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EOS & Jalie

My Emma One Sock order came yesterday in the mail (ooooh, so fast) and I am in love with these fabrics. I can’t wait until Linda gets more buttermilks and onionskins in. My Jalie crossover top came today. I can’t wait to dive into this pattern and use one of my new fabrics! After reading over the directions, I decided that if I make the Burda 8053 tank again that I would correct the hem irregularities by using the Jalie method of cutting off the excess fabric on the inside panel.
I also cut the pattern for the Burda cropped jacket while I was in the car waiting to pick up Taylor from school. Yes, in the car! My only tip for patter cutting while in a vehicle, keep the air conditioning on low – it really keeps the paper from moving around!

Tank Complete!

After spending the day painting at my mom’s, I came home and finished the Burda 8053 top. The picture is a bit funky. I tend to lean on one foot more than the other while I’m waiting for pictures to be taken and so it skews the whole photo.

Anyway, I like this style, the whole crossover, shirred look. The only thing that didn’t work for me was the hem. The sides of this top seem to flare at the sides. I think this is a combination of shirring and that this top is double faced in the front (it has both a full right panel and full left panel) and so they are not completely even at the hem (maybe the front panel is pulled over to far under from the inner panel?). Maybe it will relax a bit after a washing.

So even though the skirt didn’t work out, this top goes really well with the tired skirt I just made. No pair this up with a cropped jean jacket and I’d be set!

Project Details:

Burda 8053 (Views D & B)

Tops: RPL (clearenced) from Joann’s

Sheer poly from Joann’s (also clearance)

Materials & Cost:

Brilliant Bags

I got a new Hancock’s of Paducah catalog. This one was a ‘basics’ magazine, nothing but cool notions, patterns, and books (there was some material listed, but not as big of selection as their normal catalog). That’s when I ran across this new (and unreleased) book, Brilliant Bags: 20 Beautiful Bags to Stitch and Love. I found it cheaper on Amazon, so I may pre-order it so I get it when it’s released in April. I LOVE bags. I especially love the bag on the cover with all the beads and cutie little fabric flower.

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Well, yesterday’s horrible cutting of Burda 8053 overskirt has led into some major problems. Namely, the right front side of the skirt is noticably shorter than the left. I’m putting this aside for now, but undoubtably this will wind up in the trash. I’m going to start on the top and see how that goes, let’s hope better.

Some Diversions

Last week while Taylor was on spring break, we went to a place called Stonewear Studios. It’s one of those places where you pick out your bisque pottery piece and paint them yourself. Taylor’s butterfly box needs to be refired, but here’s the two mugs I painted:

Today I decided to get to work on Jalie 2005.

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Oh, The Sadness……

Well, Linda from Emma One Sock contacted me today – my wonderful ‘tahitian tattoo’ spice buttermilk was sold out before I got any. She said that she got less on the roll than what she paid for (now that’s a crappy deal) but will attempt to order more when she makes a visit to NY this week. I am definately stalking this site to see if it comes back in! Plus, I love wonderful customer service – she’s contacted me a couple times now (and I love that), once to let me know about the fabric was out of stock (many places just don’t tell you and you get that suprise when you open your package) and to let me know that shipping was going to be less and that I got 10% off for a first time order.
On a happier note: I will be getting the spice/sage/plum ‘tamanu’ buttermilk that will become the Jalie cross-over top that I just ordered from Pattern Review (which has also just shipped) and the ‘cashmir’ paisleyprint onionskin which will become the Burda Easy Fashion tunic top. Scraps will become Jalie undies (see below).

Cute Undies

I like cute underwear, especially those Victoria Secret Pink panties – cute styles and even cuter fabric. So, I’ve been on a mission for some time to make the perfect underwear. Recently I purchased Jalie 2568 and I hope to use some leftover fabric from my Emma One Sock purchase (that should arrive Friday or Saturday) to make some of these (minus the big lace waistband, ick) or maybe I’ll dive back into my t-shirt stash! In the meantime, I ran across this:
How To Make Panties From A Hankerchief

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The Little Black Dress

Everyone needs ‘that little black dress’ (or two or three). After I got my December 2005 issue of Patrones – I knew exactly what I had to make. A Vero Moda dress – it’s stunning! I got a black bundle from Fabric Mart recently. I’m sure one of the weaves will work perfectly for it. In the meantime, I was thinking about making something less formal – something like this:

This mini skirt designed by Just Cavalli and is in the February 2006 issue of Patrones. It’s really cute, but I’m afraid the pockets are going to make me look like I’ve got giant saddlebags attached to my hips. I’m not sure that it’s going to be flattering, what’s someone else’s opinion?