Perfect Pants

Recently, Needle Nook Fabrics announced their Fall Class Schedule. It’s been almost 2 years since I’ve taken a class so I thought it was time to take another. This time around, I’m going for their Slacks class (as I am always in search for the perfect pair of pants). My biggest problem now is finding a pattern that I would like to use. Ann sells Kwik Sew, Burda, and Jalie (I already own 2561 and I think I’ll save that for working on at home) so I would love to have some recommendations on patterns from those companies. I’m looking for something trendy (but no too trendy that it will be out of style too soon and no skinny leg pants – I think my legs might look like sausages in them!) and can be made into a casual or dressy pant. Any suggestions?

3 thoughts on “Perfect Pants

  1. MelissaB

    I have no pattern suggestions at this point, but I wanted to say how much I love the pants fitting class I just took. I used OOP Vogue 2812 (Alice + Olivia pattern) and they are almost finished (need to be hemmed).

  2. dawn

    I’m no help to you because my favorite fitting pants are Jalie 2561. There was a kind of cute Kwik Sew out this fall. It has really flared legs that I would cut down a notch. I looked up the pattern number, it’s 3623.

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