Last Day

And just like that, school is out for the summer.

In addition to signing memory\yearbooks, Easton’s class decided they wanted to autograph shirts. In a last minute rush to make something for him to wear, I decided to buy a “Last Day” file for the Cricut. Seriously, how did I ever live without this thing? I didn’t even have to make the shirt, I just make the iron on and called it good (admittedly, I may have been in too big of a hurry and it wound up a little crooked, but I’m not sure anyone really noticed).

Now that summer break has officially started, I’m off to the sewing room to finish a pattern I’m testing – more on that after the big release(s)!



The Vacation Dress

The other day I had mentioned that I was starting George & Ginger’s  Vacation Dress for a wedding reception this weekend…. and today I present the end result!

Overall this dress was very easy to put together, but the fabric? That is another story. This was my first time sewing on Liverpool – the best way to describe it is a textured knit that sort of resembled a crepe. It has great stretch, but this particular fabric really wanted to stretch out of shape. Unfortunately, there is a wavy part along the white trim that I couldn’t quite tame – it looks fine when worn, but I think it’s still noticeable. Needless to say, I will probably not be sewing with this fabric again.

As for the pattern, it’s super cute. I can’t see myself making a ton of these, though since it is such a distinctive style (it would be fun in a cute, tropical print). But this dress is perfect for the weekend.

Linky Thursday

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Up Next: The Vacation Dress

As you may have gathered from yesterday’s post, we have a wedding reception to attend…. which means, I need a dress! Originally, I had hoped to make a design from the most recent issue of Burda Style magazine, but the material I had originally ordered for it was delayed in shipping (because one of my other fabrics wasn’t in stock until later in the week) and it wound up being a 1/2 yard shorter that what I wanted. I took it anyway because I loved the print, but I may still be able to eek out the dress I want in the yardage that I received.

Since my original plans didn’t work out quite like I had intended, I decided that I needed a new plan for a dress. I happened to see the pattern designer for George & Ginger post about her latest Vacation Dress and I knew it was perfect. Plus, the pattern was on sale, making it an even better idea! I wound up ordering the same style of fabric that she used (Liverpool) and now have everything ready to get started. Here’s a few quick details about this project.

Pattern….. $5.25
Fabric……. $21.00
Notions…. stash

Total $26.25

Picnic Placemats

Yesterday I spent the day putting together my sister-in-law’s wedding present (nothing like a little last minute sewing, right?). They didn’t have a registry so I tried to come up with something unique and wound up with the idea of putting together a picnic basket. They live in an area  that has beautiful spots to hang out in and I can see them taking advantage of it this summer.

The first thing I made them were some fun wine glasses. I had seen something similar online and recreated this in design space. It’s a shame that the photo doesn’t show that I used a holographic vinyl for the ring because is sparkles like a diamond in the light! I also whipped up a personalized water bottle for their daughter to take with them too (I forgot to snap a picture).

Next, I made the Picnic Placemats that I had mentioned a few weeks ago in a Linky Thursday post. I was very excited to work on this project because for quite some time I have been itching to make placemats with a pocket for silverware. With that said, I did have a bit of sticker shock when they totaled up my fabrics\notions for this project: everything was on sale (or I had used a coupon) and it still came out to $34.50. I honestly thought that this would come out to under $20, but I realize that it is still cheaper than buying napkins and placemats from a store (plus they wouldn’t roll up and wouldn’t be in the color\style I wanted). The other thing that surprised me is how long it took me to make them. It still only took a day, but I thought that it would be a much faster sew (I blame the napkins and the fact that I had to go back to the store for more ribbon). Overall, this was still an easy project to complete and I love the results…. however, if I make this again, I’ll be a little more aware of the time and cost it takes to make them!

Upcycled Apron

If you didn’t stop by WeAllSew this weekend, you may have missed my latest project: The Upcycled Denim Apron. This little number is created with a pair of used\worn jeans and just a bit of fabric (and is the perfect project for beginners). The apron is also quick to whip up so if you forgot to make something for you mom this weekend, she’ll never know you sewed this in an afternoon!

If you decide to make this one up, be sure to share your project photos – I love to see how everyone uses this tutorial!

Linky Thursday

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Crushed Velvet Dress. Need I say more?

This laundry bag is designed with kids in mind and comes with a free embroidery design, too!

I am getting ready to start sewing up gear for a picnic basket wedding gift…. these bandana bowl covers may have to make their way in too.

Pretty purses don’t have to be big. These metal frame purses make beautiful gifts or bags for a night out.

It may be a bit on the large size for me, but I am in love with The Urban Jungle Bag.

Summer is right around the corner (can you believe we’ll be on summer break in less than a week) which means it’s time to start planning those trips to the pool or beach. This pool pouch and ultimate pool bag are great places to get started.

Hawaiian Style

Once a month, Easton’s school has what they call “Wear it Wednesday”. This is a themed day (crazy hair, pajama day, wear it backwards, etc.) where kids wear a reading shirt that they have earned (for meeting reading goals) along with whatever style they feel matches the theme. Today is “Hawaiian Style.” Of course, this month we waited to put something together. Stores don’t really carry this style of shirts for boys and we didn’t have time to wait for something online (and some were quite expensive)…. so I whipped up a shirt of my own:

In the past, I have used Blank Slate’s Bookwork Button-up, but Easton has finally outgrown the size range so I was forced to find a new pattern. I wound up buying Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Classic Oxford Button-Up (which goes to a size 12, so I can use it again next year) and found a blue tropical shirting print that was perfect for boys.

Before I get into a quick review of the pattern, let me say that this may be the fastest I have ever put together a button down shirt – under 3 hours (a lot of this is due to the fact I didn’t have to mess with sleeve plackets and tabs and didn’t make any changes to the pattern). Things went together very well (except for the shirt pleat on the back of the shirt, it seemed too small so I wound up enlarging it to fit the yoke) and the directions were easy to follow….. with that said, I have made several button down shirts before so that really helped with the instructions and making things come together much faster. If you are an absolute beginner, I would recommend waiting to stitch this one up until you have a bit of experience under your belt. It’s not that it’s terribly difficult, but there are a lot of elements that might be frustrating (plackets, collar stands, buttonholes). As far as the fit, I think this one looks good on Easton (even though you can’t tell because he’s left it unbuttoned) and I like the length on him as well.

The total price of this project (pattern and fabric only, the interfacing and buttons I had on hand) wound up being right at $21 – which is comparable to what you might find online. So, I didn’t save any money, but Easton did get a great fitting custom shirt that he says is his favorite so far!

More Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week. While I vowed I wasn’t going to make anything, in the end I changed my mind. While I didn’t wind up sewing anything, I did use the Cricut to embellish several purchased items. Here’s a sample of what I wound up getting: pencil holder (a decorated vase), cute pencil name plates (from the “dollar” bin at Target), and two shirts (one for the counselor that glows in the dark and a glittered version for Easton’s teacher).



More Star Wars

Last week I was so excited to share my Star Wars Day shirt for Easton, I neglected to post about my own…..

This year, I went all out and made a complete outfit. I had some of the same Sugar Skull material as what I used for Easton, but in a different colorway (yay, pink!) and decided to make an awesome pair of Jalie leggings. When I purchased this material I got only 1 yard, which is just shy of how much fabric is needed for this pattern. Usually this isn’t a problem, however between my already reduced yardage and shrinkage during washing, I was definitely a bit short this time around. To make it work, I wound up reducing the rise about an 1″ and carefully cut from end to end to squeeze it all in. Fortunately it worked and I actually like where the new waistband hits on this version.

I also made a shirt with the same logo as Easton’s, but I made mine in black glitter. I can not tell you how much I love this tee – I may used black glitter on everything I make now. By the way, I did take a shortcut on the shirt and used a purchased one.