Tiny Things Are Cute

Now is a great time to try something you’ve never attempted before. For me, it’s finally giving in to using my embroidery machine for more than just designs… it’s time to try some bags!

This is Off With Their Thread’s Boxy Mama (5×7 in the hoop) and it’s stinking adorable! I could have easily sewn this with a standard machine, but it’s way more fun on the embroidery unit – my only complaint is that some threads are visible as these are the tackdown lines and I didn’t quite get them lined up exactly when I sewed them together.

I grabbed the mini backpack pattern as well, but I really wish I had a larger hoop on hand to do a bigger version, they seem like they would hold a lot more and might not be so fussy when it comes to piecing them together.

Another Mystery

Since I’m not out fabric shopping, I’m doing the next best thing – getting it in the mail! My FedEx Mystery Bundle ($15 worth of fabric that can be stuffed into a FedEx mailer and sent at a lower rate than a USPS flat rate box) from SoSewEnglish arrived yesterday, so here is it’s reveal:

First up is a Tie Dye! I was so excited to see this in my mix because I’ve seen so much of it in ready to wear clothing and I’ve been itching to buy some. The only downside to this particular print is that it’s a rayon blend – so I’ll have to think about what patterns might work best for this style. Second, more double brushed poly elephants. I got a similar print in a different colorway (and slightly different designs) awhile ago so I’ll happily take more. Lastly, I got a blue, cotton stripe – it has a slightly yarn dyed look with sheer bands separating the colors. I’m thinking this would be a cute look for a sleeveless Brooklyn.

Overall, I’m really happy with the package – it’s always a crapshoot as to what you’ll get, but I can definitely see using these in the future.

Hot Off the Machine

Much like everyone else, pretty much everything (schools, restaurants, some stores) are shut down for the time being. I told my husband last night, “I’ve been preparing for moments like these by stashing crafty supplies” (to which he said, “You probably have enough stashed to keep you busy for a lifetime”, LOL)! In addition what I already have, I did grab a mystery bundle of fabric for SoSewEnglish (which arrives today), some embroidery designs (Off With Their Threads is having a 70% off sale!), some vinyl sheets (to make said embroidery designs), and a new sewing pattern. Here’s what I decided to make first:

In preparation for the school closures, I grabbed a few books for us to read. So, it only makes sense we have new bookmarks to go with them. These are the “Quitter Strip” bookmarks from Off With Their Threads – I added a tassel to mine (left over from my Fiesta Flare project for CME), but left it off of Easton’s because his books\bookmarks get heavily abused in his backpack and I don’t see a tassel surviving. I also made a Fortnight Loot Llama for no particular reason other than I thought Easton would get a kick out of it.

In the mean time, I hope all of you are well (and stay that way). Wash your hands, keep them off your face, and stay inside (as much as possible) and sew! I can’t wait to see what everyone else is working on.

Linky Thursday

Everyone loves Baby Yoda. So, why not surprise them with an adorable little plush.

Apparently, yesterday was National Tool day. So here’s a little round up of some projects you can make to celebrate.

Sew4Home is back with their new website (and boy does it look slick) and their regular lineup for fun projects like this fabric basket.

There’s plenty of time to stitch up and enjoy this adorable St. Patty’s Day mug rug.

Everyone loves new pjs, so why not sew up a pair of pants or shorts for the little ones.

Make bath time easier… for your pooch with this hooded bath towel (for dogs) tutorial.

Who says slippers are just for winter months? This version is perfect for spring and summer!

Wash Your Hands

I have a ton of things that I need to work on this week, but I temporairly put them aside so I could work on my latest project: Wash Your Damn Hands PocketBac holders.

This is an in-the-hoop project that features a plague doctor with options for “damn” or “darn” in the phrase below it (I opted for darn when it came to making one for Easton). I tried my hand at several different colors and mediums (leather, vinyl, and a “faux leather wide ribbon” which feels nothing like leather at all), but have to say the rainbow faux leather is probably my favorite. The downside to this project? Finding PocketBac! Like most stores, Bath & Body Works has been wiped out on hand sanitizers… I was just lucky enough to go into one that had just restocked that morning (and there was only a handful available and there were two other people shopping for them when I arrived).

Last of the Cats

I’m fairly certain that if I hadn’t used this material to make the Rachel, I would have thought this shirt was fine, but because I love my first version so much, I think everything else is just, meh.

I decided to use up the rest of my print to make a new tee, I didn’t have quite enough material to make a full shirt so I opted to make the Valencia, with band at the bottom to compensate for the lack of length. The end result is cute (and resembles my inspiration), but it’s not love. Sometimes the pattern can make all the difference. Which reminds me, I should make another Rachel!

Fancy Pull

I had to pick up a few zippers the other day and while I was there, I noticed some “fancy” zipper pulls. I decided this is exactly what I needed to dress up my plain zipper on my latest hoodie so I snagged one.

Let me start off by saying the instructions are TERRIBLE. The instructions are simply 3 pictures on the back of the card and only one of them shows you to use a tool (to remove the previous pull). After some cursing, tearing a few fingernails, and taking the whole thing to my husband, I resorted to finding a video online where I discovered you needed a pair of needle nose pliers to unhinge the loop.

I have to say, I like the zipper a lot more now that I have a nicer zipper pull and I highly recommend grabbing one if you need a little more pizzazz to your project, but definitely watch the video BEFORE you install it. It will save you a lot of headaches!

Linky Thursday

This leather tote project isn’t just beautiful, it’s easy to make too.

Pajamas are a great beginner project, but so useful too. These versions are for kids: this one is for pants only, while this is a whole set. Need some for adults? Here’s a free (but pants only) pattern.

Masks are running out of stock, but if you’re wanting to sew your own, then check out this article. It not only shows you how to make the mask, but tells you how to include a DIY filter (which I found to be the most interesting part)

If you’re weather is chilly in the morning, but warm in the afternoon, then it sound like you’re ready to layer. This hooded poncho is an easy to wear and easy to sew outerwear that perfect for layering.

These painted tins are a pretty way to upcycle your cans, but I’m guessing mine wouldn’t look as stunning.

These clear zippered bags make it easy to see whats inside and great for traveling!

I don’t have chickens, but I know people who do. This egg gathering apron is perfect for anyone raising their own poultry.

Need accessories? Learn how to make leather ear rings (with a new tutorial coming out tomorrow for leather knots).

Floral Double Hood TAMI

I love hoodies – they’re easy to wear, they go with just about anything, and they’re pretty standard mom gear at soccer practice\games. Unfortunately, most of the fabrics that are available to use are pretty, but not practical in the warmth department… which is why I waiting to make my latest Tami Revolution Double Hoodie. It’s adorable, but if it’s not already warm out, I’m going to need a jacket (and cover up the cuteness).

This is my third time making this pattern and I absolutely love the uniqueness of it (although I’ve been seeing a more double hoodies in boutiques I’m guessing this will be a more popular trend this spring). It does take a bit longer to sew (because of the shoulder zip and extra hood), but everything does come together well and the instructions are great. As for the fabrics, I managed to eek out this project with ONE YARD of French Terry. I’m still not sure how I managed that since the instructions call for at least a yard and a half. While I had enough for hoodie, I did not have enough for “extras” – I had really hoped to add pockets and thumbhole cuffs this time around, I just couldn’t squeeze it in. The gray accent pieces are a heathered cotton mystery fabric that I had in my stash. I like that it coordinates with this very well, but I also appreciate that it’s a much thinner material so I have less bulk than my previous version(s).

Warmth aside, this my be my favorite hoodie yet – it screams spring. My only regret is not using a more prominent zipper color for the shoulder to make it pop more… next time!

More Cat Phone

I loved my cat phone Rachel so much that I decided to needed to make another shirt with the same print. In an effort to avoid having too many tees made in the same fabric, I opted to make (another) color-blocked Valencia Tee. I wound up using a black mystery knit and black striped cotton-rayon fabric that I got in SoSewEnglish mystery bundles and, of course, cat phone.

The end result is cute, but not my favorite. I have come to the conclusion that I love tees with mixed prints, but I don’t feel as successful doing this myself. We’ll see if it grows on me when I get a chance to wear it this spring.