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Linky Thursday

Just a few more days left to enter to win a Dritz project bag!

Ever fall in love with a clothing item that you see in an online commercial (where the clothes really aren’t what they’re selling)? While I was on Craftster recently, I noticed (and watched) and ad for Bernina where a woman created a fantastic (adult) twirly skirt. After inquiring about it, I got a link… here it is, and it’s FABULOUS!

Any little boy (or girl) would love to combine two of their favorite things. In this case, it’s robots and dogs: The Robot Dog Softie.

I have some of these exact coffee bags. I keep telling myself that I’m going to make a bag with them, but may have to try this apron instead.

If you have metal handled pans, you won’t want to miss this pan handle protector project (you can skip the embroidery if you don’t have access to a machine).

Keep your necklaces, earrings, etc. tidy while traveling with this Jewelry Roll tutorial.

Get your pooch ready for Halloween with this fun and festive cape.

Minky doesn’t just have to be for blankets, use it to stitch up this cute and cuddly croc.

Learn how to create a high-low skirt – perfect for the weekend.

School is (almost) in session. If yours still gets to take naps, learn how to make this custom nap mat.

I have a soft spot in my heart for Quillows – it was one of the first few projects I made once I started sewing. This one, by far, is much cuter than what I did.

Who doesn’t love a cute cardi? Now even your infant can wear one with this Baby Cardigan Onesie Tutorial.

Win 2 yards of Scamper – what an adorable set of prints!

The Angel Top says it all – it’s light and airy and made just for you.

Linky Thursday

Make an impression on the first day back to school with this fun (and almost twirl) circle skirt.

Ever say your bag never has enough pockets? This Urban Tote is the perfect solution.

Celebrate the Nerdy Sewist blog-o-versary and you could win awesome prizes: books, fabric, and classes are up for grabs!

When I see cute supplies like this knitting roll tutorial, I’m jealous that I’m not better at this craft. Of course, if you want to keep your roll sewing related, don’t forget about this supply case!

Turn a tablecloth (or any square of fabric) into a smart jacket.

Grab a t-shirt, tiered skirt, and a bit of fabric to make this Poppy Fields Maxi Dress.

Halloween is only 76 days away so it’s not too late to start crafting! Make a cute treat bucket or cake stand with a bit of paint, ribbon, and some old boots.

Give your kitchen a facelift with these DIY seat covers for your wooden chair set and sweet breakfast mats for your table.

Transform a man’s button down shirt into a sweet ruffle tank.

A great resource for everything you need to know about sewing swim or dance wear.

An impressive Four Leaves Pillow project perfect for beginners.

Learn how to make a Ruffled Wrap and enter to win a copy of Improv Sewing.

Linky Thursday

Planning a vacation soon? Set your luggage apart from everyone else with these felt luggage tags.

If you think that the only material your machine can sew on is fabric, think again. This tutorial not only shows you how to stitch on wood, but transforms it into jewelry, too.

I almost want to get an iPhone, just so I can make one of these awesome phone (or iPod Touch) stands.

This bikini top isn’t just easy to make, it has several options to wear it so you can change up your look.

Don’t show up to your next dinner party with just a bottle of wine, dress it up with a charming wine gift bag.

If you love cardigans, you’ll want to sew up one of these for every day of the week!

Transform a bland vanity into a coordinated laminated table set.

Need a low back bra, but don’t want to go out and buy one? This is a quick 5 minute fix to standard bras – who needs Victoria’s Secret?

This is definitely one of my favorite bag styles – it’s a bit like a tote, but also like a purse…. the Hobo!

Sexy and fun, The High-Low Dress is perfect for a weekend date night.

Have a potluck in your future? You’ll definitely want to sew up one of these casserole carriers to bring along your side dish.

If you love the idea of a t-shirt quilt, but don’t have the time to put one together, this T-shirt Rag Quilt Pillow is a great way to keep the memories alive.

Get two aprons in one with this sweet Revrsible Hostess (half) apron.

Linky Thursday

Not only is this tote trendy, but you get two bags in none: The Reversible, Lined Color-Blocked Tote.

Need a quick date night skirt? This lace skirt will not only fit you like a glove, you could probably sew it up in an hour.

Mr. Potatohead goes plush.

There’s still plenty of summer left to sew up this pretty petal shirt.

Back to school is right around the corner. If you don’t plan on making your child’s jeans, chances are they might be too long. Here’s a quick and easy tutorial on how to hem them so they don’t look hemmed.

Speaking of back to school – this backpack is a perfect to stash your books this fall!

Ever wonder what interfacing to use for your project? This article takes out some of the mystery!

You don’t need full yards of fabric to make a skirt. Learn how to make this wrap version from fat quarters.

Even though this knit dress is labeled ‘nursing’, it would definitely be a perfect style even if you weren’t!

There’s no sewing involved in this Guitar StrapClutch turned slingbag, but it still looks like a fabulous DIY bag project with lots of bling!

Don’t just keep your business cards tidy, make them pretty with this business card wallet tutorial.

Remember camp belts? Now you can make your own – and they’re pretty than the originals!

Learn how to transform a coffee table into an ottoman.

Linky Friday

A perfect top for summer that can lead you into fall…. The Sheer Top at WeAllSew

Before you spend a fortune on studs, why not try something more accessible and easier to install? This Brass Fastener Clutch tutorial will show you how – it’s genius!

Have some old ties you’re just not sure what to do with? Turn it into a cute purse!

Now why didn’t I ever think of this? Recycle old jeans into potholders.

I believe it is fair to say that I love Wobisobi’s t-shirt tutorials, this one is no exception: No Sew, One Shoulder Shirt.

Create your own Blank Canvas Tee.

Have a plate of cookies to give away, but don’t want to lose your favorite plate? Then make your own…. with candy.

Need a quick and easy skirt to sew up for tonight? This one claims it’s the easiest in the world.

A Huipil is a traditional Guatemalan garment, but you don’t have to go there to make this easy top. Learn how to make your own with Rhonda.

Need a quick embellishment to add to your latest garment? Why not try this easy fabric flower?

Halloween is already making it’s way into stores. If you’re planning ahead for the holiday already, why not whip up this Rib Cage T?

Great to grab when you’re on the go and don’t want to carry a whole bag full of baby goods: Diaper Pouches.

Linky Thursday

Wow your friends when you whip out your new cell phone holder because no one is going to believe you made this ETUI Bag.

Perfect for outdoor dining or a fancy picnic: Outdoor Placemats with Flatware Pockets.

An eye catching dress, but this time it’s for little girl’s… The Petal Dress.

Amy Butler’s new line Cameo (swoon, I just love the blues) is out in stores. If you’re looking for a project to use it, why not try this free Amy Butler Blossom Handbag pattern?

No one would guess that this diamond cut out shirt once started out as a plan t-shirt.

Make an elegant masquerade mask from some unexpected materials.

Love a bag with a big bow? Then you’ll definitely want to sew up a Tohoku Tote.

Make your own Alexander McQueen jacket.

I could live in these drawstring pants.

I have a chair exactly like the one in this tutorial. Now I want to recover it.

Always shyed away from tie dye with your kids because of all the staining and mess? Now you can tie dye without the dye.

Keep yourself organized for back to school with this Car Organizer pattern.

Turn a beach towel into a tote.

Linky Thursday

A cute way to step out of the shower.

I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to make a home made fabric swing for my little one, but I sure do love the idea!

In Germany, the first day of school is celebrated with “schultute”, beautiful cones filled with gifts. Now you can make your own cone, perfect for any occasion!

Now you don’t have to make a trip to the auto parts store, make a steering wheel cover that fits your mood an personality.

As much as I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer, I don’t use it often enough. Here’s a tutorial to make a cover to keep the dust of until you’re ready to use yours.

There’s something about puffy purses that make me want to sew them up. Here’s a cute one that uses a flex frame.

Make your outdoors just as beautiful as the inside of your home with these Piped Pillows.

Not only can you sew your own baby cake, but these fabric baskets are stackable after the gift is disassembled, too.

You get two dresses for the price of one when you sew up this reversible cutie.

I have a strong desire to buy a plain t-shirt just so I can try out this halter top refashion (and it’s no-sew too). This one (also by the same designer), is pretty awesome too.

No one would ever guess that the Let’s Go to the Park Bag isn’t just a cute handbag, but one that stows away diapers, bottles and other necessities for baby.

Looking to take your iPod with you on your runwalk, but don’t want to wear pockets? Then you’ll definitely want to whip up this easy armband.

Linky Thursday

It may be a little too hot in my area to hang outside, but when it cools off, I love the idea of swinging in one of these hammocks.

Who said ruffles are just for girls? This ruffle skirt is adorable…. and adult sized!

Turn a too-large shirt into a fashion forward top.

A quick tutorial on how to make your own poofottoman (or as my son thinks of it, trampoline).

Dump the plastic shower curtain and make your own fun fabric version.

Turn 2 king sized sheets into a gorgeous ruffled throw.

Refashion a t-shirt into a cardigan with a fun bleached city detail along the border.

Something tells me that I may have posted this bag pattern before, but it’s so cute and perfect for gift giving that I can’t resist sharing it again.

Planning on a long trip? You’ll definitely want to put one of these car seat protectors under your little ones (or even big ones, my teen is almost as messy as my toddler). While you’re at it, you’ll probably want to sew up one of these car trash bags, too (I could use one even when we’re not on a trip).

The Spa Wrap: perfect for just getting out of shower or pool.

Add a bit of whimsy to a top this summer by adding a summery flutter sleeve.

Linky Thursday

You don’t need kids to make this sweet little mermaid doll. Of course, if you don’t feel like making one, you can try to win the original.

Every little boy needs a pair of applique shorts. I think Easton is next.

Milk crates never looked so good.

Need an easy dress this summer? Then you’ll definitely want to check out My Favorite Tee Dress.

Make a great looking maternity swimsuit and then into a non-maternity version in an instant!

Learn how to create a book cover (with pockets) for any size book.

Turn suede cording and a bit of chain into a cute bracelet (there are no written instructions, but you’ll get the idea after looking at the photos).

If you have a teen, chances are you have at least one Toms bag in your household. Here’s another great tutorial on how to use them: a wallet.

Have a long road trip coming up? Then get snuggly with your seat belt with this tutorial.

I am a sucker for a baby in a sunsuitromper. Learn how to make one for you little girl.

Linky Thursday

Win one of three $100 gift certificates to Fat Quarter Shop.

Who needs a mesh scrubbie when you can make one of these cute soap pouches?

A great gift for dad (and just in time for summer vacation): the Road Warrior Organizer.

I am in love with this Oilcloth Beach Bag and I am determined to make one soon. My question? Where did they find the fabulous oilcloth prints?

Every little kid wants to be a superhero at some point. Help them run with that idea by making them a mask.

Perfect for a summer picknic – Ric Rac Napkins.

Working out? On the go? Just need your hands free? Check out this easy to sew wrist wallet.

Transform a t-shirt into cute summer dress.

An interesting way to re-vamp a t-shirt using a double zipper.

Color blocking isn’t just for clothes. Check out this gorgeous bolster at Sew4Home.

Looking for a new purse? This free one may fit the bill (I’m partial to the hardware).

If the dad in your life loves hats you’ll want to check out this tutorial for a man’s Gatsby Hat.

Create a two-tone maxi dress.