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Hawaiian Style

Once a month, Easton’s school has what they call “Wear it Wednesday”. This is a themed day (crazy hair, pajama day, wear it backwards, etc.) where kids wear a reading shirt that they have earned (for meeting reading goals) along with whatever style they feel matches the theme. Today is “Hawaiian Style.” Of course, this month we waited to put something together. Stores don’t really carry this style of shirts for boys and we didn’t have time to wait for something online (and some were quite expensive)…. so I whipped up a shirt of my own:

In the past, I have used Blank Slate’s Bookwork Button-up, but Easton has finally outgrown the size range so I was forced to find a new pattern. I wound up buying Peek-a-boo Pattern’s Classic Oxford Button-Up (which goes to a size 12, so I can use it again next year) and found a blue tropical shirting print that was perfect for boys.

Before I get into a quick review of the pattern, let me say that this may be the fastest I have ever put together a button down shirt – under 3 hours (a lot of this is due to the fact I didn’t have to mess with sleeve plackets and tabs and didn’t make any changes to the pattern). Things went together very well (except for the shirt pleat on the back of the shirt, it seemed too small so I wound up enlarging it to fit the yoke) and the directions were easy to follow….. with that said, I have made several button down shirts before so that really helped with the instructions and making things come together much faster. If you are an absolute beginner, I would recommend waiting to stitch this one up until you have a bit of experience under your belt. It’s not that it’s terribly difficult, but there are a lot of elements that might be frustrating (plackets, collar stands, buttonholes). As far as the fit, I think this one looks good on Easton (even though you can’t tell because he’s left it unbuttoned) and I like the length on him as well.

The total price of this project (pattern and fabric only, the interfacing and buttons I had on hand) wound up being right at $21 – which is comparable to what you might find online. So, I didn’t save any money, but Easton did get a great fitting custom shirt that he says is his favorite so far!

More Teacher Appreciation

Last week was Teacher Appreciation week. While I vowed I wasn’t going to make anything, in the end I changed my mind. While I didn’t wind up sewing anything, I did use the Cricut to embellish several purchased items. Here’s a sample of what I wound up getting: pencil holder (a decorated vase), cute pencil name plates (from the “dollar” bin at Target), and two shirts (one for the counselor that glows in the dark and a glittered version for Easton’s teacher).



More Star Wars

Last week I was so excited to share my Star Wars Day shirt for Easton, I neglected to post about my own…..

This year, I went all out and made a complete outfit. I had some of the same Sugar Skull material as what I used for Easton, but in a different colorway (yay, pink!) and decided to make an awesome pair of Jalie leggings. When I purchased this material I got only 1 yard, which is just shy of how much fabric is needed for this pattern. Usually this isn’t a problem, however between my already reduced yardage and shrinkage during washing, I was definitely a bit short this time around. To make it work, I wound up reducing the rise about an 1″ and carefully cut from end to end to squeeze it all in. Fortunately it worked and I actually like where the new waistband hits on this version.

I also made a shirt with the same logo as Easton’s, but I made mine in black glitter. I can not tell you how much I love this tee – I may used black glitter on everything I make now. By the way, I did take a shortcut on the shirt and used a purchased one.

May the 4th Be With You

I know that what I really need to be working on are my deadline projects, but sometimes, you need to have a ‘mental health’ break and make something fun.

Since yesterday was Star Wars Day, I decided to whip up a shirt for Easton to wear to school. I opted for another Nico (because they are a quick sew and the raglan style sleeve really shows off the print) with the Storm Trooper\Darth Vader sugar skulls that I’ve been hoarding. Then I added a very cool Support The Troops design that I found off Etsy to make a vinyl transfer. Honestly, this may be my favorite shirt that I’ve made so far this year. To top it off, it was a very therapeutic sew – which means today I can get back to work and focus on finishing!

Linky Thursday

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Naked Nico

Today I have determined that unembellished tees are not a bad thing. With all the activities going on at school, looming deadlines, and a mountain of laundry that finally needs washing, I neglected to put something on my latest Nico and have sent Easton off to school wearing it…. with a naked front. I figured that since it’s a 3/4 sleeve and today’s temperatures are cool again, I had better get him in it before it gets back up into the 80s next week. The best part was after he got dressed he asked, “Where did you buy this shirt? This is my favorite kind of shirt” (as he was pointing to the sleeve length). He was surprised to hear that I made it (really?) and requested more of this style.

With that said, I am seriously contemplating whipping up a “May the 4th” tee for tomorrow (and\or a pair of leggings and shirt for me)…. I mean, they whip up in like an hour, I can squeeze that in, right?


I’m not one that normally goes for floral prints, but lately, I’ve been all over them. Last week I wound up buying a few yards, including this fabulous aqua\teal and hot pink print (with a matching solid) and a French terry\spandex blend. I have promised myself that I’m keeping them in the box until I finish all of my deadlines because I am too easily distracted by new treasures. This also means that I have plenty of time to decide what in the world I’m doing with these (although I am leaning toward using the French terry for a pair of jogger style pants). Anyone else into florals this year?


This weekend, I attempted to multi-task: While working on the massive embroidery project (which is still not done, agh!), I also tried to squeeze in teacher appreciation gifts. While I had no real intentions on making anything this year, classes received a letter last week from PTO about a week long (themed) event they had put together…. so I caved (we also got our awesome counselor as well, which is why you are seeing double).

Today’s theme was favorite flower…. fortunately they both like daisies which were easy to come across at the store. I also snagged two terracotta pots and then surfed Pinterest for some ideas. My favorite was the “Thanks for helping me grow” pot with a painted ruler along the top lip of the pot. Fortunately I had everything on hand to make this (and acrylic paint dries fast on clay). I use a combination of sharpie (for the top edge) and the Cricut (for the wording on the pot and the plant stakes). The end results are pretty cute, but my wording is way too big, IMHO…. I guess it stands out, though!

Fortunately tomorrow is favorite candy, which gives me a few days to work on a few other items. WHEW!


Why is it when you have a lot of work to do (or in my case, deadlines), you’re inspired to make all the things?

I am currently working on a massive embroidery project that requires hours (and hours and hours) of stitching (and tons of thread changes) so my actual sewing time has been fairly limited (the end result is totally worth it, IMHO)…. although I have been doing quite a bit of planning! In fact, while I’ve been working, my order of vinyl arrived (Speedy Vinyl isn’t kidding when they say they are speedy – I got mine the same day I ordered!) so I hope to finally add a graphic to the Nico that I made the other day. And did you check out that awesome rainbow vinyl? I have no idea how I will use it, but I can’t wait to try it out!

I also discovered another custom fabric group that is selling….. Bob’s Burger’s material. I am attempting to contain myself because, well, it’s Bob’s Burgers, Speaking of custom prints I received my food prints from Pink Zeppelin Boutique (Stacked Tacos and Burgers in a French Terry) which will eventually become a Beloved style tee and hoodie.

Now it’s time to get back to work so I can start making all these ideas into a reality! What’s on your agenda this weekend?

Linky Thursday

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