Road Tripper Duffle

06-roadtripperI am so excited to reveal my last project on Betz White‘s blog – The Road Tripper Duffle!

Everyone knows my love of bags (and purses), but this one is not for me, it’s for Easton! Not only is this a great size for overnights at Grandma’s house (or a weekend away), but has plenty of storage and room for all his ‘essentials’. Stop by Betz’s blog and check out all the details, including how I used sheets to make this creation and altered the exterior pocket from the original design.

Linky Thursday

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Patterns Galore

Between the ‘burnout’ on finishing up a big project and a family emergency, I haven’t touched my sewing machine in several days (although I’ve daydreamed about projects and fabrics a lot). In fact, it’s been so hectic that I actually forgot we were into a new month! That means Style ARC has released a new round of patterns (I really like the Marlo, I’ll have to remember it for fall), Seamwork Magazine has a new issue (I still need to make the Adelaide from last month), Jalie has promised some sneak peeks this week of their soon-to-be-released patterns (last round I bought them all except for the ice skating designs), and Peek-a-boo patterns has a woman’s short pattern that comes in a variety of lengths and looks super comfy. It looks like a great month for sewing!

Up Next?

06-blousebackOver the weekend I managed to finish my (top secret) project (and love the end results. Don’t worry the ‘big reveal’ is closer than you think)! Now I am looking for a less time consuming and definitely less fussy-cutting project to work on…. so I’m seriously considering making Hot Patterns Tail Ts. I actually purchased this as a PDF when it first came out a few weeks ago because I was hoping to squeeze it in before the chaos of summer vacation began (I may have severely underestimated the chaos!). Now, I need to (finally) print it off and select some (stashed) fabric to give this one a whirl – I’ve seen this made up several times now and it looks incredibly cozy and easy to wear!


05-sheetThis week I have been working on a monster of a project. While I won’t exactly reveal what I’m working on, I will show you what I’m working with…. sheets.

This seemed like a brilliant idea at the time – it’s a great upcycle project, it’s in ‘fabric’ that you can’t buy anywhere else, there’s plenty of yardage, and the top and fitted sheet are two different themes giving me plenty of design options…. so I thought.

One thing I’ve noticed about kids sheets are that they are extremely thin. I didn’t think this would pose an issue, but it is so thin that the fabric had a tendency to almost stretch out of shape (it doesn’t really help that some areas are off-grain in their printing) so extra interfacing was definitely necessary. The other obstacle are the prints themselves – they are so large that fussy cutting was more difficult that I anticipated. In fact, it was so difficult, I spent an entire day cutting out the fabric alone (never mind all the interfacings, etc.)! The end result should be worth it though – I’m anxious to see this come together, it should be fun if it turns out like I envision!

Linky Thursday

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My favorite types of sewing books have projects and patterns inside and this give away for Simply Sewn looks like it’s a fun one to own.

And we all thought fanny packs were out of style. Here’s another take called the mini waist pack.

A perfect duvet cover for a little girl’s room (I’m just not sure that I’d want to work with all those ruffles).

Every little girl with want this Everyday Boho dress because pompom fringe is awesome (which is why I secretly want to sew up these Coachella Shorts).

One More Pillow

05-AllyPillowOne more graduation party means one more Personalized Name pillow hot off the sewing machine!

This is the same color scheme as the other two I made over the weekend, but looks a lot different. This, by far, is the shortest name with the skinniest letters that I have ever made – it looked sort of puny after I had appliqued all the lettering. Consequently, I widened the background fabric quite a bit and squared this pillow off which gives it a totally different look and feel from the others. I think if I have this issue again, I may add some sort of applique design (flowers, dinosaur, etc.) to keep it elongated since I like that shape a bit better for this finished pillow.

Everyone Makes Mistakes

Most of my posts are finished projects that have fun poses and nice backdrops. What doesn’t always make it to the site are the flubs. Every sewsist has their share of goofs and wadders (projects that don’t turn out, don’t fit correctly, etc. that wind up wadded up into the trash) and today I am going to share my latest:


You see, I decided to make Easton’s teacher a new bag to carry on field trips etc. I had thought using a purchased bag would be quicker than starting from scratch. My first stumbling block was the size of the embroidery vs the front of the bag. While the bag was large enough to support the design, the bag had to be split open so that it could be hooped and the extra fabric would stay free of the stitching (so I still needed to do some sewing after all). Everything seemed to be going swimmingly, until I realized….. I didn’t clear the handles away from bottom of the hoop when I started the design! With over half the embroidery already stitched out I decided that I just needed to scrap this project all together and wound up making her a Dimensional Magic necklace instead. That’s what I get for trying to rush a project and finish it last minute!

Dorm Pillows

The long, 3-day, (very) rainy weekend means one thing – lots of time in the sewing room! Instead of whipping up some selfish projects, I’m stitching up a few graduation gifts for some of Taylor’s friends. This weekend it’s two Personalized Name Pillows.



Both girls will be attending Wichita State (hence the black, white, and gold colors) next year and plan on rooming together in the dorms so I made them matching pillows and an extra decorator one that coordinate with each other. I have one more to make and Taylor has asked that I do it in similar colors since she’ll be attending WSU as well. Cross your fingers I have enough scraps to pull one more off!

Perfect Polo

05-eastonpolo2It’s hard to believe, but summer has officially started… and what a better way to end the school year than by wearing a new, handmade shirt!

I put the finishing touches on the Perfect Polo just in time for Easton’s last day of school and have to admit, it may be one of my favorite pieces that I’ve made for him this year (or at least it’s tied with the Bookworm Button Up that I made at the beginning of the school year – which is also another Blank Slate pattern).

For this project, I used a Vintage Bomber Print for the main body of the shirt (and pocket) and a black cotton knit for the contrasting areas (collar, placket, sleeves, and saddle shoulders). The end result turned out to be a fun, novelty print shirt, but not too juvenile for a future 2nd grader.

05-placket2As for sewing, this shirt went together incredibly well. In fact, the placket on this version may be one of the nicest that I’ve ever made (and the pocket isn’t too shabby either, just check out those crisp points). The collar, which is noted as being one of the more difficult parts to put together, was even sewn perfectly the first time! I should probably add that I did use a bit of interfacing here so that the collar had some shape and that I skipped hand stitching the collar to the inside of the shirt (because I really, really dislike hand sewing and try to avoid it as much as possible). Instead, I pinned the underside of the collar in place and stitched in the ditch on the outside of the shirt. And the fit? I think it’s spot on! But the most important thing is that Easton loved it. I have a feeling that I’m going to be making more of these before the start of the next school year. Hmmmm, I did just get that Minecraft fabric…..

Final Thoughts: I normally don’t sew a lot of soft-collared shirts because I always think it will take a longer time that what I have to sew, but this one was a breeze! From start to finish, I was able to stitch my shirt in a day and the end results look better than what I’ve been buying in the store. The Perfect Polo is great ‘wardrobe builder’ for any little boy (or girl), but is definitely geared toward for at least intermediate sewers.

And if you’ve made it this far… a bit of a fun meme for all my fellow Sewcialists. We took so many photos of Easton in his new shirt and this one seemed fitting:


I received the Perfect Polo pattern for free in exchange for this blog post. The above entry is an honest review of the pattern, but keep in mind it is my opinion. Just with any pattern, your results, fit, and experience may vary from mine.