Movie Replica Mask

I got off easy this year. This year, I didn’t have to make any Halloween costumes. Sort of.

Easton has decided that from now on, he will only be ‘scary’ characters for Halloween. Consequently, his costume of choice this year is… Jason Voorhees. He’s really only familiar with this character because Jason appeared in this year’s Mortal Kombat X game (plus it’s a pretty iconic mask), but he’s attempting to go for complete authenticity because he wants everything to look exactly as it appears in the game (he has even asked that I use makeup to make his face look just like Jason’s – I had to break it to him that special effect makeup was beyond my skill set). I was able to find a jacket that was similar to Jason’s as well as work boots to complete the look, but the mask was disappointing. In fact, Easton disliked it so much that he begged me to paint it:


The photo on the left is the original, glow-in-the-dark mask and the photo on the right is after I painted it up. It took a bit of trial and error to get the right look, but in the end, the best technique was lots of paint mixing and dabbing with paper towels (forget the brushes and sponges, they just streak and smear on the plastic). I guess I can put “movie replica costumer: to my resume now.

Boundless Style

10-boundlessMy favorite type of sewing book is filled with lots of projects. However, most are very “set” in the specific styles and patterns that they offer. So, basically, it’s up to you to modify the designs and make them your own. Victory Patterns designer, Kristiann Boos, takes a completely different approach in her new book, Boundless Style by giving you the building blocks to design your own garment without having to make those modifications!

Inside Boundless Style are 5 different bodices, sleeves, and skirt styles in a variety of shapes and styles that allow you to design you own silhouette. Not only can you create peplum tops and skirt separates, but Boundless Style also helps you to design an entire dress to suit your needs – there hundreds of different combinations to try!

10-boundless3Kristiann’s book walks you through the steps of creating your new look. All the patterns are included in a CD in the back of the books so the first chapters cover the basics on printing, assembling, and tracing your patterns while touching on grading the pattern if you’re in between sizes, lengthening\shortening each section of the garment (there’s also a handy workbook section for writing down your measurements and modifications you made), and how to tackle fitting as you go. She also discusses fabric choices, notions\supplies, and discusses, in detail, the skills you will need during the construction process (such as marking, eliminating bulk, how to sew darts, inserting zippers, etc.). Each chapter is then broken down into the specific pattern itself, with plenty of photos to help you through the process, with the last section of the book covering how to assemble your finished design (attaching the sleeves, skirt, lining, etc.)

10-boundless2Want a taste of what’s inside Boundless Style? I suggest you head over to the LookBook and play with all the designs available – you can even save your creations for later and share them with the world (if you search hard enough you’ll even find a few from me!). For more information and to by your copy be sure to visit the link below:

Boundless Style: A Mix-and-Match Sewing Pattern Workbook
By Kristiann Boos
Fons & Porter/F+W; $32.99

Want to win a copy for yourself? Be sure to enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway Below:

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Linky Thursday

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If you didn’t see my post earlier in the week, my Merry Tiding’s Tote made the cover of Creative Machine Embroidery this month! You can get the entire project instructions here.

Get a head start on Christmas sewing, by making a few of these DIY Heating Pads – perfect for stocking stuffers!


Merry Tidings Tote

10-toteThe latest issue of Creative Machine Embroidery has hit the stands (November\December 2015) and my Merry Tidings Tote is on the cover!

When I got the project sheet for this article, I knew exactly what I wanted to do – a bag with all the “bells and whistles” (pockets, zipper, handles), but with an easy enough construction that an advanced beginner could put it together… and I hope that’s what I accomplished. This tote features front embroidery design (you could easily skip this if you don’t have an embroidery machine, insert a favorite panel\fabric, or create the front just like the back instructions), a front and back pocket for storage, a recessed zipper, and both (purchased) handles and a strap for carrying. The finished size is 14″ x 18″ – so there’s plenty of room for everything you need to haul around this holiday season!

You can download the full article (for free) here. You can find the front panel design a Embroidery Library (I will not lie, it is large – over 4 hours of stitching time and 33 thread changes, but well worth it because it is stunning) and the fabric in the home decor section (on the rolls) at Joann’s. Have fun and be sure to share your Winter Tote creations with me!

Quilted Fraser

10-fraser2Even though I have a mountain of work, I couldn’t resist spending a few hours with Sewaholic’s Fraser pattern to make my own quilted version (view B).

Of all the views, this one is the easiest to put together since it has no inserts. Consequently, I was able to put this one together in just under an hour (sewing time only). The fit is very similar to my previous version, however, the material on this Fraser gives it an entirely different look – it’s definitely boxier (due to the thicker fabric) and I somehow feel like a very casual Jackie O while wearing it.

I know that Sewaholic paired this particular top up with leggings for their model shoot (I’m sure because that pattern was released at the same time), but I’m here to tell you that they do not look particularly good together. I highly recommend jeans or pants for styling this one.

Fraser Replica

10-fraserEven though my to-do list is a mile long, I have decided that I’m devoting a few hours today to make the 3/4 sleeve version of Sewaholic’s Fraser.

I was very careful when I cut out my Dropje Vest so that I would hopefully have enough material left over to make this exact shirt (it may have black instead of gray ribbing, though)…. and from a quick layout I think that I do (if I once again cut out my material very carefully)! The construction on this looks pretty simple, so hopefully by the end of the day I’ll have a new top!

Linky Thursday

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This phone wallet not only keeps your iPhone protected, but carries your cards as well. (Beware this is sized for the iPhone4 – you’ll need to change the dimensions for Android or newer iPhones).

There’s no sewing involved, but these Halloween pompoms are too fun not to share (they eyeballs are my favorite).

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If you’re like me, you never know what to do with those precut fabric squares. This tutorial shows you how to turn them into patchwork floor pillows (with a really interesting shape).

Dropje Vest

10-djope3I recently joined up with Go To Patterns (affiliate link) to become one of their Brand Ambassadors – which means that I get to regularly sew up patterns from designers that I love! Since I own a number of patterns that are already featured on the site, I thought that my first review should be from a company that is completely new to me: Waffle Patterns. Because it looks as if fall may never arrive here (it’s the middle of October and it’s still almost 90 here), I decided to sew a great transitional wardrobe piece, the Dropje Vest.

10-djope2This pattern not only features a hood, but also a front zip, side pockets, and neckline darts that add interest to your final design (unfortunately, this design element gets a bit lost in my fabric choice which has a lot of texture). Even though the pattern calls for a jacket style exterior, I went with a quilted double knit material instead – not only was it the right weight for this project (medium weight), it looks on trend with what I’ve been seeing in stores lately too.

Before I talk specifically about the Dropje vest, I want to take a step back and say how much I love Waffle Patterns for making their 10-djope5designs so easy to print. While most PDF files have you print all the sizes, Waffle Patterns layer their PDF files so all you need to do is click on the size you need (be sure to also click on the labels as well otherwise putting your pattern together may be more difficult) in Adobe and you’re set! There was no guesswork as to if I was cutting on the correct size because there was only one size I needed to cut – easy!

The Dropje pattern pieces went together easily – everything lined up nicely and the pocket, while it looks complicated when finished, was the easiest exterior pocket that I’ve ever sewn! The instructions are clear and very concise (they are not detailed, but they have all the information that you need included) with great illustrations that support each step (I will say that I used the illustrations more than what I used the actual text).


As for the fit, I think it’s spot on. When I measured myself, I was in between two sizes so I went with the smaller one after looking at the final jacket dimensions (I wanted a more fitted look, plus I figured that since I was using a knit, I would have a bit of give if I needed it). Overall, I can definitely see getting a lot of use out of this one until it gets cold enough for heavier jackets. This pattern is rated as “intermediate” and I would definitely stick by that since there are lots of darts, facings, and a zipper to insert. I think an “advanced beginner” could tackle this – just be prepared to take your time while sewing.

10-djope1And now, If you’ve made it this far, I present to you the “Fun Photo of the Day” – aka “The Hazards of Outside Photo Shoots”.

As we were taking pictures, what appeared to be a large bug (which turned out to be some sort of beetle…. alright a ladybug) came flying toward my face…. right at the moment this picture was snapped. This may actually become my Facebook profile picture since it seems like an appropriate look for Halloween!


Small Stripe Dolman

10-jaliedolmanThere is something about the month of October that makes for busy weekends. Maybe it’s the perfect fall weather (alright, not this year, it was still 90 degrees out yesterday) or just all the soccer games we have! No matter what it is, sewing has been a slow work in progress.

My latest creation is Jalie’s Dolman Top and the black and cream small stripe that I got in my September Girl Charlee Knit Fix bag. This was one of my favorite prints out of my bag (probably because I adore stripes) and I was itching to use it in a dolman pattern solely because the stripes look so interesting in the sleeve area. All that is left to do is hem everything (I was in a hurry to finish this for a contest deadline – the winners get a free October Knit Fix bag!). I’m anxious to wear this one, it definitely has a much dressier vibe to it that the others I have made (perhaps it’s the sleeves?) and I think it will look great paired up with another project I have in the works for later this week!

Tula Pink Coloring Book

10-tulaGenerally when I see something created by Tula Pink, I say “Go ahead, take my money!” Whether it be fabric, quilt patterns, or artwork there  is something about her distinct style and design that just I adore. So, when I had the chance to review her latest endeavor, the Tula Pink Coloring Book, I jumped at the chance to check it out!

Adult coloring books are ‘all the rage’ right now (in fact, I own several myself) so it only stands to reason that a prominent fiber artist would jump into the mix. In between the covers of this book are over 75 designs created by Tula… and if you’re a Tula Pink fan you’ll recognize that these images have appeared in her previous fabric lines (Nest, Nightshade, Parisville, and more). The designs range from “intricate images”  such as the owl on the front cover, to fun patterns and geometric shapes – there’s a little something for everyone! In fact, while reviewing this book, my family (even the 7 year old) pitched in and and we all did at least one page:


Not only was this a fun activity for everyone, it was relaxing (studies have even shown that adult coloring can relieve stress), and gave me the chance to play with the colorways of some of my favorite designs. The only problem? I have realized that I need new art pencils – you would think that 36 would have plenty of colors to choose from, but I’m thinking I need to go bigger…. like this set of 72!