Mystery Bundle Revealed

01-bundleAfter my lingerie sewing last week, I decided that I needed more (new) underwear in my life… so I ordered a 1/4 yard mystery bundle from Girl Charlee fabrics. No one I knew had ever ordered one before so I’m posting a photo (on the right) so you can see what sort of material wound up in my box. All but 2 pieces were cotton jerseys (the other two were sweatshirt prints) and most were right around 1/4 yard – just barely enough to eek out a pair of underwear…. a few, however, may be destined for thongs because they shrunk after washing and I am certain there is not enough there to fit the pattern pieces.  Speaking of pattern pieces:

Since the Jalie panty will be used for fabrics with lycraspandex (or at least material with a good 4-way stretch), I figured I needed to find a pattern that would work with cottons. I pulled Kwik Sew 3881 out of my stash (I had originally purchased it for view A – which would make a great Wonder Woman bottom) and tried out view B:


And ta-da, I have two new pairs! I am anxious to try out some of the new fabric from my mystery bundle, but I think it’s probably time to work on something different for awhile (although I am finally getting really good at inserting elastic without overstretching it).

3 thoughts on “Mystery Bundle Revealed

  1. Katharine in Brussels

    Stacy, how did you finish the edges? Turned and stitched over clear elastic, or braided elastic? I made some CE-edged pairs and they were never truly confortable, but haven’t found an affordable source of picot elastic yet to try that out. What’s your take on finishing the hems?

    1. stacy Post author

      I used a braided elastic, but it is a very soft, stretchy elastic that I purchased from Needle Nook (a store that specializes in lingerie) – it makes a HUGE difference. The previous versions I sewed up I used a much firmer elastic and thought it wasn’t as comfortable, too.

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