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Santa Applique

With a number of people saying they were already sending out their Christmas Stocking swap packages, I thought it was best if I finish up mine. For my last project, I purchased a fun ‘crafty themed mug’ at Joann’s, stuffed it was hot drink goodies, and decided to make a mug rug. Since my partner’s favorite colors are the redaquawhite combination I opted to go with that, but quickly realized that I didn’t have enough coordinating fabrics to do a patchwork so I decided to go with a ‘whole cloth’ look and an applique. After a bit of searching I went with these guys (but transformed him from an ornament into an applique) – I’m hoping I can find a cute button or embellishment that I can add to give him some dimension after I’m done quilting the rug. Today, I plan to fire up the BSR and do some free motion quilting – I’m so excited, it’s a foot that I don’t get to play with often enough!

Cold Weather Present

I’ve been debating on what to make next for my Stocking Swap partner’s ‘stuffers’. I found a fun purple ‘skull and crossbones’ type fleece in my stash and decided that it should become a hat. I used the pattern that I created for this issue of Sew It All – it’s super easy and comes together in a flash! While I like the way it turned out (it fits the mannequin a little weird since her head is much smaller and has that ‘flip’ at the end of her hair), I’m not sure I’m going to include it in her package – my partner sews and I hate sending something she might easily make for herself…. maybe it’ll be chilly this weekend I’ll need a new hat!

Personalized Stocking

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas in my sewing room! Yesterday’s project was a stocking for my most recent swap. Since my partner’s favorite colors were the redwhiteaqua combination, I decided to highlight this color in my stocking and then used Jennifer Paganelli’s “Sophia Stocking” from Happy Home as the pattern. This particular pattern was super easy to work with, although I admit I didn’t really follow the directions very closely. Since it is unlined, I serged a majority of the seams so it has a clean finish when you look inside and also embroidered my partner’s name to the cuff to personalize it (plus give it a bit more color since the cuff looks a bit plain without it). Overall, I’m really pleased with the size and shapedesign of this stocking – I may have to think about making more personalized versions for friends and family this year!

Craft or Die

I made a bit of progress on my Christmas Stocking Swap this weekend and I have to say, I might have to keep this project (just kidding, but I have to admit, I like how this project turned out a lot). When my husband’s grandmother gave up sewingembroidery she gave me a number of (fantastic) supplies – one of which was a wooden box designed to showcase embroidery. I thought that this was a perfect opportunity to show off some of the fun things that I’ve been making on my Bernina. I decided to stitch up the Craft or Die embroidery design (so it can be used for much more than just sewing) and then cut it to size so that it fit inside the window box….. this may be my favorite project of the whole package!

Does anyone happen to know if they make similar boxes, but deeper? I think this might make a nice Christmas present!

Sugar Skull Pillows

Remember those sugar skulls that I embroidered last week? I finally put them to good use and made pillows out of them:

For this project I used the slipcover tutorial that I wrote for WeAllSew. However instead of using a solid front, I pieced the embroidery and fabric together. To do this, I cut the sugar skull to a 6.5″ square, sewed two 4.75 x 6.5″ rectangles to each side, then added a 4.75 x 15″ strip to the top and bottom of the embroidery. From there, I followed the directions as written. Now my question is, which one should I keep and which one would my swap partner like?

Change Your Mood With Fabric

It’s amazing how something as simple as the color of a background fabric can change the moodlook of a project. Since my Christmas Stocking Swap partner loves sugar skulls, I thought I would make her a fun pillow slipcover – I found a cute Beth Logan print and then looked for a similar embroidery design from Urban Threads (it was the flowers that struck me as similar, just less ‘cartoony’ than the skullsflowers on the material). Since I could never decide what background I wanted to use for my embroidery design, I did both black and white (I figure I’ll keep one for myself when I’m done) – just look at how the ‘mood’ of the pillow is changed, just by switching to a different color! Which one would you chose? How do you change up the feel of your projects by swapping out colors?

Easy Marble Ornaments Take 2

It’s that time of year again… the great Christmas Stocking Swap! After going over my partners questionnaire and browsing through her pins, I came up with a ‘plan of action’ and decided on a few fun ‘themes’ for this swap. The first theme is an aquaredwhite group of projects. I’m very excited about this one because it’s a color grouping that I really like together, but never do. The first item I set out to make was a set of Christmas ornaments. I used the easy marbling technique and am really happy with the results – the color scheme is very bold and definitely stands out… let’s just hope it goes with the rest of her decorations!

Spell My Name

If you read this blog often, you’ll notice that I’m addicted to swapping. Not only does it inspire a lot of creativity in me, but the best part is, you get a package in the mail in return. Yesterday I received a Spell My Name swap package from my partner and was blow away by the beautiful work that she did. First off she knitted up a fantastic, pink and black sparkly skull hat (S is for Skully hat and Skittles). I can honestly say that I can’t wait for it to get cold now – I love winter accessories!

The rest of the package included:

T is forTattoo inspired pin (a tattoo heart with ‘Crafty’ embroidered on it) and a toblerone. A is for Alice in Wonderland framed embroidery and Angry Birds Gummies (which my daughter says are the best). C is for Cameo Candle (filled with a wonderful smelling soy) and Caramello. Y is for Yummy cupcake garland and a York peppermint patty!

S is For…

Rounding of the last of my Spell My Name swap is a “S is for Star Wars Onesie”. I dyed a white onesie ‘black’ (although the finished color is more of a charcoal gray) and added a patch from the Star Wars themed fabric that I also used for the burp rag – I would have rather used an entire comic book cover that appeared on the fabric, but it was much too large to sew onto the onesie. Now that my package is pretty much complete, it’s time to pop it off into the mail and get started on a few projects for me!

Wet Bag

In light of the weekend baby booty debacle, I decided against starting another pair. Instead, I decided to go another route and make something else baby related. A wet bag. This is essentially a cloth exterior bag that is lined with PUL (a waterproof material that is typically used in cloth diaper making) and can be used to store cloth diapers, soiled clothingbib, or a handy storage for wipes and diaper for on-the-go diaper changes.. and if she decides to skip the diaper bag, there’s a nice little wrist strap that she can use to carry it all. Best of all, it’s not only in a fabric she likes, but matches one of the burp cloths I recently made for her.