My Bad

02-jalie2You know how fabric can make all the difference in the world to a pattern? Jalie 3242 would be a great example of how a small change in material can alter fit. After seeing my problems in yesterday’s post, Emilie suggested that I try a 4-way (cotton) lycra (I will admit that I missed the fabric suggestion on the pattern instructions that says to use a 4 way stretch) – which is what is recommended. Although Girl Charlee prints are seriously cute, they don’t have enough stretch (that goes for leggings as well) which is why I kept having go up numerous sizes and still not having them fit correctly. So last night, I dug around in my stash and found a 4-way leopard stretch, pulled out my Jalie pattern (I opted to go one size up from my typical pattern, just in case), and set to work…. and you know what? They fit! Perfectly! (I also used a slightly stretchier knit elastic this time as well – I stopped by Needle Nook Fabrics which specializes in lingerie fabrics and notions). I was so excited after a test fit that I had to snap a picture to share – the photo on the right is the underwear prior to inserting the left leg elastic… and as you can see, it’s another Jungle January pair!

Thanks so much to Emilie for helping me make this pattern work! It’s great customer service (not to mention fabulous patterns) that keeps me coming back to Jalie.

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  1. Susan

    You almost have me convinced to give this pattern a try too. Thanks for blogging, I read here every, single, day.

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