Navajo Print Leggings

01-legging2This Christmas I purchased a pair of funky, tribal print leggings for Taylor – unfortunately they wound up running too small and other sizes were back ordered until February. After some some searching I was thrilled to find an Navajo print from Girl Charlee that had the same vibe as the Victoria Secret pair and snagged up some yardage. Once again, I used Jalie’s legging pattern, but opted to go up one size from my previous version¬†since I found my original pair were a bit snug in the upper thighs. ¬†Additionally, I added an 1″ to the length to the pattern since I felt like the lengthwise stretch (this material has 4-way stretch) just wasn’t quite enough and was afraid it would wind up being too shortcropped. The end result? Absolutely perfect!

I was looking forward to making a second pair this week using a blackgray cheetah print that I picked up at the same time as the Navajo. Sadly, after washing the material I found my yard shrunk to a measly 33″ – way too short to cut another pair. Boo, there goes my next “Jungle January” project.

2 thoughts on “Navajo Print Leggings

  1. Rhonda

    Very cute! Too bad about the cheetah print. I went into a shop recently and they were selling the printed tights like hot cakes. Sadly, the stripes didn’t match. Even sadder, those who were buying them didn’t seem to care!!!

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