Pattern Matching Too Late?

With the tracing and ‘test pieces’ out of the way, I started cutting into my Boulevard Jacket fabric – a beautiful houndstooth doubleknit from Gorgeous Fabrics. I was really excited to work this is material, but as I started I realized something – pattern matching! This jacket has lots of pieces (even the sleeve is two pieces) which means lots of matching the fabric print at all the seams. Unfortunately I realized this a bit late, so I’m hoping I don’t get some bizarre looking jacket once it’s all sewn up. I do have a good bit of material left over (thanks to creative pattern placement and Ann’s generous cuts) so hopefully I’ll be able to re-cut pieces that may be off too much. Bah, where was my mind when I started cutting this out?

6 thoughts on “Pattern Matching Too Late?

  1. Michelle Jadaa

    OUCH!!i agonise over pattern matching…any tips?
    i wonder how they get couture garments so perfect.

  2. gaylen

    Oh how frustrating. I would love to see step-by-steps of your process if you do have to recut. Everytime I think I’ve got it right, it comes out just a bit wrong. UGH!

  3. Leslie in Austin

    I’m a nut for pattern matching, too. So far, I’ve had the best results using PatternEase or other translucent tracing paper. Place the most critical pattern piece (often the bust area, middle of the torso, or derriere), with seamlines marked, on your fabric and find the best print placement. Pencil trace key areas of the print onto the PatternEase. Match the seamlines for the next pattern pieces with the first laid out piece and pencil trace the print onto the PatternEase of the second pattern piece. Then use that as a guide for laying out that piece and so on. You won’t always be able to get a perfect match at every point along the seamline, but you can use this method for matching critical points.
    Working with the fabric as a single layer and having extra yardage sure helps…
    Hope you’re able to salvage your project, Stacy!!

  4. Anary

    I am rooting for you!!! Anxiety always gets on our way…but skilled as you are…I will not fear. Your jacket will be just great!

  5. Sarah

    What a pain in the neck! I hope it works out. Depending on the size of the houndstooth it may not matter. I hope it works out.
    The last time I tried to make something for myself,(My birthday no less) I cut two of the same side front. I didn’t have enough to make another front. My first thought was….I was so careful…what happened???? I asked a similar question…WHERE WAS MY HEAD??????
    You are not alone!

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