On the Cutting Table

10-turkeyFor AGES I have wanted a crazy turkey hat to wear on Thanksgiving. So much so that a few years ago, my brother-in-law’s girlfriend figured out how to crochet one for me to wear. Now, I get to sew one (or 4) up for myself.

Remember that pattern I pointed out in last week’s Linky Thursday? That is my next project! I headed to the fabric store (btw, tan fleece is hard to find, so I had to settle for brown…. our turkeys will look a little “undercooked” in comparison to the inspiration photo). I wound up picking up 2 yards (The pattern calls for 3/4 yard per hat, but I figured 2 would be plenty for multiples) – which was plenty enough material to make 4 hats. The best part? Because I have fiberfill on hand, the total price for this project came to $7.48! What a total bargain for a day of interesting photo opportunities.

Cora Complete

Last week I mentioned that my next project would be the Cora Tights. I’m happy to report that they are finished!


While the pattern looks daunting, overall it was pretty easy to put together – definitely more time consuming than a ‘regular’ pair of leggings, but I was still able to have these completely finished in a day. The fit is definitely more snug (which I know is necessary when you are running), however some of that could be due to my fabric choices which may have had a bit less stretch that others I have used. What I like most about these is that they are striking (the teal works better than what I anticipated, but I still wish I could have found more of a ‘space blue’) and can rival any workout pants from lululemon or Victoria Secret…. did I mention they have a cool pocket in the back, too?

You’ll definitely be seeing more of these in the future from me. Now that the weather is turning colder, I have a feeling that comfy pants will soon become a wardrobe staple!


Linky Thursday

Get ready for Thanksgiving with one of these fun, Turkey Hats. I’m definitely making one for this holiday!

Bring in some Christmas cheer into your living room with a JoyFul Pillow Wrap or Poinsettia Pillow.

Need a new apron for Thanksgiving festivities? Be sure to check out this adorable Mother\Daughter version.

I love my mini ironing board, it could really use a new cover. When I’m done with that, I may have to think about creating an ironing station.

Looking for a new purse for fall? Be sure to check out this easy bag made from a kitchen towel.

Soothe aching shoulders with this DIY heating pad tutorial.

Perfect for projects on the go, the Oslo Craft Bag.

Count down to Christmas with this fun mini stocking and wood tree holder.

Cuddle up by the fire with a new, easy-to-sew fleece blanket.

Pies are perfect for the holidays, so why not whip up a cherry pie potholder to celebrate.


Up Next

Like millions of other Americans, I spent yesterday voting and anxiously watching the television as the election returns rolled in. Consequently, yesterday was a wash as far as sewing goes. However, I did manage to trace off my next project, the Cora Tights.

I’ve had my sights on this pattern since it was first released, but finally broke down and bought it after the weather started turning cooler. I really didn’t want to tally up the cost of this project because I knew it was going to be expensive, but it’s not as bad as what I initially thought (thanks to sales and coupons). Plus, I have lots of extra fabric left over to make more tights or coordinating activewear.

<strong>Pattern: Jalie’s Cora Tights

Performance Apparel Fabric-Poly Spandex Galaxy from Joann‘s

Performance Apparel Fabric-Jersey Spacedye Wine from Joann‘s

Superflex Compression Performance Fabric in Teal from Joann‘s

<strong>Pattern…..</strong> $14.46
<strong>Fabric…….</strong> $23.38
<strong>Notions….</strong> $stash

<strong>Total</strong> $37.48

Last Minute Outfit

10-traverseWhat happens when you decided you need a new outfit to go out that evening? When you sew, you never have to go shopping, you can just whip up a new one! And that’s exactly what happened this weekend!

I’ve had in my mind that I was going to use the Mauve Blue Floral Rows from July’s Knit Fix and the Rose Silk & Rayon Jersey from May’s Knit Fix for quite some time, I just didn’t know how. So I opted to use the floral rows with Jalie 2920, the leggings. For the top, I decided to branch out and try something different, George & Ginger’s Traverse Tee.

Since I’ve reviewed the leggings a ton, I’ll skip the review, but will say that I adore this pair so much…. too bad that I found a tiny hole around the knee area later in the evening (I have no idea if that was there when I sewed, I snagged it, etc.). Fortunately it’s pretty hidden in the pattern, so I’ll try to ‘repair it’ this week. The top, well, I’m not as excited about. First off, I don’t think it’s particularly flattering on me. It had a tendency to bunch up around my midriff and made me feel very ‘fluffy’ (part of this is due to the fabric which has a great amount of stretch and drape, but was very clingy as well). There is also a lot of design elements going on with this one: bat wing, off the shoulder, scrunchy tunic length, with 3/4 sleeves, (plus my material was on the sheer side) so I just feel sort of odd wearing it. The pattern was extremely easy to put together (no pages to trim) and was just as easy to sew. I may decide to try this pattern again with a different material, but I’m not really in love with it so I’m not in a hurry to try this again.

Linky Thursday

Take the chill out of fall weather with a pretty, drop shoulder cardigan.

Color blocking is a very popular trend this year so why not bring a bit of it into your home with this eye-catching table runner.

There’s lots of pouch tutorials out there, but I like this one because organizes your belongings with cute little labels!

Get two skirts in one with this free reversible skirt tutorial.

I always enjoy seeing Mark Montano’s projects because they always make a statement, but are easy to create – like these pretty boho poufs made from rag rugs.

Now that Halloween is over, it’s time to start focusing on Christmas. This deer head makes a great winter decor statement. I’m thinking that the reindeer head might make little ones cry though.

Scoodies (scarfs with a ‘hoodie’) are always a great way to keep warm in winter without having to wear a hat. This version even has cute little tassels attached, too!

I am looking forward to it getting cool enough here to finally start wearing scarves. This color blocked version made from old sweaters is beautiful, but you can’t be a great infinity scarf\cowl either!

Halloween may be over, but its never too early to start planning ahead for next year because I totally want to try these crystal spider charms.

Pokemon fever still going strong? Why not whip up a giant Pikachu?

This slouchy tunic top doesn’t just look comfortable, it looks great with jean or leggings, too.

The Big Purge

For numerous years now, I’ve been keeping ‘scraps’ of knits in a large basket. These remnants aren’t large enough for a full project, but work great for something small or as an an accent piece (like sleeves, pockets, collars, etc.). While I occasionally dive into it, I’ve found that I’m adding more that what I’m taking out….. which is why I finally decided to just give up keeping it purged it all. I’m not going to lie, that was tough – I may have just closed my eyes and just took everything out of the basket!

Of course, now that it’s empty, I just filled it up with actual yardage (most of which is from the knit fix bags). I’m sort of determined to sew through a lot of it this winter and sew down that stash! Speaking of which, I need to decide what my next project might be!

Pokemon Go Trainer Costume

The moment you’ve all been waiting for….. the end result:


Overall, I am super pleased with the end results of this pattern! Between some happy accidents, a jumpsuit with a good fit, and a bit of accessory painting, I think I pulled off a great Pokemon Go Trainer costume. One last detail that I added in the end was a choker which I stitched up in about 5 minutes.

Now you’re probably wondering what happened to my male counterpart… Well, he wound up needing to travel for work so I didn’t even bother starting his version. Eventually, I’ll whip up Bret’s so keep an eye out for the guy’s trainer costume in the near future!


Trainer Hat

10-hatHappy Halloween! I am happy to report that the Pokemon Trainer costume is complete! Unfortunately, a picture of the whole look put together will have to wait until tomorrow, because even as we speak, parts of the costume are still drying.

You see, one of the accessories I still needed was a hat. I stumbled across a blank baseball cap on clearance for $2…. unfortunately, I spent about 5 times that on fabric paint (I opted for Tulip’s Soft Fabric paints). I painted this one up to look just like the one my character wears in the game. While I had my brushes out, I also painted up a tennis ball to look like a Pokeball (not pictured). The end result is a bit more rough as I discovered that painting the fuzz is a lot trickier than what it seems.

Invisible Zips

10-invisible10-jumperAlright, I was wrong. The jacket was not the hardest part of the Pokemon Trainer costume… the jumper is. Actually, it’s not really that difficult. Yes, there are plenty of curves to sew, but the real challenge? Inserting a zipper into super stretchy fabric. Keep in mind, this is not just any zipper, it’s an an invisible zipper…. without an invisible zipper foot. Now that was tricky.

I think because I kept in mind that ‘this is just a costume’ and not something destined for a “special occasion” (even though Halloween is pretty darn special), putting in the zipper was pretty painless… and looks darn good! The only real problem I see with this is that the finished edges of the material like to roll over the zipper too much making it difficult to zip up (although, this might be ‘fixed’ when it’s worn and the material is stretched across the body).

All that’s left to this one is adding the bindings to the neck and arm areas, which I hope to tackle today. A quick test fit, looks good, too – I’m very happy with my decision to go down one size. I’m anxious to see this whole look put together!