Sleeve Alterations

Since I had already spent some time determining what alterations I needed to make to the Boulevard Jacket sleeve, I didn’t encounter any problems in this area. The original length of the sleeve was to end at the elbow, but it’s winter and with the cold temperatures, I really needed something with more length. Consequently, I added 7 inches to the length. However, I neglected to shorten the vent – thank goodness that was an easy remedy:

In addition to sewing up the sleeves, I finished the back of the jacket – which meant re-cutting the lower back pieces (the fabric was horribly mis-matched). I am feeling some relief that the pieces are coming together without too obvious of pattern mis-matches and I wont have to call this one a wadder! Up next, jacket assembly!

One thought on “Sleeve Alterations

  1. MelissaB

    Glad it’s coming along so well. It sucks when you make a mistake and can’t fix it since you’re out of fabric. BTW, I nominated you today on my blog for an award – please play along if you’d like, if not, no biggie. 🙂

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