Yes, More Underwear

01-thong2Apparently, 2014 is the “year of the underwear” because I’m still sewing them! ┬áThis time I bought the Gia Thong Panties from OhhhLulu. I liked this pair, not so much because it’s a thong, but because I love the contrasting sides (why I never thought to modify a pair to look this way is beyond me). The great thing about thongs is that is takes tiny, tiny pieces of fabric to make them – so for my first version I used a Hello Kitty jersey scrap that had been stashed because it was too cute to throw out (I barely had enough to eeek this pair out, too). Overall the fit is good and is mostly comfortable, although you could shave just a hair off the back and it would be perfect. Now I’m anxious to modify some patterns and give the contrasting sides a shot with those!

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