Jungle January Panty

01-jungleMuch like a bird, I am attracted to ‘shiny, new’ things… like pretty patterns. Apparently, this week I decided I needed to sew undergarments – just in time for Ohhh Lulu’s new shop and patterns to open! I settled on the  Gisselle Rouched Back Scrunch panty (once upon a time, I had a favorite pair of underwear from Victoria Secret (in mesh) that was very similar to this style and loved it) and decided that it would make a perfect “Jungle January” project. I wound up using a snakeskin print cotton remnant from a project that I sewed up last year – I had just enough to make one pair. The top view is the front, the bottom is the back – unfortunately, the ruching gets lost in the pattern when you look at it in the photo (it’s definitely noticeable when wearing it, but I’m not modeling this one!).

Since this is a new to me pattern and company, I thought I would do a bit more detailed review. Here’s my thoughts:

Instructions: The pattern instructions are fairly straightforward and each step is accompanied by a photo to help you along. Even if you’ve never made a pair of underwear, I think you would wind up with a nice finished product (beginners will also like the glossary section of the pattern that helps you along with sewing terms, etc. listed in the instructions). My only complaint is that there isn’t an elastic length guide so you’re pretty much left to measure and figure it out yourself (I know, I’m spoiled by other pattern companies who give this to you). I’m guessing after you make one pair, you’ll have a good idea as to how long each piece should be – but I’m not usually one who likes trial-and-error.

Fit: For me, the fit of these underwear is spot on – not too big, not too small. However, it is important to point out that this particular pattern is low cut and the backside does not provide ‘full coverage’ (think ‘cheeky’ cut from Victoria Secret) – they’re really made to be a fun, flirty style…. I also think they look flattering on.

Bottom Line: If someone saw you with this underwear on, they wouldn’t believe that you sewed them yourself – they’re flirty, cute, flattering, and lend themselves to lots of embellishments and fabric fun. The instructions are clear enough for the beginner and uses just enough material that you can use up your fabric scraps. I say ‘give this pattern a try’!



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  1. Laurie

    Such cute panties! I think that pattern is great and am off to check it out. I usually make panties in April… Hosted a Panty Parade last year! I am ready to make some more!

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