Floral and Lace

I have decided that no scrap is too small when it comes to my floral print fabric…. So this time I morphed Kwik Sew 3881 and Ohhh Lulu’s Gia to make this pretty pair of panties:08-panties2Instead of a solid front, I added stretch lace contrast panels (using the Gia as a template for placement). After attaching the panels, I sewed this according to the Kwik Sew directions and elastic guides…. and voila! A new pretty pair!


Linky Thursday

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08-schoolAnd just like that, summer vacation is over. Today marks the first day back to school for Easton. While I love having everyone home and the casualness of break, I have to admit, I’m ready to get back into a routine and to have a few more productive days out of the week.

Unlike previous years, this time around Easton did not wear something handmade on the first day (although he did wear his Minecraft Perfect Polo to the “meet your teacher night” and had lots of kids commenting on his shirt…. I think I should have bought more of that print). However, I think I may wash up the Adventure Time print I recently purchased and decide what I can make with it – with the weather we’re having today, I’m definitely thinking a jacket might be in order!

A Pretty Pair

Two yards of fabric can go a long way. So far, I’ve been able to make a shirt and a skirt and still have enough left over for some smaller projects. So, why not make…. underwear?



I went with Jalie 3242 (view A, the low-rise bikini) because this material has a great 4-way stretch which makes these one of the most comfortable pairs in my drawer. And now, this will be one of the prettiest! The fit on these is spot on. The key is to go with your hip measurement and to use fabric with proper stretch – anything less will make your final pair too snug. Construction is simple as well… even a beginner can whip out a pair within an hour or so!

I have a bit more material left so I am thinking that I may whip up a few more pairs in different styles while I’m in lingerie sewing mode. Guess that means it’s time for an elastic run!

Skirts with Flare

08-flareskirtI tend not to make a lot of skirts and dresses simply because I don’t have a lot of opptunities to wear them. However, when I got this floral material in my June Knitfix bag, I knew that it had to become a skirt. Last week I mentioned that I had cut out Jalie’s half-circle\flare skirts and today I have a finished look – and I love it!

I’m really kicking myself for not making this skirt sooner… I am pretty sure that it took me longer to put the pattern together than stitch this up. My only regret is that I didn’t put the wider waistband on this – while the 1″ looks fine, I think it would have a fun retro vibe if I would have made it at least 2″ (I think I would also add a bit of elastic too because it fits a tad loose on me).  Now I’m hitting my fabric stash and making a few more (definitely one in a woven) because I am pretty sure Taylor is eyeing this pattern as well!

Floral Flare

Being a bit of a pattern hoarder, it probably comes as no surprise that some patterns often sit untouched. Last year I had purchased Jalie 3458 (half-circle and flare skirts) with the idea that I would whip up some cute skirts for summer…. I even purchased fabric! However, I got distracted with other projects and it never happened….. until yesterday.



I’m normally not a floral person, but when I saw the print in my June Girl Charlee Knit Fix bag, I knew that I wanted to make a pretty, feminine skirt. Since I had already used a (small) portion of this material for a shirt, I had just enough to make a flared skirt. I’ve pieced together the PDF, cut the pieces (I’ve opted for the flared skirt with the 1″ waistband), and am ready to sew! I think when I’m finished I may whip up a few pairs of underwear while I’m at it too… this print is too pretty not to use everywhere!

Linky Thursday

Who says machine covers have to be boring? This caravan cover is the cutest one I’ve seen!

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Hot weather means little girls can romp around in Triple Layer Ruffle Skirts or  adorable shorts – both work for great back to school looks!

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There’s still more time left to enjoy the summer. Hit the beach in a DIY halter and high waist bikini.

Last Christmas, I made Easton a fabric campfire set and winged it. Too bad I didn’t have this tutorial for a felt version and then I could have tossed in the s’mores kit, too!

Even beginners can make this knot tote!

Turkey Day

08-turkeyDoes your family have any unusual family traditions? One of ours is our annual “Thanksgiving in July”…. which usually happens in August because July seems to be too busy (not to mention hot) to celebrate. We started this tradition because we got tired of waiting a year to eat turkey with all the trimmings – so we break it up by feasting in the summer too.

So instead of sewing, today I am happily bustling around the kitchen baking, cooking, and peeling away! So what are some of your unusual family traditions?

Foxy Lady Tee

08-foxyAugust isn’t halfway over, but it is quickly becoming a month of unfortunate (sewing) events. Between fabric panels too small to use, unflattering patterns, and denim without enough stretch…. a lot of my sewing plans have fizzled. So yesterday I decided to work on a quick, tried-and-true project in an attempt to get myself back on track.

I sifted through my patterns and fabric stash and came up with the Trifecta Top and the fox family print I had picked up from Girl Charlee awhile back to make one adorable shirt that I call, the “Foxy Lady Tee”.  I used the cap sleeved, high-scoop style with a waistband hem and contrast band and sleeves to give this tee a different look from other tops I have in my closet. Best of all, this shirt was made in an afternoon and gave me enough mojo to work on a few other upcoming and larger projects I have in the works!

The Romper That Will Never Be

08-romperWhen you try out new patterns\companies, there are times that you win some and times that you lose some. This weekend, I thought I would finish off the last bit of summer sewing by making a romper. I stumbled across Winter Wear Designs Riviera Romper, looked at some of the finished photos and decided to give it a go (using the “Tahitian Sunset” print from my bargain lot bundle).

After attaching one arm binding, I can honestly say I’m not in love. First off, there is a lot of binding to this pattern… normally, I might not mind, but the end result is overly bulky and the method is less than pretty. So, I did an initial test fit to see if I wanted to go on and didn’t care for all the excess material around the waistline on me (the photo on my dressform doesn’t accurately show the fullness) – I realize that it will be gathered and distributed more evenly, but honestly, I don’t need people 08-papercutterwondering if I’m having another baby when I wear this. Consequently, I’ve decided to scrap this project. I’ve put it aside and may revisit it, but I think I may chalk this up as a loss.

On the bright side….. I finally got to use my paper cutter! There were quite a few pages to this pattern and the paper cutter totally sped things along in assembling them – bring on all those new PDFs because I’m totally ready for them!