There’s no pictures to show what I’ve been working on, but I guarantee, I’ve been putting in quite a few hours on the sewing machine the last few days. Instead, today I thought I would share a few photos of Easton – Taylor and I messed around with some Halloween costume accessories the other day and here’s our photos to prove it!
The photo on the right is what Easton is like when he needs a nap….keep in mind, this is the child who doesn’t like to sleep much during the day (and at night too)! The second is either his rocker look or as Taylor puts it “His hair really coming in”.
Thanks to everyone for all the nice comments on Easton’s finished costume! I’m behind on emails (and websites), but I hope to send some responses back as soon as I make a dent into my sewing…. I should have the wedding gifts finished and up in tomorrow’s post!

2 thoughts on “Working

  1. melissa

    Argh, isn’t it frustrating when you do all that work yet can’t post about it? I spent all day Sunday working on Christmas gifts but I can only post about one of them (hers was a special request so she knows what she’s getting already), as the rest are for people who read fehrtrade…
    I can’t believe you get Easton to cooperate for all these photoshoots, too! What a smiley, happy baby! He’s bound to be a male model in a few years! 🙂

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