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Towel Wrap

Mother’s Day may be over, but it’s never too late to give someone (or yourself) a spa day gift set that includes a pretty towel wrap. My latest tutorial is up at WeAllSew and it’s so easy you can make several of these in a day! You can even personalize it with pretty embellishments or a monogram.

This also makes a great gift for anyone going off to college next year too. Pair it up with a fun shower cap and you’ve got yourself a complete set!

I’d love to see how you use this tutorial so don’t forget to share your versions with me!

Gilded Pineapple 2.0

After embroidering the Gilded Pineapple design last week, I decided I really wanted to do it again, this time on a white surface. Wow, does it pop now!

I wound up making two of these towels – I plan on finding some pineapple hand soap and making shirts that read “Teach like a pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and are sweet on the inside” for an end of year gift for Easton’s teachers. You all know how I love a themed gift!

Linky Thursday

Get ready for lazy days by the pool (or at the beach) and make yourself a fun rope handled tote or this embellished beach backpack (with a cut file you can download and add to your bag).

Looking for a gift mom will love? How about a pretty credit\loyalty card holder?

With summer rapidly approaching, that means it’s time for lots of sleepovers. Send them off for the night with a new Rest Easy Sleeping Bag.

Who said hexies are only for quilts? Transform them into jewelry with this earring tutorial.

Even if you’re not into the Baby Shark craze you’ll still love these adorable shark plush.

Some of the most used household items can be sewn – and they don’t even have to be that complicated! This tortilla warmer is a great example.

Our grocery stores are slowly doing away with plastic bags. Learn how to make your own reusable shopping totes with this tutorial.

These hooded animal blankets are perfect for nap time, or use a towel instead and use them for drying off after a dip in the pool!

Show your favorite chef some love and whip up a set of these heart shaped oven mitts.

Planning a picnic? Secure your wine bottles in a nifty wine tote.

Give mom a gift of relaxation and whip up this DIY heating pad.

Zippered pouches don’t have to be boring. This one is in the shape of a cute little mouse.

Velvet Embroidery

I was getting ready to post a photo of my latest project and realized that I can’t… at least not yet. So instead I’ll have to just show you a sneak peek… pretty embroidery on luxurious velvet!

I had so many directions I wanted to go with this project that I wound up fiddling with placement(s) for the better part of a week. In the end, I edited down a lot of what I originally intended because it just wound up being “too much”. When Taylor came over the other day and saw it, she had noted she really liked it (well, hinted she would like to wear it) so I’m glad I settled on the direction I did… approval from a picky clothing person is always a good indicator if my judgement was correct.

I also need to say that I ADORE the Bernina 590. The pinpoint placement has got to be my all time favorite feature of any machine – it really helps make sure that everything is exactly where you want it (which is especially useful when you’re aiming for symmetry). I could have used this feature for a few projects that gave me hooping headaches!

With that said, I’m ready to send this beauty off. Fortunately, I have enough of this fabric left over to do something else – I’m thinking a pair of stretch velvet joggers!

Linky Thursday

Getting organized never looked so pretty! Learn how to make these Faithwell Storage Bins.

Looking for a show-stopping bag? Check out this fabric and leather bag – it’s great for beginners too!

Rubik’s cubes are seeing a resurgence (E’s school actually has a competitive team for puzzle cubes). If you have a fan in your household, you’ll definitely want to make one of these fun, puzzle cube footstools.

This scrappy coaster set is a great way to use up scraps and definitely screams spring with these colors!

This Baby Heart quilt is made using log cabin blocks!

One of the best parts of the weather turning nice eating outside. Learn how to make a picnic blanket from bandannas with this easy tutorial. Picnics not your thing? Make these Patio Placemats instead and enjoy dinning outdoors from the comfort of your home, instead.

Box bags are definitely a favorite to sew. I love this pouch because it opens up wide so you can easily see what’s inside.

There’s a lot of travel bag patterns out there, but I love the the fact that this one adds a rolling case sleeve so you can easily slide it onto your luggage.

It’s time to ditch the flannel pajamas and hit the hay with something lighter. Learn how to make this easy to sew sleep shirt.

I love quilting, but only with small projects – like this Lady of the Lake Pillow project.

Looking for a quick, no-sew project, that you can wear the same day? This One Shoulder Tied Tee is perfect for summer.


I am fairly certain winter is never leaving, but I am so ready for warmer weather. It was cold and rainy yesterday so to channel that summer feeling I decided to embroider this beautiful Flower Flamingo in Watercolor design. 90 minutes (of stitching time) and 34 color changes later, I had this gorgeous thing come off my machine. I plan on using it as a hand towel in the guest bathroom although I’m secretly hoping no one uses it because I don’t want it getting messed up. I’m not the only one who thinks these things, right?

Gilded Pineapple

It’s safe to say I’m on an embroidery kick. I visited Embroidery Library last week and picked up a number of designs that caught my interest – so now I want to make all the things! With that said, here is my latest make:

Unfortunately the design sort of got lost in the pattern in this photo, but it does pop a bit more in person since this entire pineapple is made with metallic thread. I plan on making a few plain white ones next (because the design will really pop), but had my heart set on this towel because it was one that my husband’s grandmother had given to me before she died (she was an avid machine embroiderer). I thought it might be nice to give Taylor a little something she can remember her great grandma by every time she uses it in her new apartment.


This weekend, I did something completely different. I made a porch sign. Granted this was done at a store with friends – so half the work was done by someone else (and I didn’t even have to deal with the mess). Here are our results:

Essentially these are created with a Cricut machine, vinyl, and paint – so they’re totally doable yourself (but hanging out with friends and no mess is sometimes so much better). The Keeper of the Plains (it’s a statue in Wichita and has become a symbol for our city) sign was definitely more difficult and we all wound up pitching in to get everything down and lined up correctly. We also learned some interesting tricks about painting values and how to make things appear brighter next to certain hues.

Overall this was a fun little project – I’m glad that I went with something fairly simple to start with because there was a lot of cursing when dealing with that Keeper. All my sign needs is a nice clear coat and it’ll be ready to be put outside!


I went to a sporting goods store the other day and saw the cutest Nike top. It was a tank with the Nike logo with flower all around it (with coordinating shorts too) and I wanted it so badly. Unfortunately, it wasn’t in my size so I went home empty handed.

After thinking about it for awhile, I decided that I would do my own version using a purchased top, my Cricut (I used an SVG logo that I found on the internet – it’s free if you search around), and printed vinyl (Cricut brand’s strong iron on in a floral print). Overall I’m happy with the end results, but the Cricut floral vinyl that I had purchased isn’t a thick as other iron ons so the white background isn’t as bright as it is on the roll (the black sort of bleeds through). I think if I do this again, I may try a different brand of printed heat transfer vinyls.

On a completely unrelated note, I thought I would share with you my fun and crazy purchase… a “painted” portrait of my dog. I saw an ad for Crown and Paw (darn those targeted Facebook ads have me pegged), and really couldn’t resist buying one. The results are pretty fantastic. I currently have this up in my basement – I’m sure anyone passing by will wind up doing a double take… it’s completely unexpected!

Linky Thursday

Upcycle your old denim jeans into something remarkable, like this denim poof, chevron rug, picnic blanket, or door stop.

With the weather turning warmer, Farmer’s Markets are in full swing. Bring home your goodies with this fabulous Feed Sack Bag. The best part is, you don’t even need a feed sack to make it – the print they used is from Spoonflower!

Get ready for summer vacation by sewing up a Handy Travel Case. Its the perfect place for stashing money, passports, and all your essentials.

In just 3 weeks, schools around here will be letting out for the year. Get a jump start on summer boredom and use up fabric scraps by making this easy to sew memory game.

Head out of town in style with this cute overnight bag.

I love that these pencil cases open so wide so you can see everything inside.

Transform old shipping boxes into pretty fabric containers.

Skip the pins and use pattern weights instead. Learn how to make your own here.

These cute little zippered card pouches are perfect for stashing loyalty cards or just carrying the essentials when you’re wanting to head out of the house without a purse. Need something bigger? Here’s a tutorial for a full size wallet.

Enter to win a bundle of Woolies Flannel.