Linky Thursday

Remember those egg gathering aprons that were popular a few years ago? I stumbled across this one that is for collecting fruits, vegetables, etc. – perfect for if you started a garden during “quarantine”.

As the weather heats up, you’ll definitely want to keep your drinks cold. Learn how to sew up these easy coozies.

I recently picked up some Ohio State Hawaiian fabric – perfect for making a men’s shirt. Learn how to make your own (either with a purchased pattern or without).

Tired of your reuseable grocery bags tearing? This easy ripstop version should hold up well! Looking for bags that are great for the farmer’s market (or just show off your fashion fabric)? Then this is a great choice!

Learn how to transform a bedsheet into a cozy robe.

We were at a cute, retro style store last weekend and there were lots of these vintage style towel holders – they are definitely on trend right now. Learn how to make your own here.

Headed out this weekend? Your adventure calls for a new tote.

July 4th isn’t that far away. Start getting your decorations ready with this quick mini quilt.

Enter to win a 20 piece fat quarter bundle AND a video course to create a pop up pouch.

Sitting on the floor never looked so fashionable. Check out this cute boho floor pillows.

It’s a Mystery, Again

Hello. My name is Stacy and I’m addicted to Mystery Bundles.

I probably should stop looking at fabric store posts, because I always seem to catch them at “the right time” and see sales, new fabrics, and bundles posted. As SoSewEnglish is going through their warehouse inventory, they’ve been posting a lot of bundles, especially mystery packages. Since I’ve had pretty good experiences with them, I couldn’t resist getting one more.

I’m pretty sure that So Sew English is inside my brain because I was ECSTATIC about the white French Terry that I received! I’ve been on the hunt for some for a few weeks now, after I decided that I needed to make Taylor another Teen Spirit (she LOVES the black one I made awhile ago). I had a difficult time sourcing some, so I just gave up… and then this arrived!

Also in my bundle was OMBRE! I was also extremely excited about this fabric as it always seems to sell out by the time I’m ready to make a “regular” order. I have no set plans for this, but I’ll have to sift through patterns to see what pops out.

Next up, a rayon stripe. I like this one a lot as it seems like it will be the perfect colors for fall sewing. I’m not usually a brown\orange person, but the teal make this print pop.

Lastly, I received a rayon plaid print. It’s a rather large design so I’m not sure how I’ll wind up using it – it seems too large scale for tops, but maybe if I play with placement, it will work out. I’m not going to think to hard about this one as it also feels very “fallish”, so I have plenty of time to find something that might work.

And there you go. Another winning bundle in my book… which means I’ll probably place another order for a mystery bundle in the future. I probably should get to sewing down my stash a bit more before I do, though.

Tennessee Tee

When the Iris shorts went on sale several weeks ago, the Tennessee Tee was marked at $4. I initially resisted (because I have a lot of tee patterns as it is), but started seeing a bunch of different versions and decided I needed a flutter tee. And that’s exactly what I got in my new make!

I used a coordinating double brushed poly that went with my latest Iris (the brown matches the branches in the print). I opted for the V-neck, flutter design and am very happy that I picked this up as it’s very different that what I have in my wardrobe. However, this style is a little more relaxed that what I expected and I think if I make this again in the future, I’ll size down so I can have a slightly more fitted look.

As for construction, this pattern went together very well and the instructions were easy to follow. I somehow managed to squeeze this out with 1 yard of fabric, but I had to cut the sleeves against the grainline to do it (since this fabric has plenty of stretch in both directions and already has good drape, it really didn’t make a difference).

The Green Tee

Taylor’s birthday is coming up soon and I wanted to be able to add some “Mom made” goodies to her package. I’ve been talking about making shirts from my avocado print for awhile now, and gift making finally motivated me to do it.

I sifted through my patterns and decided to try something different – Greenstyle’s Green Tee (you can try this pattern out for free if you are a member of their Facebook page). I went with the scoop neck version for starters.

Overall this was pretty straightforward to sew – if you’ve made tees before you can probably get away with not even reading the directions. As for the fit, I think it feels a bit snug on me but should fit Taylor perfectly (I should also note that we don’t necessarily wear the same size, I tend to be a bit larger AND I may have used an unrevised\older version of this pattern as well). I’ll give this another go, making sure I use the correct sizing for myself and see how this goes in the future. In the mean time, this print makes for an adorable tee.

Linky Thursday

Father’s Day is rapidly approaching and if you’re struggling what you can make dad, why not try a tie?

Enter to win a 20 piece fat quarter bundle and a copy of popup zipper pouches video course.

Keep your fur baby cool this summer with DIY Dog Cooling Mat.

This hanging sewing caddy keeps all your essentials in plain view.

These unisex pajamas are a great project for everyone in the family. (part 1 of 2)

This cute Bloom pillow is a great way to showcase your favorite fabrics and show a little spring in your decor.

Even if you’re not into one piece suits, this Sherwood pattern is a fun version that may change your mind.

Not sure what to do with some novelty knit scraps? Why not turn them into socks!

When elastic because hard to source, many of us turned to bias tape. So here’s a time saving tutorial on making your own.

Snap Tabs

Clearly I’m on a snap tab making kick. I made this round, but I have to admit, I’m not as excited about these as the taco set I posted last week.

I’m guessing that the vinyl made a lot of difference in making the tacos pop, while these look underwhelming in comparison because the color is so uniform (and admittedly, not very colorful in general). I also found that these designs didn’t stitch quite as nicely (these are from a different designer) and I even had a bit of tearing around some of the smaller embroidered lines. I have a few more fobs that I want to make, but I may go for an eyelet fob as opposed to a snap tab so that I can use them in different ways.

More Iris

With my fabric finally arriving, I dug in and decided to make another Iris:

This time around I used a Cherry Blossom Liverpool knit that I picked up from Knitpop. I went with the 3.5″ inseam with a low waist and front pockets. Its definitely love.

I’m not normally a fan of Liverpool – it has a texture that I’m not necessarily a fan of and it can get bulky to work with, but this print was too adorable to pass up… and I’m so glad I got it. The texture is still weird, but it did sew up quite nicely – even the topstitching did well. As for the fit? This version is spot on. I think that the cotton fabric I used in the waistband of my original version was just too much stretch for the pattern.

Links for the Weekend

Apparently, online learning and grocery shopping takes all day. Consequently, yesterday’s normal “Linky Thursday” posted never happened. Since it’s definitely the best part of the week, I couldn’t overlook it. So, without further ado, here are some great crafty projects to work on over the weekend!:

I’m on a Gertie kick. I love to look at her clothes and patterns, but I also realize that I don’t pull off her style nearly as well as what she does. Love Gertie too? Here’s a few patterns to get you started: A cute knit top (that would look great on everyone), a Day Dress, and here popular The Jiffy Dress (no pattern, but instructions to make it fit to your proportions)

With the weather turning warmer, it’s time to start thinking about outdoor dining. I LOVE these mini mats with pockets to hold all your dinnerware essentials!

With being at home so much, loungewear has become a staple. This cute set from Mood is definitely worth a look.

Need a new top, but don’t have a lot of time to sew? This 3/4 sleeved blouse is just the ticket!

Keep the kids cool with this free shorts pattern (goes up to a size 14!).

If you love to hashtag, this quilt is for you!

I adore this little round zipper pouch, and while you’re checking out the project be sure to be entered to win a copy of Zakka Wool Applique.

Taco Tuesday

Yesterday was “Taco Tuesday” so it only stands to reason that I celebrate by making a few… on my embroidery machine!

I used Cactus Embroidery’s taco set and a very cool textured vinyl from My Punk Broidery to create these snap tabs and book marks. I think that the textured vinyl definitely makes this set – they may be some of my favorite creations yet!


I really had no intentions of sewing another shirt for the holiday, but when I was rummaging through my fabric stash, I came across this panel. I had purchased quite some time ago with the intention of sewing it up for the 4th of July last year. Moving really put a damper on sewing last summer, plus I never could find a fabric that matched it… that is until I rummaged some more and found this star remnant – with just enough left over to make a tank.

I decided to use the Durango Tank – not only is it free, but it had the shape I was after. I did modify it some so that the back seam was completely eliminated, but otherwise sewed this one as is. Not only was this super easy to construct, I liked the fit as well – I’m going to have to remember this for future tanks… I have a feeling that I’m going to need them, it’s already hot out there and it’s not even officially summer yet!