One of the “perks” of moving is getting to decorate new spaces. I recently bought this canvas to put into a spare bathroom and decided that it needed some coordinating accessories too… and look what I found this great embroidery design from Urban Threads. I even had a Mettler Thread that matched (2506 Cerise)!

Unfortunately, this design uses a lot of thread. In fact, I started this design on Wednesday and wasn’t able to finish it until yesterday because I ran out of thread and had to order a replacement online. Fortunately, my Bernina will pick up where you left off, so I was able to finish this one up pretty quickly once my thread arrived. Totally worth the wait, though!


I went into my “notions drawer” to pull out a zipper and pulled out a hot mess. I’d like to say that moving shuffled everything around, but I really just let it get to the point that everything was so jumbled, I couldn’t find anything.

I wound up taking everything out (yes, all that came out of one drawer!) and after the dog finally decided he was tired of laying on it, I reorganized the drawer. Not only did I find a huge assortment of zippers, but I may not need to buy 1″ elastic, fold over elastic, or bias tape for a very long time. Shockingly, reorganizing took a ridiculous amount of time, so it ate into all my sewing time, but at least I can find what I need for my next project!

Locker Organizer

My latest project is live on We All Sew – this time around, I’m getting ready for back to school by showing you hove to make a Locker Organizer!

Lockers were something new for Easton last year. He did a fairly good job keeping it neat, but I came up with this idea because there were some “everyday essentials” that he needed to find quickly (because let’s face it, you don’t get very much time to go to your locker in between passing periods). The finished size of this project is 8 1/2 ” x  30 1/2″ (so it should fit most lockers) and is hung with magnetic bull clips (I purchased these from the office section at Walmart and they held beautifully without any sliding) . It’s loaded with pockets: There is a top pocket that is perfect for pens, pencils, etc., an expandable middle pocket that can hold bulky items (and phones), and a cargo netting pocket that’s large enough to hold folders and notebooks, but is see through so you always know what’s inside. I also created a pocket with a frame so that it can hold a favorite photo or small mirror.

This project will take you a bit more time to create, largely because there is a lot of measuring and cutting involved, but is worth it in the end! I had a lot of fun coming up with this one and I can’t wait to see your versions!

Linky Thursday

My latest tutorial on WeAllSew is live (more on that tomorrow)! Get ready for back to school by making your student a locker organizer.

Stay cool in this crazy heat by whipping up a pretty Summer Camisole. (pattern & video tutorial)

Get organized and sew up some of this fat-quarter friendly hanging storage baskets.

Headed to the farmer’s market this weekend? Don’t bring any ordinary bag, carry this cool Wave Pocket Market Tote.

This leather laptop sleeve isn’t just functional, it’s gorgeous too.

This is nor ordinary key fob! This one is zippered so you have a place to stash small items or money. (Video tutorial)

If you have a kid, chances are they’ll be on crutches at some point. I stumbled across this Crutch Pocket Tutorial, what a great idea!

Like it or not, fanny packs are back. Make one for yourself with this tutorial.

Have your child carry their lunch money in one of these adorable mini backpacks. Best of all, it uses fabric scraps AND can attach to their school back so it won’t get lost!

Up Next

This week I submitted a project to WeAllSew (keep an eye out for it soon, but I’ll be sure to mention it here when it goes live). It’s a fun little back to school sew that has several different styles of pockets (which is all I can say about it now) and should be useful all year long!

This was a fairly lengthy set of instructions that I wrote out, so I “rewarded” myself with fabric and a couple of patterns (the TAMI hoodie and Athena Tank). However, as of today, I’m also giving serious consideration to buying the Pietra Shorts… because I need more cute and comfy shorts! Of course the Cielo may make it’s way into my bag as well, especially after seeing this video of them paired up together.

But, even with all these purchases, my next project will likely be the Denver Backpack. Unfortunately, my favorite purse died last week (the lining got stuck in the zipper – it’s still functional, but broken) so it’s time to start thinking about a new one. I purchased this Alexander Henry print the other day at Joann and am trying to find a way to make it work with this pattern. Not only is the print large, but directional. This is an “issue” since the backpack folds over at the top, something is going to be sideways (or upside down) at some point. I spent an hour toying with placement ideas, then spent another 30 minutes looking at people’s bags online to see how they dealt with it. I’d really like this to work since I think it might be a fun bag to tote around at Halloween… alright, every day.

Muscle Up

With the height of summer here, I’ve really been wanting to expand my tank wardrobe. I had my eye on Greenstyle’s Muscle Up Tank since it’s release and finally broke down and bought it… then made it last week:

Construction on this one was very easy, so if you’re thinking this is your style definitely give it a go. As a bonus, it’s also unisex, so if you have a guy in your life that likes muscle style shirts, it’s great for that too. With that said, I’m not sure how much I love it. It could be the fabric (I settled on this one because it had good drape and the right type of stretch) or just the way this fits (it has very wide arm holes so you’re forced to wear a sports bra with it), but either way I feel like it’s “just ok”. I do like the concept of this tank, but it’s just not quite working for me.

Links for the Weekend

Yesterday I left to run a few errands, thinking I would post Linky Thursday when I returned…. somehow I came back late afternoon and never got started. So, here’s a belated post with lots of project links to get you ready for the weekend!

Need a quick project to help your man look dapper this weekend? This tutorial will teach you how to sew a bow tie.

Coordinate your office or desk with DIY mouse pads.

There’s only a few days left for Christmas in July. Need a quick project? How about these cute dress form ornaments or this fun paper pieced holiday mini mat?

Buntings are the easiest way to add a splash of color to your home or party. Learn how to make quilted pennants here.

This monster ear bud case is so cute, I might have to find an excuse to carry one in my purse… like for loose change.

Need a quick look for the weekend? Whip up a draped skirt.

Enter to win the SewCanShe sewing course.\

With fall right around the corner, I’ve been seeing lots of ads for footed blankets. Why buy one when you can make your own?

If you need a bit more organization in your life, you’ll want to check out this hanging pocket organizer tutorial.

Love to read at night, but can’t get comfortable in bed? This pillow looks fabulous!

25 lbs. of peaches sounds like a lot, and it is… especially when it comes to processing them for different purposes. Apparently I didn’t take this into consideration when I bough the half bushel because I’ve been making my way through them for DAYS. However, I will say that I made a batch of peach hot sauce yesterday and it is, by far, the tastiest thing I’ve made with them (next to the stuffed french toast). After freezing several gallon size bags of peaches, I’m finally done (with the exception of about 6 I saved to eat the rest of this week). Now, with that behind me, it’s time to get back to sewing.

I mentioned yesterday that I plan on starting the Muscle Up Tank and finally settled on a fabric: a navy gray basket weave knit. It’s not love, but it’s one of the few athletic looking knits (without being a heavyweight fabric or a shiny poly) that has 4 way stretch. I think it will work for my trial run of this pattern.

Peaches & Muscles

Sometimes those targeted Facebook ads get things right. Late last week, I went to The Peach Truck tour. Since I’m not from around this area, I had no idea how big of a deal this was… but somehow I came home with 25 lbs of peaches, a bag of pecans, and a recipe book! All the peaches are just about at their peak ripeness, so I’ve been swimming in fruit and trying to capitalize on all their peachy goodness.

Thus far I’ve tried making peach bourbon BBQ sauce, peach butter, peach vinegar, and freezer jam (all from the recipe book so no links to the recipes). Today I’m giving the hot sauce a whirl and probably freezing a few because I’ve eaten way too many since I’ve purchased them!

In between all the peachiness, I decided that it’s been too hot for sleeves and broke down and brought Greenstyle’s Muscle Up Tank pattern. I was drawn to the fact that this version had a hood, which really changes up the look of a standard tank. I’m hoping that in between all this cooking, I find the time to get this one started!

Cascade Tee

How many outfits can you make with 2 yards of fabric? Apparently my record is 4.

When I picked up this double brushed poly, I didn’t realize how much I would love it. I started by making a Discoverer Tee, followed by a pair of Logger shorties (these have become sleep bottoms because they are too short to wear outside the house), a Valencia Tee, and now a Cascade Tee. That’s 4 projects from 2 yards of material – it’s new record for me!

So, back to the Cascade – I picked up this pattern on a whim when buying a New Horizon’s bundle – it was the ruffles that sold me on this top. With some creative cutting, I had just enough material to make this top… and it’s perfect. The fit is great, the ruffles are fun, and best of all it’s sleeveless… because it’s darn hot outside. I found the instructions were well written, so putting this top together was easy. In fact, it was so easy, I’m thinking about making another one (sans ruffles, because you can only have so many distinctive tops) today!