Linky Thursday

Keep all your small items neatly stashed in one of these easy to make Peek-a-boo pouches.

Make a perfect fit & flare dress…. without a pattern!

Not the most practical set, but this Bralette and string panty set look just like the kinds you see in Victoria Secret catalogs. Looking for something ‘more wearable’? Try this video tutorial to make your own VS inspired bralette instead.

Recycle those old jeans into cute hot pads just in time for you next BBQ or pot luck! Looking for something patriotic to throw in the mix? Check out this stars and stripes potholder tutorial, too.

Ditch the paper gift bags and go for pretty fabric pouches instead.

Bye, bye boo-boos. Make one of these ouchie packs that’s perfect for summer scrapes.

Balloon animals that never run out of air? Make you own fabric versions and they’ll always keep their shape.

These mesh sport bags are perfect for holding your belongings while sitting on the beach.

Since I have lots of plans to make my own swimwear this summer, I’ve been doing lots of DIY swimsuit reading, I thought this foam bra tutorial very helpful.

Transform your old tees into cute new skirts.

Name Pillow

Once we started putting Easton’s new room together I realized that his old name pillow didn’t quite fit in any more. Since I had some scraps left over from making slipcovers, I decided to make a new one that works with the rest of his room.


Since I didn’t have enough print to make the back of the pillow, I used a ‘modern comic’ print which is a much bolder in comparison. While the end result is cute, when mixed with the pillows I had already made, there’s a lot of that same print going on which makes it very busy. Oh well, live and learn!

Upcycled Denim Hot Pats

06-hotpadYou’ve probably heard read me complaining about Easton being hard on jeans. In fact, last school year we went through 7 pairs….. you read that right 7. He’s not much on patching them, so at the end of the school year, I’m left with a pile of denim. So what’s a girl to do with all that material? Why upcycle it, of course!

My latest project at WeAllSew went live yesterday and transforms old jeans into potholders and hot pads. They’re quick to make, easy to stitch, and are a fun way to serve your dishes at your next potluck or summer BBQ. Don’t ditch those jeans, stitch them!

Comic Pillows

For several months, we’ve talked about changing up Easton’s room to suit his interests and personality more. We finally went to work on it this weekend which meant that I also had to move on making some throw pillows to match the theme.


Since Easton loves comics, we opted to go with a comic\superhero type theme. Hobby Lobby has a great assortment of vintage superhero posters, tin and wood comic book cover art, and decor that was the basis of our inspiration. Since ‘modern’ superhero themed prints just didn’t seem to fit in very well, I turned to Spoonflower, which had a great assortment of vintage comic book hero prints.

Two yards was just enough material to make 4 slipcovers (I prefer this over pillows, especially in a boy’s room because they are easier to clean) and a trim that I used to embellish a valance in his room. With the exception of hanging a couple of more things, his room if finally put together! Now that was a project!

Handmade Presents for Kids

06-maddieJust in time for this weekend’s birthday festivities, a crop of handmade presents! To round out the rest of the gift giving, I embellished an apron (full disclosure, I got lazy and used a purchased apron) with my niece’s name and then added Embroidery Library’s Chef Hat to the end like her name was ‘wearing it.’ I think it’s adorable, but I wish that the hat wasn’t so difficult to see (and didn’t resemble a piece of cauliflower) and that I would have pushed the image over to the right just slightly. I’m pairing this up with a kid’s cookbook….. maybe I should have made a hat too?

06-carsI also managed to complete a present for my nephew: Riley Blake’s Wheels 2 Road panel. I picked this canvas print up when it first released knowing that I was going to make a play cloth for my nephew’s birthday this year, so it’s been sitting in my stash for months just waiting to be used. My original intent was to use some of the leftover construction vehicles for the back of this, only to discover that I just didn’t have enough. After digging through the stash, I opted to go with a remnant from my ‘cheater pants’ project. While it’s not the juvenile print I had hoped for, the color scheme works nicely with the grass\trees on the front of the panel. I’m pairing this up with some cars and am crossing my fingers he likes it!

Linky Thursday

This insulated lunch hamper is perfect for taking to work, but I was thinking it’s perfect for stashing cold drinks while out on the (very hot) ball field this summer.

Father’s Day is Sunday, but there’s still plenty of time to make dad a comfy pair of pj shorts.

A great basics pattern set just for toddlers. The Day Camp Set includes a shorts and tee for sizes 2T-5T.

This kimono would make a great cover up for the pool or just an easy to wear jacket when lounging around the house.

Leave it to Martha to find an easy way to organize your bathroom with this terry-cloth caddy.

Use your favorite tank as a template to create an easy knit summer sundress (you don’t even have to hem this one).

This pretty Picnic Tote is roomy enough for all your goodies and might actually be the perfect size for your next picnic!

I’ve been obsessing over bags lately, especially ones that have a variety of uses. So it stands to reason that this Convertible Purse\Backpack pattern would catch my eye this morning.

A fabric basket that only takes 30 minutes to make? That’s faster than going to the store and buying a gift bag for a present!

Pretty dresses don’t always need complicated instructions or patterns. This slip dress is perfect for an evening out and is easy to sew.

Look stylish while keeping the hair out of your face this summer. Whip up a bunch of easy elastic headbands to go with any outfit you own.

I love character hooded towels. This flamingo is simply adorable.

This laptop tote is a beautiful way to carry around your computer and I like that it has a ton of pockets inside!

Harry Potter Box Bag

06-boxbagTomorrow is my mom’s birthday. This year I put together a Harry Potter themed package that included a pair of Gryffindor socks, cookies from a local bakery, a Marauder’s Map morphing mug (and a case of coffee), and this little box bag filled with her favorite bath goodies.

My original intent was to sew up The Gabby Bag using a custom print (also the Marauder’s Map) from Affordable Fabrics, but unfortunately it wasn’t printed in time to make it. Consequently, I went to plan B….. It’s been ages since I’ve made a box bag (you can find the instructions here), but sewing one is like riding a bike…. you just never forget what to do! For this one, I used Harry Potter themed fabric that I found at Joann’s – not nearly as cool at the print I ordered, but it will do.

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!

Happy National Sewing Machine Day, everyone! Today I plan on celebrating by hopping on my BERNINA and working on several pressing projects:

  • First off, I have a new tutorial for WeAllSew that I’m putting the finishing touches on. While I can’t show you exactly what I’m working on, I can say it’s an easy upcycle project that should whip up in about an hour.
  • In our family, June is birthday month. Not only does Taylor celebrate hers, but my mom, 2 nephews, and a niece. This means that I have several handmade projects to work on…. and of course, they all need to be finished before the weekend!
  • This week we’ll hit our first 100 degree days….. which means, we’re spending lots of time at the pool. This year I decided that I wanted to make more of my own suits so up next is the Siren Swim Top (I am still undecided what I want the bottoms to look like).
  • Easton also wants the theme of his room changed and I purchased the perfect fabric to make a few throw pillows for his bed.

Whew, that is a list! I don’t fully expect to finish everything this week, but I’m going to try my hardest to get them all done. How are you planning on spending this ‘holiday’?

Layton Complete

06-;ayton2I managed to finish up my Layton the other day, just in time to wear out to the ball field that evening. Not only was it breezy to wear, but it was comfortable and cute too boot!

Overall, I’m very pleased with how the romper tuned out. However, I would not suggest using a stripe with this project – there is lots of pattern matching needed and I guarantee it will drive you crazy! I found that my Layton took me a bit longer to sew up than the two hours listed, but I think that is because I had to line all the stripes up (and recut the pocket because it was horribly ‘off’).

As for the fit on this one, I am a bit disappointed. In my past experience, Seamwork patterns seem to work really well without a lot of modifications. However, this one is very large in the armsythe so I find myself constantly arranging the positioning of my romper so that the band of my bra doesn’t show. I am also not crazy about my (elastic) waistline. The pattern calls for 1/4″ elastic to be sewn along the seam line – I found that my elastic became over stretched and really didn’t want to go back into shape (and actually started ‘curling’). I think most of my problem is crappy elastic and not the pattern, but it still isn’t pretty. I wound up adding a firmer elastic in a wider width over top of the original elastic (ripping out the existing elastic created holes in the fabric) and may have made matters worse….. At least it’s made to be bloused and no one can see the crazy waistband I created!

Linky Thursday

Grab your sheer top and vest pattern and make yourself a trendy new top.

A beautiful way to stay cool this summer…. sew up a linen sundress.

This year Easton discovered that there is unlimited book checkouts at the library. I suppose we’ll be needing one of these library totes next.

Sew4Home designs some of my favorite duffle patterns and their latest, the Safari Duffle, is no exception. This one would also make a great Father’s Day gift as well!

Whip up a racerback dress for you little girl (up to size 8) and stay cool this summer.

Hit the beach (or pool) with a new bag this weekend.

Personalize your luggage for your next weekend getaway, learn how to make this Travel Ensemble (must be a SewDaily member to download the free pattern).

Looking for something handmade that you can give dad this Father’s Day? Why not a photo tie?

A sweet mini dress that’s just for women. Check out the free pattern for the Carkeek Dress by Straight Stitch Designs and have a new look by evening!

A great way for your kids to spend time outside and still stay in the shade: Make them a TeePee.

If you like to take your sewing to the living room while you watch tv, then you’ll definitely want to whip up this armchair pincushion (with storage pockets too!).  Need something that’s a bit more decorative, instead? Check out this adorable, Little Birdie version instead.

How do you keep your iPad dry at the pool? By making one of these great splash proof cases!

Little girls look adorable in skirts, but they aren’t always practical for playing. Learn how to make a quick and easy skirt that has built in shorts.

Got (old) jeans? Turn them into a cute bunting!