Linky Thursday

With Mother’s Day coming up, chances are you’ll be looking for gifts to sew that can pamper mom. Projects like this DIY Eye Pillow, a sleep mask, or these lavender sachets will be well received and are quick and easy to sew!

Enter to win a $30 gift certificate to The Fabric Fairy.

The Waterfall Top is a feminine springy tee that is sure to be a winner with your little girl. Unfortunately it only comes in sizes 7/8.

Maxi dresses are still on trend this season so why not make one for yourself?

Cozy fleece sheets aren’t just adults. This fitted crib sheet will keep baby warm too.

Needing to update your kitchen supplies? Looking for a great shower or hostess gift? This pot holder and oven mitt set is the perfect way to use fun fabrics that coordinate with your decor.

Learn how to create one of the more popular workout styles, the Crossback Tank. Not only is there a free pattern, but a video tutorial too!

Ruffles on ruffles on ruffles! This cute girl’s skirt is perfect for spring sewing.

Traveling soon? This toothbrush travel wrap holds so much more than just your toothbrush!

Keep your important belongings safe while traveling when you whip up this money belt – it works perfect for running too!

Ditch the store bought popcorn bags and air pop your own in the microwave with a DIY reusable fabric version.

Jane Round 1

Last week I had talked about modifying the Jane to make a knot tee. Since I had to go ahead and print off the pattern and put it together again, I thought, “Why not make a ‘regular’ shirt while I’m at it?” So I hunted around in my fabric stash and unearthed a lace\mesh type knit that I had purchased ages ago at Needle Nook Fabrics (and by ages, I think that I got this at least 5 years ago and forgot about it).

It’s a pretty simple looking shirt until you get up close and can see the texture to it. It was a booger to hem, though as my machine kept making thread nests\eating the fabric, etc. – so I wound up just using a zig zag stitch in these areas to finish. Fortunately the the stitches just blend right in so it’s not noticeable at all! I think that this tee will work for spring or under some cardigans if we return back to “winter” this week.

Selja Knot

It’s been quite some time since I’ve worked on a Named pattern, mostly because I found either their garments were either way too tight (and required too many modifications to make it fit the way I wanted) or had too much ease for my taste. But, because I wanted a knot tee, I decided to give them a try again…. and I’m glad I did because I love this shirt!

I wound up selecting the Selja Knot Tee for this project because it seemed to have a great drape, but still have the tie (not a knotted twist like the Harbor Knot), even though it was on the side and not the middle like I originally wanted. One thing that surprised me was that the printed pattern still needs to be traced after the pages are taped together- I can’t remember if this was always the case with Named. I was also surprised that the front has a seam along the left side – you can see it in the line drawing, but not on the model.

As for the fabric, everyone can be surprised…. I went with a solid (I should probably mention that I made this in a double brushed poly, it was not my first choice in fabric, but it did sew up well and has great drape). I figured if this top worked out, it would look good with the Heat Wave Hot Pants I made last summer, but never wore because I couldn’t find a top that I liked to go with it (and ran out of time to make one). FYI, you can see the outfit together on my Instagram post.

The sewing on this one really is easy – just be prepared for a bit of extra hemming (the ties add a bit more work than a standard tee). And the fit? I think it’s perfect! In fact, I love it so much I may make a second one, this time either color blocking the left side or morphing the pattern together to eliminating the seam all together.


I’m fairly convinced that spring will never arrive (we even had soccer cancelled because the wind chill was too cold!), so I’m still tackling “winter” projects. My latest: Pattern for Pirate’s Women’s Henley. I had seen someone make this one up quite some time ago and was convinced I needed to make it too… I even had a plaid that I though would look perfect with it as well. Then, this weekend, I went to make it and couldn’t get past the first step – the placket.

I folded the placket 3 times (2 different ways, too) and never could get the configuration that was listed in the instructions. I even rechecked my measurements to make sure that I didn’t cut wrong…. and after fiddling with it for ages, I thought, “maybe this shirt doesn’t need a placket”. Then I looked at my fabric and thought “this shirt is going to be too plaid otherwise” and just gave it up.

While I’m not new to plackets, this pattern just did not work out for me and I’m still scratching my head how anyone successfully made theirs (this pattern does make a fine shirt, or in my case, sweater). With that said, I think it’s finally time to put aside and the winter stuff and just dive into spring sewing – even if we won’t see it for weeks!



Links for the Weekend

These are no ordinary leggings, the Lotus Legging features cool pin tucked panels to give this version a more runway feel.

Living in Kansas I see plenty of wind… which is probably why this streamer windsock project caught my eye.

All you need for this sweet sundress is a rectangle of fabric and some elastic thread.

Keep your tips and toes in perfect shape with this travel mani\pedi kit.

Scrabbles the raccoon is the latest free pattern from Fluffmonger and once again I need it in my life. Raccoons not your thing? How about this Sock Sloth or a sloth made from your fabric stash?

Mother’s Day is rapidly approaching. If you plan on giving your mom a gift card, why not wrap it up in a pretty holder?

Double gauze is the perfect summer fabric – it has a great airy feel and sews like a dream. Enter to win 4 yards of Metallic Elegance double gauze and try it for yourself.

You don’t need to mess with cutting if you win this bundle of precut strips of Flo’s Little Flowers fabric.

I weened myself off my planner (I’ve been working on going digital), but if I still had one, I’d definitely consider making this vinyl binder pencil case for it.

New Techniques

I know, I know. Today is Thursday – which means that Linky Thursday would be the traditional blog post of the day. However, somehow I got sucked into Cricut Design Space and got behind.

You see, it’s Easton’s birthday (gah, can you believe he’ll be 10) in 11 days and his current favorite thing is Fortnite – so I thought I would make him a new shirt. This time around I’m trying my hand at a “print then cut” iron on design – a technique that I’ve never tried before. I managed to successfully slice the image using the Fortnite Logo and an image from the game.

Stay tuned for lots of links in tomorrow’s post. I’m hoping by that time, I have manged to make this iron on and won’t be so sidetracked!

Knot Tee

We hit a warm spell yesterday and it gave me a taste of spring…. now I have an urge to make clothes with short sleeves. That lead me on a search through patterns and I came across this top paired with Seamwork’s Shelly…. and now I want one. The down side? I can’t find it. I even contacted Seamwork and never got an answer, so I went on a search to find something similar and wound up buying the Selja Knot Tee by Named. Not quite the same (it ties on the side), but I like how the top drapes and it’s been ages since I’ve made something from this company.

With all that said RIGHT AFTER I purchased the Selja, I gave the Seamwork photo another look and thought it looked a lot like their Jane pattern…. Then discovered if you scroll down you’ll find a link to a Block Paper Scissors hack to make this a tie front. Depending on how the Selja turns out, I may be giving this one a whirl next.


The Return

Well, it’s official. The sale of Hancock Fabrics went through and is available through Michael’s stores. The hitch, you can only shop online. From what I’ve gathered, there are no plans to bring the material in stores… which is a bummer because it was a nice option to have when you needed something fast and couldn’t wait for it to ship. I’m interested to see how that model will work for them since I found a lot of Hancock Fabrics “hit or miss” as far as quality (I’m speaking of garment fabrics, I always found their home decor and most quilting cottons very nice) and there are plenty of other options out there that are well established for shipping out fabrics.

None the less, it’s great to see this option back and I’m hoping that the sewing notions section of Michael’s expands some – Hancock was always much better at buttons, trims, elastic, etc. than what Joann’s ever did.

Another Aspen

It’s hard to believe, but our first game of the weekend was snowed out (in April) – so, that gave me plenty of time to whip up the new sweatshirt I was talking about on Friday.

This is the modified Aspen Pullover – which is now just a basic raglan “sweatshirt”. I cut one size larger which made for a less fitted look (it’s still pretty fitted for a sweatshirt, though), cut the neckband wider (more on that in a minute), and eliminated the front panel… I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t know this was the same pattern!

One thing I want to mention is the neckband. Since I decided on making this wider (I made my width 2.25″ instead of 1.5″), I cut down the neckline (since this is a raglan you’ll need to cut the front, back, and the top portion of the sleeves) approximately 1/2″. For starters, I’m not sure that this was necessary as my neckline feels wider than what my original Aspen does. Secondly, if you do decide to widen the neckline, remember to lengthen your neckband! I didn’t remember this until after I started sewing and just decided to go with what I had (because I was too lazy to cut another one) which made for a very tight sew.

Overall, I like this version a lot, but now I think it’s too long. It’s great for leggings, but I was thinking that this might be a good sweatshirt to wear with shorts on chillier spring days. I’m guessing I’ll take this back to the machine and wack off some of the length to shorten this up.

Up Next

This afternoon’s forecast calls for snow, so it only makes sense to stay in and sew. I decided that I wanted to make a new raglan sweatshirt to wear for this weekend’s soccer games so I’m going back to the drawing board with the Aspen. I purchased a mint\coral bundle from So Sew English recently and decided they would work perfectly with this pattern if I made a few modifications (I briefly mentioned what I wanted to do in my post from the other day so I won’t rehash everything). Hopefully, this turns out the way I envision it, but I figure if it doesn’t, I’ll have plenty enough left over to try something else.