12-runnerFinished with your Christmas sewing? Then gear up for the next holiday…. Valentine’s Day! You can get a sneak peak at my latest Creative Machine Embroidery project, Love Spell in the Jan\Feb 2015 issue.

This fun table runner can be made in whimsical prints or dressed up in monochromatic blends for a modern look. No matter what your fabric choice, this project comes together quickly – even if you’re not a regular quilter.


I couldn’t help myself. I was so excited about Urban Thread’s Christmas sale, that I picked up more embroidery designs. In fact, I was so excited about it, I couldn’t wait to stitch one up right away! I decided that the next hoodie I make for Easton needed a cool design on the jacket back so I went with the Western Steampunk Gungslinger design (I actually bought this design in two sizes, then decided to go with the largest one they offer). Over two hours later (it wasn’t until the very end that I realized I could have sped the machine up some to make it go a bit faster), I had this: 12-gunslinger   I had to do a bit of substituting of threads (there were some that did not have a match to the brands I was using), but I think the end result turned out nicely. Now it’s probably time to get the rest of my materials ready for this project so I can stitch it up – hopefully I’ll have this done before Christmas and I can slip it under the tree!

Linky Thursday

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This scoodie (hoodie and scarf combo) has everything: a hat with ears, a scarf, and even pockets to stash goodies\keep your hands warm! Need something a little warmer? Try this version instead.

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I’m not quite sure how you would use these, but I have a ‘thing’ for chickens so I can’t help but think that I need to make one or two of these Little Chicken Bean Bags for something.

Stop leaving your glasses out and risk getting them scratched! Make a cute eyeglass case instead.

Not only does this organizer keep your makeup brushes neat and tidy, but it makes itself into a stand so you can easily see what you have inside!

Pack them up for a trip to Grandma’s with their very own bag.

Holiday themed aprons are a great way to show your spirit while still looking good int he kitchen. This Santa version is perfect for baking Christmas cookies, don’t you think?

Have a hard time getting your little one to wear a scarf? This Santa Snood may motivate them to keep it on.

This grab-n-go drawing kit makes a great stocking stuffer or just personalized gift for the artist in your life.

Hate hemming but still want a fantastic wardrobe? Start by making one of these Knit Lined Pencil Skirts (I love the plaid one in the photo).

Hipster Jammies

12-pjsA new set of pajamas would not be complete without matching pants! For this version, I used the bottoms from Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Alex & Anna Winter PJs. I haven’t made this style for Easton in ages, but they are incredibly easy to sew – the only change I made is using a slightly wider elastic (1″) because it was the only thing that I had on hand at the time. The fit was perfect and Easton said they were very comfortable and soft (I will admit, the material is a great quality cotton).

While they look adorable on the hanger, I will admit they look a bit crazy on (but really, they’re pajamas, who cares?) – there’s a lot of print happening and the style makes Easton look incredibly lanky (like a Hipster print Slinderman).

Now, with this set done, I have about 1 1/4 yards of this material left…. what to make next?

Hipster Stripe Shirt

12-pjtopYou may have recently read about my fabric pre-order saga (a.k.a. the fabric that took 6 months to print). When I first ordered it, Easton was 5 and I thought this would make fun clothing. As silly as it sounds, now that it’s here and he’s turned 6 (and is in the 1st grade), I think that this particular print may look a bit too juvenile for school….. so I’m thinking pajamas.

To break the print up a bit, I decided to sew a raglan top and use a stripe for the sleeves. I started with Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Grand Slam Tee (a PDF that I’ve been meaning to sew, but never got around to) and went with a long sleeved, ‘athletic fit’. This is a pretty straight-forward pattern, so I never looked at the instructions, but everything came together well and I’m pretty sure that I finished this in under an hour!  I think I may make a couple more shirts this week using this pattern (if I can find more ‘boy fabrics’ to use)…. but first to make some PJ bottoms!

Quick Glance

11-dodgerThis weekend, I finished up another “secret” project. While I can’t show you the entire finished piece, I give you a sneak peak of it!

For this item, I used Spoonflower’s linen-cotton canvas material. This was my first time using this particular style of fabric and I found it similar to a firm home decor weight – it was nice to sew, but was difficult to turn right-side out.

I also wound up making piping for this particular project as well…. something that I don’t do very often, but the orange color really makes this project pop! I can’t wait to show you this finished design – coming soon!

Thankful For Friday

After a marathon session of cooking\eating yesterday and a bit of computer issues as well (it looks as if my laptop is in need of a part or two), I am finally back up and running! With that said, I hope everyone had a very Happy Thanksgiving, a fun and productive Black Friday, and that your pants aren’t too tight come Monday morning. I’ll be back on Monday with some (hopefully) completed projects to share and LOTS of links to make up for the lack of Linky Thursday this week.

It’s All In The Mix

11-cookiemixI will shamefully admit that today’s post was delayed by a bit of online shopping and some dabbling in the kitchen for pre-Thanksgiving preparations. Speaking of dabbling in the kitchen… I whipped up my last (yes, I’m serious this time) gift for my Stocking Swap partner…. a Harry Potter themed Butterbeer Cookie Mix. This was something she had on her Pinterest and it sounded yummy (it’s got to be good, it has butterscotch pudding in the mix) so I went for it. I was missing some of my cute paper labels that I used for last year’s jarred cookie mixes so I was left with a removable chalkboard style which looks, ‘meh’ (although I think the Tula Pink Apothecary Jar fabric on the top ties in well to the theme). Now all that’s left to do is wrap and send out…. and of course partake in lots of baking today. What is everyone else up to today?

Lip Balm Cozy

11-lipcozyIf you’re ever looking for a quick little stocking stuffer to make, these Kool-aid Lip Balms are the way to go (plus they smell really good too)! One one thing about them, though, is that they kind of look sort of plain\lost when you set them next to the other goodies that might be in your stocking…. so, I made it a ‘cozy’. Yes, I know I said that I was almost done with my Stocking Swap partner’s package, but I really couldn’t resist making this item a bit more fun.

I’m sure there is a tutorial out there for something similar, but, once again, I just ‘winged’ this one. I constructed it very similarly to the Pocket Tissue Cozy instructions floating around on the internet except I added a tiny D-ring (so you an attach it to a key chain if desired and my ‘flaps’ overlap some so that the little pot doesn’t fall out when you carry it around (I would also like to add that it is square when flat, but when you put the container inside, it will distort out of shape, I made it pretty snug). I have one last (yes, I mean it this time!) item to put together and then I’ll start wrapping everything up…. then it’s time to move onto Christmas gifts for friends and family!

The Indiscreet Bag

11-bagAs I was putting some ‘finishing touches’ to my Stocking Swap partner’s package, I decided that it was looking a little puny. While I’m trying very hard to keep it ‘medium’ sized (I have a tendency to go way overboard), I still thought it looked like it was missing something. So, I went back to her Pinterest board and found more inspiration. That’s when I decided to make a not so discrete feminine product pouch.

I totally winged this – meaning I really didn’t think it through as to how I was going to construct this pouch…. Consequently, if I had to do it over again, I’m pretty sure that I would sew it differently (I made it much harder than what it needed to be, IMHO). With that said, it’s a pretty fun bag – I had a chance to use the lettering on my embroidery machine and I like how the skull and crossbones peeks out when you unzip it.