Linky Thursday

Grab your sheer top and vest pattern and make yourself a trendy new top.

A beautiful way to stay cool this summer…. sew up a linen sundress.

This year Easton discovered that there is unlimited book checkouts at the library. I suppose we’ll be needing one of these library totes next.

Sew4Home designs some of my favorite duffle patterns and their latest, the Safari Duffle, is no exception. This one would also make a great Father’s Day gift as well!

Whip up a racerback dress for you little girl (up to size 8) and stay cool this summer.

Hit the beach (or pool) with a new bag this weekend.

Personalize your luggage for your next weekend getaway, learn how to make this Travel Ensemble (must be a SewDaily member to download the free pattern).

Looking for something handmade that you can give dad this Father’s Day? Why not a photo tie?

A sweet mini dress that’s just for women. Check out the free pattern for the Carkeek Dress by Straight Stitch Designs and have a new look by evening!

A great way for your kids to spend time outside and still stay in the shade: Make them a TeePee.

If you like to take your sewing to the living room while you watch tv, then you’ll definitely want to whip up this armchair pincushion (with storage pockets too!).  Need something that’s a bit more decorative, instead? Check out this adorable, Little Birdie version instead.

How do you keep your iPad dry at the pool? By making one of these great splash proof cases!

Little girls look adorable in skirts, but they aren’t always practical for playing. Learn how to make a quick and easy skirt that has built in shorts.

Got (old) jeans? Turn them into a cute bunting!

Layton On The Machine

06-laytonNow that the Sanibel project is complete, why not start another romper and compare? I mentioned that I had cut out the Layton, last week, so now I’m ready to get this one sewn! I did make the ‘mistake’ of using a noticeable fabric design with this with the Layton (if you look carefully, there are side seams to both the front bodice and shorts), so I’m crossing my fingers that I did a decent job pattern matching. I also managed to use the same material for the lining so I’m doubly crossing my fingers because there isn’t much fabric left to recut pieces.

After reading through the instructions, I’ve decided to skip any serging too – my intent is to do this project entirely on my standard machine. I can’t wait for this to be finished too – it’s really starting to heat up here and I’m definitely needing more pieces to my summer wardrobe!

FINALLY Sanibel Romper is Complete!

06-sanibelEven though the weekend was extraordinarily busy, I was determined to finish the Sanibel Romper project. So I burned the midnight oil and finally got it done (I was surprised at how much I hand left to finish on this one)…. just in time for the weather to really heat up making this project way to warm to wear right now (long sleeves and blazing sun don’t mix well – even if you roll the sleeves up).

Now that it’s complete, here are my overall impressions of this project:

  • This project is much “larger” that what it seems. From the PDF itself (98 pages) and it’s assembly\cutting material (which takes almost an entire day) to the actual sewing, this project takes quite a bit of time to finish.
  • There are lots of great details to this project (which is why it takes awhile to sew) that makes it look very ready-to-wear.
  • Considering there are so many pieces, the pattern comes together beautifully. The instructions are also great and very clear. Overall, the Sanibel Romper is very well designed. In fact, the instructions are so good that I think a beginner could tackle this project so long a they were willing to learn lots of new techniques.
  • I know that it’s a romper and is designed for a looser fit, but IMHO, this project runs big. I fall somewhere between a small\medium and opted to go with the smaller size. It still fits nicely in the arms and bust without being too tight. You may want to keep this in mind if you opt to try this out for yourself.
  • Sew this one up in a material that is very lightweight. I used a chambray for mine and feel like it’s still too stiff and bulky (if I had to do it all over again, I think I would opt for a challis instead even though it’s horrible to sew with). Plus all that chambry also makes me feel as if I am wearing coveralls or that I should be an engineer on a train somewhere.
  • I am not fond of how I look in this romper. For being a short person, I am fairly long-waisted, but this romper makes me look squatty. If I pull the “shorts” down, the crotch hangs too low and if I pull it up, I look like I have no waist at all. It took quite a bit of finagling to get it to look the way it does in the photo and honestly, I think it looks horrible on. And let’s not talk about how it looks from the back….. because it is a romper and the chambray is stiff and bulky I look very large from behind. If I was at a department store, I’m not sure that I would buy it off the rack.

Will I wear this? Yes, when it’s not so hot out (so my guess, this fall). I devoted a lot of time to this project and it’s not completely horrible on, but I’m just not in love with it. Would I recommend it? Probably. It’s well designed and could look adorable in a different material or even a different body type.




06-sundressingA few years ago (5 to be exact!), Melissa Mora of Melly Sews started a wildly popular segment on her blog called “30 Days of Sundresses”. These tutorials ran daily every June and featured fun designs for both little girls and women. The styles were often quick to sew and even easier to wear. So, it seems only fitting that this June, Melissa not only features this segment on her blog this month, but she is releasing a book about it as well!

Sundressing contains 21 “easy, breezy dresses” for both women and girls for a variety of occasions including everyday, trendy\stylish designs, ‘outdoorsy’ (think dresses that are perfect for picnics and days at the lake), and party wear. Included in this book are 10 dresses for women with sizes ranging from 0-22 and 11 frocks for little girls, sizes 2T-12 with all the necessary pattern pieces in an envelope in the back of the book. If you’ve ever sewn one of Melissa’s PDF patterns from Blank Slate, you know that here instructions are clear and easy to follow (the book also has lots of illustrations as well).

06-oasisOne thing I’ve always liked about Melissa’s patterns (and tutorials) is the consistent fit that I get when I sew one of her designs. While I can’t speak for the patterns in this book yet (although my goal is to sew one or two before this month is over), I can’t imagine that they would be any different. However, if you find you need to make alterations, there is a great section in Sundressing that tackles fitting – including a full and small bust adjustments (something you don’t see discussed very often in pattern books). My only disappointment is that the Oasis Dress (show on left) only goes to a size 12, children’s (although admittedly, it probably would make me look ‘fluffy’ and not as adorable as the model). However, keep your eyes peeled for a fun little number I want to make called the Pennybacker dress.

If you’re looking for a project book to keep you busy this summer, Sundressing will definitely keep you busy (and looking great)!

Linky Thursday

A touch of summer on your wrist, whip up an adorable lemon clutch to tote your goodies.  Looking for something more traditional? Check out this seersuckeer & leather clutch.

Dress up your coffee cup with this fun, Call Me Maybe mug rug.

After our long car trips last week, I have determined that we could have used this car caddy to keep our stuff organized.

Perfect for dressing up this summer, wrap scarf shorts.

Bring a bit of summer into your home with this pretty mason jar vase pillow. Once you’re done, give these Anthropologie knock-off pillows a try.

The perfect printable for every sewing room.

A fun way to stash your stuff, the hungry bunny bag.

The maxi skirt that’s simple to make and comfortable enough to wear all summer. Need a dress instead? Try this new tutorial from Thriftanista in the City.

Look stylish on the beach this summer with this pleated beach dress.

Never get your bags mixed up at the airport with this easy luggage handle wrap tutorial.

Need a quick project that only takes 1 yard of fabric to complete? Check out this Magic Messenger tutorial.

Hold the remote…. with these cute owl pillows.

Learn how to create beautiful Cath Kidston oven gloves.

I love the look of rustic and colorful pannier. This tutorial will teach you how to make your own rope style basket.

Have scraps you just can part with? Turn them into adorable strawberry pincushions.

Up Next

06-laytonToday is the first of the month which means the new patterns are out for Seamwork Magazine…. and here I am finally starting one from last month!

Yesterday, I printed off the Layton, taped it together, and cut out the size I needed. I decided that I would use the blue green tie-dye ethnic cotton jersey blend knit from May’s Knit Fix for this one since it has a fun, summery vibe to it and am crossing my fingers I have enough material to cut out the lining from it as well.

I’m excited to get started sewing on this one – I think it will fun and comfortable to wear this summer. Now to just find those 2 hours that I need to sew this one up!

I’m Back!

05-royalgorge……. And I’m back! Last week we spent time in Colorado doing all sorts of touristy stuff: hiking, taking a ride to the top of a mountain, explored a cave, visited a museum, and eating lots of wonderful food (I may have to re-look at what pattern size I should be sewing now). I even (attempted to) conquered my fear of heights and tried a “Wind Walker Challenge Course” (full disclosure, I did not do the segment that was 600 feet off the ground, I got brave, but not that brave). The photo on the right was taken at the Royal Gorge bridge as we walked back across it.

Now that we’re home, it’s time to get back into the swing of sewing! I have LOTS of plans so lets see how many I can tackle. High on my sewing list this week are: Betz White’s Metro Hipster with a matching Emmaline Bag’s Necessary Clutch wallet, finishing up the never-ending Sanibel Romper project and then starting a new romper, the Layton by Seamwork Magazine, and do a bit more swimsuit sewing by starting the Siren Swim Top (I also have the Hello Sailor bottoms, but want to see how this turns out first). What has everyone else been sewing up lately?

Hello Summer

05-summerYou see that (rather silly) face on the left and wonder what he’s doing? He’s waving “HELLO SUMMER”!

That’s right yesterday, was the last day of school for the year! Although it certainly doesn’t feel like summer out there (what’s with all the cold rains?), it is definitely a welcome break to the hub-bub over the last several months. To celebrate, I’m taking the next week off blogging (and possibly sewing) and just spending time with the family, adjusting to a new (and relaxed) schedule, and watching a few of E’s baseball games (so long as they don’t get rained out).

I’ll see you all back here on Tuesday, May 31 (since Monday is a holiday), with lots of new projects, links, and fun stuff to share!


Linky Thursday

Get ready for summer travel by keeping all your essentials at your fingertips. Make one of these car diddy bags to stash your stuff!

$425 for a denim skirt? No way. Learn how to make a Marc Jacob’s inspired skirt for much, much less (plus I actually think this version is cuter).

This cute little toiletry bag isn’t just perfect for traveling, it’s inspired by an Airstream camper – making it perfect for summer adventures.

Learn how to quickly transform a t-shirt into a tank top.

Make laundry more fun with a fishy laundry bag!

Keeping your jewelry organized (and not a tangled mess) is always a challenge when you travel. Not anymore! Learn how to sew up your own travel jewelry organizer and keep your bling tangle free!

Sometimes the ‘wrong side’ of the fabric is just as beautiful as the ‘right’. Learn how to put these fabrics to good use and make a Bali Reversible Skirt.

Need a new shirt by noon? Check out this tutorial for the Seafarer Top. Need an even quicker skirt? Try out this maxi design!

It’s almost pool season. Get ready to hit the water with this easy hooded towel tutorial.

A new take on an old favorite. This tutorial will teach you how to create a fun geometric patterned zippered bag.

I remember in middle\high school my favorite pair of jeans were the ‘button fly’ style – why don’t they still make those? Now you don’t have to look for retail to find this fun style, you can do it yourself with this great tutorial.

Father’s Day is just a month away and if you’re stumped as to what you can make handmade, be sure to check out this fun, Everyday Superhero  (I may have to try this for Easton’s new room) or guitar\ukulele pillow.

There is no sewing involved in this project, but this Phases of the Moon stenciled tee is too brilliant not to share!

May Knit Fix Reveal

A few weeks ago I whipped up a pair of shorts for Easton and entered a contest held by Girl Charlee – I was so excited to find out that I won! My prize? A May Knit Fix! My bag arrived yesterday and I thought that I would share what was inside:

  • 05-knitfixGray black lattice cotton spandex blend knit – great color and a nice weight. I’m pretty sure Taylor might snag this.
  • Black floral garden on white cotton jersey knit – a fun print (and you know how I love black and white), but this has very limited stretch…. so much so I think it will need to be treated as a woven. If it’s not too drapey after it’s washed, this may become a new pair of Elenore Jeans.
  • Blue yellow seagull burnout cotton jersey knit – one of my favorites of the whole bag. It has summery vibe and the colors are beautiful unfortunately it is a burnout so I’ll have to really think how I could use this because anything I make either has to be lined or needs something worn underneath it. The first thing that comes to mind is a 3/4 sleeved boatneck tee, but we’ll have to see what else inspires me.
  • Blue green tie-dye ethnic cotton jersey blend knit – I am not normally one for the tribal or ethnic prints, but this print is gorgeous (also another favorite of the bag).
  • Photo floral on magenta jersey rayon blend knit – I’ve been thinking of fabrics to make Seamwork’s Layton and I believe this one may be it!
  • Rose pink solid silk jersey rayon blend – I love pinks and this fabric is a very pretty shade. It also has a wonderful hand so I’ll have to think about how I want to use this. Maybe if I make the Elenore out of the floral print from this month, this fabric should be the top?

Overall, I am very excited about the fabric in this month’s bag…. now to find the time to actually sew some up! Thanks again, Girl Charlee, I love what I got!