jacket at this point, just in case you encounter puckering or have any difficulties during sewing.


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