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Hooded Towel

Have a new baby (or know someone who just had one)? Looking for a quick baby shower gift that you can sew? If you haven’t visited WeAllSew today, then you’ll definitely want to check out my latest tutorial for a hooded towel!

This project is perfect for upcycling beach towels and just the right side for machine embroidery designs at the hood. It sews up quickly and is a great way to gift a matching layette set for newborns. Plus it’s a generous fit so it can easily grow with your infant and be used into toddlerhood.

Linky Thursday

This woven fabric basket is perfect for Easter treats or for home decor storage. Looking for something less complicated to sew? Try this fabric basket with handles instead.

Eating at your desk never looked so cute – The Chubby Lunch Tote.

This high-low shirt doesn’t just hide your panty line, it is darn cute, too.

Love yoga? Sew your own mat for your next class. Then try this tutorial to make a pretty carrying case for it.

This kimono jacket is perfect for keeping off the chill or just as a beautiful coverup.

Not matter if you wear this loose fit casual top dressed up or down, it will still look fabulous.

Crossbody bags are my favorite to wear out. This one looks quick and simple to make.

Learn how to create an eye catching pillow with this Strawberry Fields Forever Lattice Pillow pattern.

This trendy lace up shirt is the perfect no-sew project that gives great results (even my daughter is making this one).

A cute, sleeveless dress pattern for girls just in time for spring… or Easter!

Looking for a fun way to hold your easter treats? Then be sure to check out these bunny bags. Looking for something with less calories? Try this bunny hand puppet instead.

Change up the look of your favorite shirt by adding a lace yoke. Learn how to make your alterations in this blog post.


Spring Break

It’s day 3 of Spring Break and I don’t really have any sewing to show for it.  We did go to our  wildlife park and visited the Pioneer Woman’s Mercantile yesterday too (if you don’t live close, but want to see what types of stuff she carries her online store, which looks to be about everything we saw). Here are a few photos from our trip:

As for sewing, my Gorgeous Fabric arrived yesterday and my Jalie patterns are set to be here later today. Unfortunately the snowstorm delayed both packages. I also did some ‘behind the scenes sewing’ over the weekend which I can’t show you just yet: one is a tester pattern for a soon-to-be-released Betz White project (I think you’ll like this one a lot) and the other are some alterations for my sister-in-law’s wedding dress.

Now that the big trips are over, it’s time to recuperate, drink coffee, and plan out my next projects!

Linky Thursday

Sew a dress in just 2 hours. Looking for a dress for a little girl instead? This one looks just as easy.

Show your love for your pet with this fun applique pillow (plus it’s a great introduction into photo quilts).

These pocket size bunnies are perfect for gift cards and money (or just a cute stuffie to carry around).

Don’t toss those fabric scraps! Use them to make beautiful decoupage eggs this Easter (and no sewing involved).

Enter to win a bags and baskets Craftsy class and charm squares too!

Missed Pi Day on Wednesday? Make up for it with this cute Cherry Pie Potholder.

Harem\drop crotch pants are still popular in ready-to-wear. Learn how to make yourself a pair here.

Skip the plastic eggs and stash your candy into these adorable Carrot Treat Bags.

Does someone you know love Tsum Tsums? Then stitch them up this adorable quilt!

Remember the color wheel basics I pointed out last week? Now you can make a fabulous pincushion based on this theory.

This toiletry bag is the perfect size for traveling and hangs on the door for easy access (and tiny hotel sink space).

Jane #2, With Modifications

Yesterday I had mentioned that I was inspired to make a shirt that I had seen in a store…. and today it’s sitting on my dressform.

It’s hard to believe that I used the same pattern as what I did the other day, but the Jane as the basis of this top, but with several modifications:

  • Most noticeably, I made the keyhole insert in the neckline and added binding around it to finish the edges. I sort of ‘winged’ this part and in retrospect, I wish I would have made it more of a teardrop shape instead of a ‘U’ cut.
  • The original pattern instructions has you inserting the neckline like a ribbing, but since the raw edges of it would be exposed if sewn way, I needed to create a binding instead. To do this, I trimmed off the seam allowance along the top edge of the shirt and cut neck band 2 1/2″ wide. Then I folded the neckband in half (wrong sides together), opened out the band, then brought the raw edges to meet the crease, then folded it in half again. When it came to sewing, I simply attached it like you would bias tape.
  • I lengthened the top by 1 1/2″, but shortened the sleeves by almost as much. I think I could have shortened the sleeves even more, but I was afraid that they would hit at an odd spot on my arm so I was a bit conservative.
  • I also created a somewhat less boxy shape. I brought in the bust a smidge to make it more fitted across the chest and flared out the bottom edge to make it more billowy. I would have liked to make it more noticeably flared, but I just didn’t have enough material to do it.

For those interested in the fabric, it’s from…. Joann’s. I stumbled across this one while shopping for notions the other day and it seemed like it was the perfect print for this project. It was surprisingly easy to work with but the yard that I got was just barely enough to make it (I would consider this a ‘one way design’ so you would need to use the ‘with nap’ type of pattern placement).


While I was out shopping, I spotted a shirt that I decided I wanted to recreate myself. While I knew whatever I selected needed modifications, the base pattern needed to be a tee that was loose fitting. That’s when I realized, all the patterns that I own are fitted. So I searched around and found Jane, which appeared in January’s Seamwork, and decided to give it a go.

I settled on a fun, Paris skyline print that I picked up this fall (and never found the right pattern to use with it). While I had plenty of material for the body of the shirt, I couldn’t eek out enough for sleeves so I decided to do them in a contrasting color along with the neckband. The end result? I’m pretty sure it’s something you would find in the men’s section of PacSun. Between the boxy shape of the shirt and the longer, contrasting sleeves, this tee definitely has a masculine feel (the print doesn’t even look that feminine now either) and I can honestly say I’m disappointed with my end result. Fortunately, Taylor decided that she could put it to good use with a pair of boyfriend jeans so at least this isn’t a wadder.

Hoppy Easter Buckets

After a weekend soccer tournament (and probably the coldest games we’ve ever had), I was too exhausted to actually sew anything. I did decide to finally go ahead and make Taylor and Easton’s Easter baskets – thinking it would be a quick project to whip up. I may have been wrong.

I had purchased these buckets at Dollar Tree – they were quite the hot item so the only colors they had left was green. Since I loved the shape of them, I decided I could make it work (unfortunately, I had settled on purples for the vinyl so now they were inspired by the Joker).

For Easton’s I used a metallic vinyl and an Easter egg image from Design Space. Thankfully, everything went on well and easily.  For Taylor’s I used a free image from Love SVG and a glitter vinyl. I had heard people complain about glitter vinyl, but never understood…. until now. Not only was it difficult to weed (this image has a lot of intricate details, too), but getting it to remove from the paper and onto the bucket was next to impossible.

Now it’s back to sewing…. I figure I had better be productive this week since spring break kicks off next Monday and I’m fairly certain that nothing else will be accomplished (unless we have weather like we did this weekend and then we’re just staying in).


I started on another “secret” project this week. In my mind, this one was going to whip up fairly quickly, but I wound up making a few changes along the way and added a few elements so it’s taken a bit longer to put together. One of those elements? Piping.

Originally, I was going to skip adding this element all together, but ‘slept on it’ and realized, it was needed. Buying pre-made piping is ridiculously expensive ($15\yard for the size I wanted, but not the color…. and I needed 6 yards!), so I wound up making my own. I know, making piping is easy….. and now that it’s finished, I’m glad I went for it. Now to complete this project – I’m totally excited to use it, too.

You know what else I’m excited about? NEW Jalie patterns! They have been previewing their new releases on their Facebook page for a couple of weeks and I’ve been dying to get them ever since. Today they opened up pre-orders and I ordered about half of them…. I figure I have about 2 weeks for them to release and be shipped to my house to decide what I’m making first (I am seriously leaning toward the Marie-Claude Raglan Pullover or the Charlie Bomber Jacket, though).

Linky Thursday

Check out this month’s mini quilt and enter to win a Riley Blake jelly roll too.

This lace up sweatshirt is almost exactly like the ones they sell at Victoria’s Secret.

Have you made this cool Backseat Refreshment Station, but now your car is a little messy? Now you can keep your back seat neat and tidy with this Backseat Saver.

These stirrup leggings are perfect for yoga…. or just because.

Skip the Easter basket this year and make a reversible bag\purse for kids instead.

Raglan shirts are one of my favorite styles, but this free pattern is just for toddlers.

Another fun and colorful table runner just in time for Easter.

Grab a sock and make one of these cute little elephants.

Got scraps? Use them to make up this easy mini waist pack.

This sweet little basket makes great Easter decor or fill it with a few of these zippered fabric eggs that can be loaded with surprises.

If allergies (or a cold) are getting the best of you. Make one of these handy travel tissue holders to attach to your bag (or even use as a key ring).

Too many kid’s supplies taking over a space? Whip up this handy craft organizer just for them! Then after you’re finished, use some of your left over materials to make this cute art smock.

Don’t toss those old jeans, make them into cute dog toys, instead!

More Box Cards

I have a rather large project coming up on Friday that I know I need to work on, so I’ve been a bit hesitant to start something new because they might overlap – I try not to start two projects at the same time because I find one ultimately never gets finished. So, instead, I decided to sit down and make cards.

I have to admit, I’m totally addicted to making box cards…. my only regret is that I wish I had more papers and a embellishments (like rhinestones) on hand so that they had a lot more selection (I could easily find myself becoming a paper hoarder, though). All in all, these were a fun way to spend an afternoon and I have some interesting cards to give out when the occasion rises. Now, I think it’s time to concentrate on some Easter baskets!