Leggings for 2014

01-leggingIt is quite apparent that the legging trend is going nowhere. After my mediocre experience with the McCall legging, I decided that I needed to skip the bargain patterns and go with a company that I know works for me. ¬†Right after New Years I went out and purchased Jalie’s version¬†and finally had a chance to sew them up. I used a ‘jegging knit’ print (it’s a faux denim jersey 4-way that I had purchased at Hancock Fabrics) to test this pattern out and was thrilled at the results…. I didn’t have to go back and shave down the legs to make them fit! I did find hat I need to go up a size the next time I trace this off, though. Even though they fit in the calves, my upper thighs are much larger than what was intended (you might be able to see it in the photo) so the fabric is really over stretched in this area – I know that if I use a material that’s not quite as stretchy I’m going to pop some seams!

Overall, I’m thrilled with this pattern – it was nice having such a good fit right out of the package! Now, if I could only find some fun (not too over the top) prints that are in a 4-way stretch I’d be set. Does anyone have any favorite places to shop for fabric like this?

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