Linky Thursday

Get the “Write On” digital pattern for free just by taking this quick, 10 minute survey.  Plus be entered to win a $500 gift certificate to the ShopSewItAll store!

Looking to sew for the man in your life? Then be sure to check out this free classic tee pattern.

This drawstring mesh soccer bag looks all to familiar in our house. Now you don’t have to buy one at a sporting goods store, you can make it yourself

Keep mom looking sharp in the kitchen this Mother’s Day (wait, Mom’s shouldn’t be cooking!) with a pretty new apron. Both of these uses recycled materials so it’s environmentally conscious too! This one upcycyles a man’s shirt, while this one is made using a leg from a pair of jeans.

Speaking of upcycling, check out this adorable tote made from a denim shirt.

Need a new outfit by the weekend? This wrap maxi skirt is the perfect solution.

It’s teacher appreciation week which means that I’m on the hunt for quick and unique gifts to make teachers….. like this key fob that also holds a pack of gum!

Double gauze always has such a wonderful feel. Can you imagine those in a pair of pajamas? Now you don’t have to imagine with this free tutorial!

Dress it up or down. Either way this pleated shirt will go with just about everything.

Betz White is celebrating 10 years of blogging by bringing you fun projects all month long!  Today’s post is hosted by Bari J and has instructions for an adorable embellished tea towel.

Looking to wear more dresses this summer, but don’t have a lot of time? Be sure to check out this gathered waist dress,  this light and airy dress (that whips up in 30 minutes) -you may find that you will have to translate this site for more information, or a fun criss-cross sundress.

One of my favorite styles of bags to make is the messenger. This one looks quick to whip up.

Custom Sash

05-dreamkillerOne of the best things about sewing is that every once in awhile, I get to make something ‘different’. Last weekend, my friend’s daughter called me up and asked if I could make her a sash as a gag gift for her favorite teacher. She had checked a few online stores, but not only were custom sashes expensive, but the turn around time was pretty slow…. so of course, I said ‘yes’.

I’m going to admit, I took the really easy way out of this. I purchased wide (3″) satin ribbon (found in the ‘bridal isle’ of the store) and used iron-on lettering to make this project. I cut a length ribbon on the diagonal and used a french seam to finish it off. Then I ironed on the wording that she requested (“dream killer”). In  hindsight, I wish I had a solid lettering to make this so it was easier to read – unfortunately they didn’t have a font style that worked (most were way too thin) so I went with the zebra print. This whole project took a total of 30 minutes to make, teaching me that I never have to buy a store bought sash for a fun event ever again!

New Hardware

05-hardwareIn an attempt to elevate my bag making, I decided I needed some new hardware. In addition to all the other fun add-ons, this time I went with…. rivets! I’ve been seeing a lot of these used around handles and I’m thinking that if I’m making my own, I might as well make them look professional.

Of course while I was shopping, I had to thrown in a  few extras (plus the hole punch and setter tools for the rivets) so my latest hardware haul is pretty extensive. I’ve got several Bag of the Month purses to catch up on and I’m hoping that I can tackle those (with my new goodies) in the coming month.

Another Sanibel Update

05-sanibelWhen it comes to the Sanibel Romper project, I feel as if things are moving at a snail’s pace. In part this is due to all the ‘details’ of the project (pockets, collars & stands, cuffs with plackets) and just life in general that has kept me out of the sewing room.

The most recent additions to this project are the back & yoke, pockets, and collar & stand. I also started work on the sleeves (but haven’t attached them yet) and added the placket to them. It took me quite a while to work on the sleeve placket because it was a completely different technique to insert it than what I’ve ever done before… I think it worked out well, and looks very nice in the end, but I’m not convinced it’s any easier than how I’ve done plackets in the past. I’m anxious to get back to this today so I can finish up the bodice completely and start on the ‘shorts’ section of this project.

Speaking of rompers…. I was excited to see the latest patterns for Seamwork yesterday because one of them was a quick to sew romper! If this turns out well, I think I may give that one a whirl as well as the Perry dress – so may projects to try, so little time!

A Spoonful of Sugar

04-spoonfulI’ve been a longtime reader of Lisa Cox’s blog, A Spoonful of Sugar, so I was thrilled to find out that she had released a book under the same title as her blog, A Spoonful of Sugar!…. to make it even better, it’s all about Zakka Style.

For those that aren’t familiar with Zakka, this is a Japanese design style that focuses on handmade projects for the home and fashion accessories. The lines are simple so that the embellishments and fabrics are the focal point of the item. Many times you’ll see patchwork, applique, and quilt-like piecing (and lots of hexies) in the projects…. and sometimes all 3 in one!

04-zakkaIn Lisa’s book, she uses the Zakka style to create 20 gorgeous projects that are simple to make, but pack a design punch. Each section of the book has items for each room of the house: retro pillows and a kitchy paris doorstop for any room of the house; sachets and jewelry wraps for the bedroom; cafe aprons and pot holders for the kitchen; and gift baskets and beautiful pincushions for your craft room. There’s even something to make for the kids including an adorable ladybug beanbag game, a fun panda purse, and boutique style baby bibs.

All the templates are included on a CD in the back of the book – so you only print what you need (yay, no copying or tracing patterns!). I found that the directions were easy to follow and well written. There aren’t illustrations for each step, but there are plenty of pictures to help you through the parts that may need more description. I had hoped to have a finished project from the book (the entire Craft Room section of the book is calling me) to show you, unfortunately this dreaded stomach bug has kept me from my machine. However, you can expect to see me make something from A Spoonful of Sugar soon as I really can’t resist Zakka style anything!

Linky Thursday

Needing a new shirt to wear this weekend? Be sure to check out Melly Sew’s latest (free) pattern, Blanc.

Keep all your car essentials in one handy place with this Car Diddy Bag.

Get ready to stitch on the go with this fun travel sewing kit.

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Nothing says spring like flowers so bring a bit of it into your living space with these fun, flower shaped pillows.

Make your mom something pretty this Mother’s Day by whipping up a Diamond Girl Apron.

Reduce that counter and desk clutter by whipping up one of these handy wall pocket organizers.

Well Hello Sailor! Whip up your little girl an adorable pair of nautical shorts with this free pattern (Tutorial part 1 is here, the second part is here).

If you’re in need of a fun little purse, you’ll definitely want to stop by Living DIY Style for their clutch with garland applique.

One of the cutest pretend gardens I’ve ever seen (and the only way I would be able to keep vegetables alive). Get part 1 and part 2 of the tutorial and lean how to make your own.

It’s a towel. It’s a bag. It’s both! Learn how to whip up a sunbathing companion.

Warm weather is (almost?) here which means it’s time to ditch the pajama pants and switch to something cooler to lounge in…. like a pair of comfy women’s boxers.

Sneak Peek

04-sampeAfter a weekend of birthday celebrations (Easton turned 8) and soccer games, our week started with a terrible stomach bug (once again, Easton). Consequently, the blog has been quiet for the past several days and not much sewing has been going on. Now that things are ‘back to normal’ (cross your fingers no one else gets that virus), I can give you a sneak peek of a pattern that I’ve been testing out!

This is a soon to be released Peek-a-boo Patterns design. While I can’t give you all the details yet, I can say:

  • This item sews up pretty quickly and easily and only has a few pieces to cut out. I was able to sew this one up in a (full) morning.
  • It’s a figure flattering design and I adore “the back”.
  • I am unsure of the official release date, but my guess will be in the next two weeks.

I’ll be sure to let you know when this pattern is available and give you the full review (and more photos) then. In the mean time, I’m hoping to get back to the Sanibel as this has been a slow moving project.

Sanibel Bodice

04-bodiceAfter realizing that I neglected to cut and fuse interfacing to my pattern pieces, I finally started sewing my Sanibel Romper…. and now I have bodice!

I suspect this will probably be the most difficult part of the pattern, but it went together easily and looks really good…. except I did the button placket backwards, darn it! The button holes should be on the opposite side. I’m sure no one will notice (except me) so I’m not too worried about it. On the bright side, at least the button holes are nice and even!

Linky Thursday

When spring weather hits, I get the sudden urge to redecorate. Give new life to a room by sewing up a new duvet cover…. then use this tutorial to learn how to easily insert the comforter into your new cover! 

Believe it or not, I have very curly hair. Keeping it from getting frizzy (especially in the summer) is always a challenge, so I’m excited to give this Plopping Towel a try when I decide to ‘go natural’.

In an effort to make tax day less painful, Sew4Home is giving away 2 bags stuffed with fabrics! Hurry you have 9 more days to enter this one!

Have a makeup loving friend? Whip up one of these adorable Zip Your Lip bags – they’re perfect for gift giving!

I get really excited when I see one of my projects floating around Pinterest. This morning, I stumbled across an oldie, but goodie – my tutorial for a Sewing Supply Case Roll. This is a great project to make for yourself or for gift giving this Mother’s Day!

Teeny Tiny Pouches. Enough said.

With the weather turning warmer, I feel the urge to start getting ready for summer. If you’re headed to the beach, you’ll definitely want to check out this great mesh beach bag.

What could be cuter than a stuffed elephant? How about 3 of them? Learn how to make these adorable pachyderm decorations in 3 different sizes.

Foxes are still a popular theme in fabrics and home decor. Learn how to make this fun fox pillow and add a bit of it to your home!

I don’t have a cat, but if I did, I would definitely want to make this cat shaped bed.

Wearing a belt can do more than just keep your pants up. Learn how to make your own version that can make an outfit pop or coordinate your look.

I wind up re-using my plastic grocery bags for a variety of different things. Consequently, I have a GIANT stash of them under the sink in my kitchen. I should probably make one of these grocery bag sleeves to make it look nicer (plus this one is fat quarter friendly).

April Knit Fix Reveal

04-aprilknitfixI know I don’t need more fabric, but when I saw the preview for Girl Charlee‘s April Knit Fix bag, I couldn’t resist…. anchors? splatter paint? cool scorpions? I was in. I normally don’t make requests (you can make them and Girl Charlee does a pretty good job honoring them from what I understand), but I really wanted those anchors for Taylor (her sorority’s symbol is the anchor) so it was worth a shot.

My bag arrived yesterday and here’s what was inside (the colors look a bit ‘off’ to me in the photo, we’ve been having rain and cloudy weather so I never could get a great picture):

  • White dot on black cotton spandex knit – lovely knit with good stretch and recovery.
  • Black anchors on coral pink jersey rayon spandex knit – Yay! Exactly what I wanted. It also has wonderful drape and stretch. It is the same print, but different color way as this teal version.
  • Teal heather solid cotton spandex knit – I’m probably in the minority when I saw this, but I am excited to see solids in my bag. I have very little solid fabric in my stash, but realize that there are occasions that I need to sew with them, so it’s nice to have something on hand when the occasion calls. This is a great color too, unfortunately it looks more blue than teal in the photo.
  • Royal fuchsia Navajo brushed cotton jersey blend knit – Probably my least favorite fabric in this bag, but the first fabric that I’ve decided what I’m going to do with! Girl Charlee is holding a contest to sew for your ‘little one’ using fabrics from this bag. Seeing that this is the only material that isn’t ‘girly’, I’m planning on using it for Easton…. I’m thinking a pair of funky shorts!
  • Small roses on black jersey rayon blend knit – Another really pretty floral that has wound up in my knit fix. I’m going to guess this print will be highly sought after in the buy\sell\trade group.
  • Black burnout cotton jersey knit – Is it just me or does anyone else hate working with burnout? I like the way it looks, but it’s not a friendly fabric to work with. With that said, I’ve got ‘plans’ for this material as well (I think a simple tee with a layered tank underneath and maybe a new Comino Dress using this as the upper bodice) – I’m glad it wound up in my bag, but expect grumblings as I sew it.