Linky Thursday

Groundhog Day is just a few days away. Celebrate it (or just create your own enactment) by stitching up a Punxsutawney Phil plush. I’m guessing most of us are going to skip him seeing his shadow!

Is it time to start carrying a new handbag? This slouch bag is super cute and easy to make!

There’s another great box tutorial out this week that will help keep you organized. This one stands nice and tall when using, but  folds flat when you’re not.

Outgrown your favorite shirt? Does it have a stain and you just can’t wear it any more? Don’t hide it, transform it into an apron! This tutorial is perfect for t-shirts, while this one is made for button-downs.

This may be my favorite Valentine’s Day project that I’ve seen – If my kids didn’t already have a ton of pillowsstuffed animals, I’d make them these fabulous Ladybug Pillow Pals.

This winter has been freezing for most of the country, so how about a snuggie like blanket that’s made for two?

Chances are if you’re traveling, you’re taking several electronic devices with you. Keep all those cords, attachments, and plugs organized with this pocket tutorial.

If winter weather has you stuck at home, looking for a project you can whip up and wear tomorrow – this kimono jacket is a great place to start!

Creatively giving gift cards is tough. If you’re planning on giving away some this Valentine’s, why not whip up a few of these Heart-to-Heart pouches to stash them in?

I have to admit, turtlenecks for boys isn’t something that you see that often in patterns. That’s why I love this tutorial and their take on embellishing it (elbow patches) for little guys!