Cozy Toes

Since my last project of 2016 happened over the weekend, I still haven’t had a chance to blog about it. So, I present to you the close out to last year’s sewing, the Cozy Toes Socks.

For my trial pair, I used a remnant from my Comic Girls legging project, which unfortunately, make the details of the sock difficult to see.  I didn’t have enough material left over to do anything larger than the ankle style (surprisingly, socks use a lot more fabric than what I anticipated).  The sewing on this pattern was very easy, but be sure that you label which is the toe, heel, etc. because I didn’t find it that obvious and it’ll save you some time trying to figure out what part to sew up next.

As for the fit, I was really in between sizes so I went with the larger of the two because I was afraid that they would be uncomfortably tight….. I really should have gone with the smaller of the two (it could be due to the fact that I also have very narrow feet as well). Otherwise, I love the way they feel.

So what’s the bottom line with this pattern? I love it! They feel and fit like a purchase sock (the previous pattern I used to make socks felt more like a tube with a gusset at the bottom) and they give me the ability to use some funky fabrics to make my own look. I love crazy socks, so why not be able to make my own?


Happy New Year!

Each year I keep a journal of projects that I’ve worked on throughout the year. This year, I kept track of one more element, the amount of fabric that I used. My intent was to try to sew more from my stash. While I think I did pretty good initially, I found as the year went on I purchased a lot of new material – in all fairness some of it was “unavoidable” as some patterns or articles have a certain material requirement that I just don’t have on hand… but a lot of time time I just fell in love with something awesome. So, without further ado, here is my breakdown of 2016:

I worked on 95 sewing projects. A majority of them were my own design (32), but there were a lot of ‘prototypes’ within that number that skews the number a bit.

As for favorite patterns companies – those remained fairly consistent. Jalie remains my overall favorite with 18 projects being sewn with their patterns followed by Peek-a-boo Pattern Shop with 15. Other favorites include Betz White, Seamwork Magazine, and Dolls and Daydreams.

While a majority of the patterns that I worked with were this year were independent designers, I did sew with one “Big 4” pattern company, McCalls. I also work with a few Burda Style (magazine) designs as well.

In total I sewed up 120.92 yards of fabric: 38.875 yards were from my stash while the rest (82.045 yards) was new. I also upcycled 9 different items to make projects as well.

So what do I have in mind for 2017? Apparently lots of dog loving (as you can see from the picture, Jynx loves to snuggle), I have several fun projects in upcoming issues of Sew News and Creative Machine Embroidery magazines, lots of bag making (this time I have vowed that I will stay on top of sewing the bag of the month purses), and of course a plethora of clothing.

I hope that everyone had a very happy new year and is ready to do great things in 2017!

Sew Distracted

With the extended break and nowhere to go, I would normally be sewing up a storm. However, this week I have had a bit of a distraction…. Our family has a new addition, Jynx, an 8 1/2 week old Pomchi (a Pomeranian\Chihuahua hybrid). She pretty much has two modes, high energy play and dead to the world asleep so taking a good photograph of her is next to impossible, but here she is on the verge of napping.

As you may have guessed, she’s very much like caring for a newborn, so most of my day has been devoted to playing (and supervising), potty training (which has gone pretty well so far, knock on wood), and resting (because she is exhausting!). I have a feeling that once we all settle into a routine that she will become my sewing room buddy and maybe some inspiration to make a few dog items, too!

As for sewing, I am attempting to finish up my last project of the year – a pair of Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Cozy Toe Socks! I have them about 3/4 of the way finished so I am fairly confident that they will be done before the new year arrives….. who knows maybe I might be able to squeeze in one more thing before 2017 arrives!

Linky Thursday

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Imitation Starbucks

In an attempt to become a bit more proficient with my Cricut machine, I decided to try my hand at ‘layering’ a design….. this is definitely much more difficult than what it seems and requires a good eye, steady hand, and a lot of patience. However, my first real attempt isn’t too shabby and I present to you my knock-off Starbucks mug.

This particular design had a crazy 6 layers – each element had it’s own layer. It’s not perfect, but I don’t think anyone is going to notice that it’s a bit off in spots either. It is a very thick design, but I managed to get it together without any bubbles…. now let’s see how it holds up over time! Now I think I’m ready to tackle more layers!

Cocoon Top & More

I am very belated in showing off my latest projects for the current issue of Sew News (which is still available on newsstands):


First up, Mermaid Tail Blankets! I’ve talked about this previously as this pattern along with a boy’s Shark Blanket and Mermaid Swim Tail are available as digital downloads in the Sew It All shop.

All of the patterns are easy to create and sew up in a flash so they make great last minute gifts. These are sized for kids, but add a bit of length to the body of the blanket and it’s perfect for adults too.

Also in the current issue are the instructions to make a Cocoon Knit top from a purchased pattern. It’s fun and cozy and is perfect to wear as a sporty workout top or dress it up and wear it out.

This look is also easy to adapt as well and I think comes out with impressive results. Do expect to use more material than what the pattern recommends since there is a lot of crossover in the tunic and sleeves. Otherwise, you can easily whip this up in about a day.

I can’t wait to see everyone’s versions of these patterns!

Cold Shoulder

Now that the holiday crafting rush is over, I can finally get back to some selfish sewing. Yesterday I decided I needed a fun new top that would go with a fun new pair of shoes that are waiting under the Christmas tree. In my mind, I wanted to find a shimmery sweater knit in a blue or pink, but since that was nowhere to be found locally, I searched my stash for something that was blue or pink…. I came up with this pretty blue doe print from Girl Charlee‘s Bolt. As for the pattern, I opted to go with George & Ginger’s Anniversary Top which has cold shoulder sleeves in a variety of lengths.

With one yard of fabric, I had enough material to make the ‘elbow length’ version of this design. Overall, the top came together very well, but the fit is just a hair off. If you blow up the photo on the right some, you’ll notice a few gathers around the bust – it is a bit tight in this area even though my measurements put me in this size (it may also be the fabric, but I found that the Bolt designs actually have quite a bit of stretch, so I really don’t think this is what is going on). The other issue I had was the length – it was way too long so I wound up taking off 1 1/2″, but probably could have shortened it a bit more.

The end result is a fun top, but sadly, I discovered the blue doesn’t really match my shoes after all. I’m wondering if anyone will really notice? As for the pattern, I will probably be making this one again, but one size up. I saw this pattern used with a panel that I recently purchased and it turned out so cute that I have to make it.

Linky Thursday

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Know a runner or just someone who needs to carry their phone and still be hands free? This arm band phone pouch is the perfect solution!

These little pouches aren’t just quick to sew, but they’re fat quarter friendly too.

A few Christmases ago I went on a casserole carrying gift making binge. I didn’t use this tutorial, but it looks equally fun to make!

2017 Tea Towel Calendars

As much as I love handing out these tea towels as gifts, I think I’m safe in saying that I hate making them…. mostly because it’s just tedious work. With that said, I am proud to present to you the 2017 Tea Towel Calendars!

This year I made them for family, Easton’s teacher (I tied it up with a wooden spoon and paired it up with an ornament) , and of course, one for myself. I liked the way Spoonflower printed these off this year, as I was able to do a nice 1/2 finished seam on all of these (last year I had to do a 1/4″ hem otherwise I was folding back part of the design on a few towels) which definitely made for easier sewing…. which was a good thing because I was definitely working on these up to last minute gift giving yesterday! Anyone else doing last minute holiday sewing?


Weekend Projects

The past few days I have been (attempting) to get ready for the holidays: Wrapping, baking, and last minute crafting.

First up, my attempt at glittered ornaments (I had mentioned these in a recent Linky Thursday post). Instead of using Mop ‘n Glo, I had read that a polyurethane actually worked better in setting the glitter…. and we had it on hand!

I will admit, the first round was not great – I learned that making sure your alcohol cleaned ornaments are properly dried is key, ‘sampler’ tubes of glitter does not provide enough coverage (go for the larger bottles), and that dropping one on the floor is every bit as messy as what you think it might be. A second round (not pictured) had a lot better results and I learned that polyurethane sticks just as well to plastic ornaments (which seemed like a wiser choice after breaking one and cleaning up the glitter mess) as what they do to glass! As for the decoration, I added various themes to the ornaments (generic holiday messages with the year, college logos, and this fun Santa Cam globe).

I also made a few more shirts! I couldn’t resist whipping up this Rise & Shine tee because I thought it was so funny. I’m currently using it as a sleep tee and love it. I also made a second Joyful top (you can see the previous version here). I went with a slightly larger image on this one and I think I like it even more.