Shark Pants

When I started cleaning my sewing room, I realized one of the easiest ways to do it was to sew down some of the piles accumulating on my tables. I decided to start with the bulkiest first. You see, quite some time ago, Easton expressed an interested in footed pajamas – so I immediately purchased Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop’s version along with enough materials to make a pair. Before I had a chance to make them, Easton convinced me to buy him a ready-to-wear version…. and he hated the style. Needless to say, the fabric I selected sat on my table ever since. Because I couldn’t come up with another use for this material, I decided to go ahead and sew up a different style of pajamas – the Goodnight Sweetheart Pajamas from Sewing for Boys – with some radically different changes. You see, this pattern is really designed to have a turned up cuff and be made with something like a flannel so I can’t really speak as to how they sewed up, but I can say they fit well (I cut a size 2/3 since Easton is a very slim build)… and he seems to enjoy this version much better than a footed version!

Project Details:

Pattern: Goodnight Sweetheart Pajamas from, Sewing for Boys

Shark printed fleece from Joann’s

Materials & Cost:
Pattern……..Book Stash