Those Cheeks

When I pre-ordered Bob’s Burger’s fabric from Silver Fox (by the way, there is a second, holiday themed pre-order going on right now), I couldn’t resist getting a couple of “panty panels”.

For my first pair, I used Jalie 3242 and the “Those Cheeks” panel…. and I’m in love. I’ve used this pattern numerous times so I knew that I would have a good fit, the only thing that I did differently is making sure that the design was below the waistband stitching, but still high enough that it hit below the curve of my bottom.

I have a second panel from this round that I was holding onto because I was going to try to eek out enough of the design to make a shirt, but after this pair, I may have to make another!

Bench Seat

Admittedly, this is a project that doesn’t photograph well, but I’m posting it anyway. You see, late this summer my mother-in-law asked if I would make her a cushion for a chest that she inherited. She placed it in her living room and decided that it might make for a good (extra) seating area for the holidays…. but it’s not very comfortable and they didn’t want it scratched. We went to the store, she picked out the fabric she wanted, and then it sat on my “to do pile” ever since. That is, until this weekend.

There’s not much else to say about this project. I didn’t use a pattern (I just winged it) and used a Velcro closure across the long edge so she can easily put the foam padding inside and wash the whole thing if necessary.  I wound up having enough material left over to make two matching pillow slipcovers – just don’t look at the backside because I had to have the fabric going a different direction so I could squeeze in enough fabric to do this!

Rebel Choker

I’ve been fortunate enough to test out some patterns this year for George & Ginger. One that I was hoping that I would get to do was the Rebel Choker Tee, I wasn’t selected this time so as soon as it was released, I knew I had to buy it (plus if you join the release party Facebook page you got an additional 10% off the sale price).

I wound up using one of my new double brushed poly fabrics from So Sew English for this version – and might I add, it is wonderful to work with! As for the pattern, it sewed up well. However, my only (sewing) complaint is that I wish that there was an overhang on the back of the shirt that allowed for the “choker” portion\neckband to be attached. I think it would have given it a cleaner look, but it still looks fine on.

As for the fit, overall it’s good. My choker is a bit looser on me than what I would have liked and the length is a bit too long for shorts (although I have found most of G&G shirts are generally too long), but I like it! Since it’s such a distinctive style, I probably won’t make too many more of these, but I may squeeze in a 3/4 or long sleeved version later on in the season.


Linky Thursday

Today is the last day to grab the (girl’s) Holly Cardigan for free!

Get into the boho trend with this tiered dress (with trim) tutorial. Want to bring the boho trend into your home? Learn how to upcycle jeans into fun sari and pompom trimmed pillows.

I can see using this leather ottoman poof as I lounge by the fire this winter.

Know a Disney fan? They’ll love this round Mini inspired makeup bag!

Last week I posted about the washable coloring book. If that peeked your interest than you’ll definitely want to win this Penned Pals fat quarter bundle.

It’s probably too late for me, but maybe this article on how to organize your fabric stash may help you find your favorites easier.

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Taking your lunch doesn’t have to be boring. Make your own insulated lunch bag.

No reason to heat up your kitchen this summer making baked potatoes. You can easily stitch up this potato bag to use in the microwave instead. FYI, my Joann’s has an end cap devoted to this, with packaged batting that is perfect to use along with fun (food themed) prints to use.

Make heading back to school easier for your little ones with this adorable backpack bear.

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Learn how to create an easy Wonder Woman costume for girls.


I hope that everyone had an enjoyable holiday, yesterday. I spent some of my day watching Craftsy videos from their free streaming day and realized…. most of these classes are really long! Needless to say, I didn’t get to binge watch as much as I had hoped I would. I am guessing this is just a sneak peek as to how their monthly subscription price might work next year.

I also got the chance to meet up with some gal pals this weekend too – which means that I can finally show off this cute little outfit that I made for a friend. The digital cut file is from Peek-a-boo Pattern shop – I used the entire design on the hooded romper, but singled out the snuggle for the burp rag (I also made a second, Harry Potter themed burp rag but that didn’t seem to fit in the theme of the photo nearly as well).


Sewing with Sweater Knits

The latest issue of Sew News is hitting newsstands and in it, is my article on sewing with one of my favorite fabrics – sweater knits! Not only do I discuss some of the more popular styles of these fabrics, but how to work with them, and show you an easy to sew project for creating a knit hat and scarf. One word of caution, there is a misprint on the webpage – it should read “Chose a heavier weight material for a stiffer scarf and fitted hat”…. not lighter weight.

I also provided some samples as well that I can’t wait to get back and wear for fall! The first is the Astoria sweater made in a Girl Charlee Hacci knit. This has to be one of my all time favorite sweater fabrics that I have ever used – it was great to handle, it feels nice, and I adore the print.

The second sample is another great Seamwork pattern, the Oslo which I made in a Nicole Miller sweater knit (from Joann’s). While this fabric looks to be sold out online, if you can get your hands on some, it’s a pretty fabric. Beware, though, while it is a sweater knit, it’s “layered” – there is a layer of sweater with a black, sweater lace overlay bonded to it which makes it a bit tricky to sew. It is also a print with a distinct pattern to it, so be sure to buy enough to pattern match!

Linky Thursday

These flutter sleeve and boatneck style top make great transition pieces for summer\fall wardrobes.

If you’re still getting ready for back to school (or just need new supplies), then you’ll definitely want to check out this Open Wide pencil case and cute, but functional art tote.

Win a bundle of Colebrook fat quarters.

It’s been awhile since I’ve made a bag and this Safari Duffle is calling my name.

If you’re planning on taking your sewing on the go, then you’ll want to check out this Oslo Craft bag tutorial.

Pillows are an easy way to change up the look of a room. These round pillows definitely add a bit of interest too.

Right now our dog has a very basic collar and I’m thinking he needs a new one to reflect his personality…. I may just have to make one. Then I suppose I’d have to make a leash as well.

This sheer top with tank would be a perfect look for fall.

Easy Modern Apron Pt. 2

Yesterday I wrote about Betz White’s latest Craftsy class, The Easy Modern Apron, but what about the apron itself? Today I’ll be talking about how my version sewed up and give you a coupon code for 50% off this class.

The Easy Modern Apron is a bib style design with princess seams and (optional) pockets. The skirt has angular panels that are pieced together so it’s perfect for showing off contrasting fabric and is what gives this apron it’s modern edge. However, the instructions allow you to make this as one color, two fabrics (for contrasting ties and pockets), or in three fabrics – which really showcases the design element.

I opted to make my version in two fabrics, largely because I had these on hand and they worked together so well. However, now that it’s finished I wish I would have looked for a third print because my fabric blends together so well that you miss the cool design element to this pattern. I’ll remember this for the next one!

As for construction, my apron came together without a hitch – even the princess seams went together without puckers and lined up perfectly! Since I had watched the video before sewing, I already knew what to expect, but I found the instructions easy to follow as well. Plus the sewing was fast too – after cutting everything out (you’ll need to use a combination of ruler\rotary cutter and pattern pieces), I was able to sew this up in an afternoon.

Want to make your own version too? Use this coupon to get 50% off Betz’s Easy Modern Apron class! Disclaimer: This coupon is only valid for the Easy Modern Apron class (not the kit) and can not be combined with any other coupon. Coupon expires October 24, 2017.

Easy Modern Apron Pt. 1

I am a huge fan of Craftsy. I love the ease of being able to participate in a class that’s convenient to me (sometimes I don’t get to watch lessons until everyone is in bed) and with topics and designers I love. That’s why when I saw one of my favorite pattern makers and fabric designers had a new class online, I jumped at the chance to take it. Betz White has a new set of streaming videos on Craftsy called, The Easy Modern Apron. It’s a fast and fun series of videos that will take you through all the steps to make your own stylish apron (with helpful tips and tricks along the way that make it easier) that’s perfect for gift giving or to keep for yourself! Best of all, I have a coupon code for 50% off this class…. you can get yours for only $5! (you’ll find the coupon at the bottom of this post). Today’s post is a little about The Easy Modern Apron videos – I’ll save tomorrow for a “show and tell” of my version along with a review of the pattern.

Easty Modern Aprons is broken down into 4 streaming lessons. The first video is an introduction to the designer, an overview of the pattern, and then learning how to cut the skirt. Pattern pieces are provided for the bib sections, however the skirt will need to be cut using a ruler (a rotary cutter makes it so much easier too). If you’ve never manually cut your own pieces, especially ones that are at an angle, then you’ll find this section particularly helpful.

The second lesson demonstrates how to construct the pockets, attach the skirt, and place the hems. The pockets are an optional feature, but who doesn’t love the ability to place their recipe card someplace safe when you’re not using it?

Lesson Three covers the construction of the bib (which as pretty princess seams) and neck ties and how to put them all together. I found that there was a particularly helpful tip on pressing out those ties in this section. I won’t spoil it, but let’s just say that I’ll be heading to the hardware store this week!

The last section discusses how to construct the waistband and attaching everything together…. and all this is done in about an hour! I chose to watch my videos first then construct my apron, but this would be a great work along with the videos, too. I’ll show you my end result tomorrow!

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for: The code (which is a clickable link) for 50% off your Easy Modern Apron Craftsy class! This coupon is only valid for this class, can not be combined with any other coupons and expires October 24, 2017.

Flamingo Harbor Knot

Every now and again we get glimpses of fall when the cool air takes over the early morning hours (I wouldn’t know it’s happening, but I have to take the dog out about that time). That means, I’m in a rush to finish all those summertime projects. My latest? Another Harbor Knot Tank…. this one is just for me.

This time I used a flamingo print DBP from So Sew English Fabrics. While this is a lovely material to work with, it is a good thing that this is a tank because it’s a bit on the warm side as far as retaining body heat. Construction on this tank was substantially easier the second time around, making this one come together much more quickly than my first one. Now that I’m done with the tanks, I’m seriously contemplating making a Harbor Knot Tee for fall – I think I may need to jump on this before I forget how to put this pattern together!