Big Bloomers

I’ve been marathon sewing (at least sewing during Easton’s naps and when the kids go to bed) and am happy to say at least one piece of Taylor’s costume is completely finished!

I decided to start with what looked like the easiest part first – the bloomers. Early on we had decided against the ‘bad fairy’s’ version of the pants which had a ragged look to them and opted for the more finished version instead. Both use the same pattern pieces, however, the ‘finished’ version has elastic around the legs for a more poofy look. After completing them, I’m wishing I had cut a size (or two or three) smaller – these things are HUGE. I even wound up cutting the elastic for around the legs one size down because I could immediately tell they weren’t going to ‘grab’ around her thighs, just hang there. I my opinion, if you’re planning on making these for yourself, go down a size!

2 thoughts on “Big Bloomers

  1. kate mcdonald

    Easton looks absolutely wicked (in the devil suit) and of course just adorable in his monkey suit. Just can’t believe how quickly time flys. He is such a little man now !! xx

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