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E.N.U.F. Recon

What prompted this weekend’s closet purge was digging around for a particular t-shirt that I’ve been holding onto for ages (as a side note, I’m not kidding around about the ages part, if you google the logo, you’ll find people reselling them under the ‘vintage’ section of websites). This particular ‘vintage’ tee is extremely oversized and outdated, bu matches the floral knitfix that I received in September’s bag pretty well so I decided it was finally time for a recon.


For this shirt, I used the Rainier Ragalan pattern again – this time I went up one size from my previous version to accommodate the reduced stretch of the tee shirt material and because I found the my first top a bit snug along the upper bust. It’s a good thing I did this because the limited stretch pretty much makes the fit the exact same as the previous version. The only other change I made was leaving the hem on this one unstitched (I think it keeps with the vintage feel of the shirt and makes a nice roll when you wear it). Overall I love the end result: the floral makes it a bit funky and is definitely on trend for tees\sweatshirts this year (from what I’ve seen there’s a lot of hoodies and tees that add floral elements, especially in the sleeves), plus I finally got to recon the shirt I’ve been hanging onto for years!

Rainier in Plaid

09-raglanAfter a brief brainstorming session, I decided to put one of my September KnitFix fabrics to use making a new shirt. Because I apparently believe that one can not have too many raglan shirt patterns and decided to try out a new one… The Rainier Raglan (I purchased this pattern quite some time ago and never put it together until this weekend). I bought a “papyrus”  rayon spandex for the body of the shirt and used the plaid for the sleeves and neckline. In the end, I wound up adding a small pocket because it just added a bit more interest to the shirt.

As for the fit, it’s a bit snug in the chest (it has some pulling on the upper bust area – I’m not sure that anyone but a sewist would notice though): I was a smidge larger in the bust than a small but the medium was going to be way too loose. Instead of cutting in between sizes, I went with a small (because the models for this shirt doesn’t look very fitted) and now realize that I could have went up a size without too much issue.  Otherwise, this was a easy sew and fits very well everywhere else. Chances are I won’t be able to wear this one anyway because Taylor keeps telling me how much she likes it.

I still have quite a bit of this plaid left over and plan on using it very soon for another project as well – I think this print far better than what I expected I would!

September Knit Fix

If you were wondering what some of the fabrics inside Girl Charlee‘s September Knit Fix, I have the answer! My bag arrived Wednesday afternoon and I have been pondering what to do with some of my new treasures ever since. Here’s what was inside:


From left to right: Black and white diamond rows on cotton spandex knit, Green red mustard plaid cotton jersey blend knit, Green botanical spots on black Ponte de Roma knit, Gray black vintage ethnic jersey blend knit, Rose pink gray floral jersey blend knit, Black small cream stripe cotton jersey knit.

This time I made the mistake of watching others receive their bags on the Girl Charlee Knitfix Facebook Group and sort of got my heart set on a particular one…. this one was not it. It’s not a bad grouping of fabrics – I love the stripe and the ethnic and diamond knits the best, but it’s not the bag I was wishing for (note to self, don’t watch the group to see what others got until after I receive my own!). The floral is fine (although I don’t wear a lot of floral print), but on the thinner side and the plaid is not in the colorway I wanted (it is also not a 4 way stretch so it won’t work for leggings). That green ‘botanical spots’ print is what really has me stumped, though. The fabric itself has a nice feel, but that print is very BOLD, even for me (plus I realized after I got this fabric, I never wear green). With that said, I’ve washed all the fabrics and am mulling over what I want to make with each of them (there is a contest going on this month where you can enter to win a free October bag by stitching up Indy patterns from the fabrics in you September Knit Fix bag…. so I’m motivated to make some awesome garments!).

09-dglg2On the sewing home front, I’ve been doing a bit of machine embroidery! Taylor went through formal rush and joined a sorority this past week so I decided to purchase some cute Greek Alphabet letters to embellish some shirts, etc. (appliqued shirts usually run about $25+ in stores\online, I spent $12, including the purchase of the embroidery files!). Since making this design so has requested a second, long sleeved, yellow chevron pocketed version (how’s that for specific?) to wear when it gets cool….. guess what I’m working on today?


Skirts with Flare

08-flareskirtI tend not to make a lot of skirts and dresses simply because I don’t have a lot of opptunities to wear them. However, when I got this floral material in my June Knitfix bag, I knew that it had to become a skirt. Last week I mentioned that I had cut out Jalie’s half-circle\flare skirts and today I have a finished look – and I love it!

I’m really kicking myself for not making this skirt sooner… I am pretty sure that it took me longer to put the pattern together than stitch this up. My only regret is that I didn’t put the wider waistband on this – while the 1″ looks fine, I think it would have a fun retro vibe if I would have made it at least 2″ (I think I would also add a bit of elastic too because it fits a tad loose on me).  Now I’m hitting my fabric stash and making a few more (definitely one in a woven) because I am pretty sure Taylor is eyeing this pattern as well!

Floral Flare

Being a bit of a pattern hoarder, it probably comes as no surprise that some patterns often sit untouched. Last year I had purchased Jalie 3458 (half-circle and flare skirts) with the idea that I would whip up some cute skirts for summer…. I even purchased fabric! However, I got distracted with other projects and it never happened….. until yesterday.



I’m normally not a floral person, but when I saw the print in my June Girl Charlee Knit Fix bag, I knew that I wanted to make a pretty, feminine skirt. Since I had already used a (small) portion of this material for a shirt, I had just enough to make a flared skirt. I’ve pieced together the PDF, cut the pieces (I’ve opted for the flared skirt with the 1″ waistband), and am ready to sew! I think when I’m finished I may whip up a few pairs of underwear while I’m at it too… this print is too pretty not to use everywhere!

More Diamonds

You know it’s a long holiday weekend when Monday rolls around and you forget to blog because you’ve lost track of what day of the week it is. I have to admit that I really didn’t do much sewing over the weekend, but did manage to finish (another) pair of of the Summer Lovin’ Shorts.

07-diamondshortI used more of the coral diamond print for this pair so that it would coordinate with the Ann-Marie that I made earlier… In theory that was a great idea, but when you put the two of them together, it’s a lot of print going on and I do not care for the way I look in it (they look great separated and worn with a solid black short or shirt, though).

In other news, some fabric I ordered arrived yesterday and I can’t resist showing it to you because the skulls glow in the dark!



In fact, the skulls glow very brightly – I am very excited to use them in a future project… I just need to decide what that project is!



07-Jalie3463aOn Friday my new Jalie Patterns arrived in the mail and I couldn’t resist starting one right away! I immediately traced off Jalie 3463 – The Anne-Marie Tank and Dress (I decided on view A, the fitted tank) and decided on using the coral diamond print from June’s Knit Fix bag with a black jersey contrast for the fabrics.

Because I opted to use only 2 fabrics and didn’t want to break up the diamond print, I decided to morph the two side panels into one, solid piece. I like the end result for this particular top, but am excited to use more colors\prints next time around to give it a bit more interest. I love that this particular tank not only has a built in shelf bra (next time I will be sure to use a more ‘supportive fabric’ such as a stretchy powernet style material), but is finished without bindings (this does mean that you may have to have a bit more experience before sewing this one, but the results are very professional). The fit is wonderful, the shelf bra is comfortable, and I like that the back has a bit of elastic so it doesn’t slip out of place while you’re wearing it.

07-Jalie3463bAll in all, I love my new tank and can definitely see myself sewing this up again fairly soon – especially now that the temperatures are soaring here. While this particular top is meant to be worn casually (I am thinking that I will make a pair of matching shorts next), I intend on using some wicking material in future versions so I have a sportier top (I actually wouldn’t mind sewing up the cute peplum version too even though I don’t play tennis any more…. maybe I should take it up just so I can wear some cute outfits).

Next I intend on tracing the pull on jeans – if I could only find some stretch denim\bottoweight that has 20% stretch and comes in a color that I like (I would love a very light pink, but apparently that color is difficult to find!). Any one have a great fabric resource for this pattern?

The Summer Tee

06-summerteeAfter spending some time on Girl Charlee’s Knit Fix Facebook page, I saw someone who mixed two unexpected fabrics to make a fun shirt… so I decided to recreate that with the fabrics from my own bag. For my next project, I used the pink mint floral on black and more of the black crossed lines (from yesterday’s Mesa) to make iCandy’s Summer Tee.

The Summer Tee is a FREE pattern (although it only fits as a “medium”, it could be easily sized up or down) with a dropped shoulder seam and side slits at the hem. To bring a bit more interest to the front, I added two micro pockets in the crossed lines – initially I liked this look, but giving it fresh eyes the next day, I’m not sure how I feel about them. Overall, the fit is pretty good, it’s easy to sew (although, the directions are sparse and are more like ‘tips on sewing’ than anything else), and the style is definitely different than anything else that I own. In my book this is a good free pattern to try out for summer!

The Mesa

06-mesaKeeping with my (self-imposed) knit fix challenge, I decided to whip up a new project over the weekend. Using the black crossed lines jersey rayon spandex knit from my bag and Seamwork Magazine’s Mesa, I made a new, (adorable) dress! This is a simple shift design with a scooped neckline, side slits, and short, almost elbow length sleeves, that comes together in about an hour.

Since the sewing on this one is pretty straightforward, I’ll skip to the fit… which is once again, spot on. It’s also a flattering shape so it should work with all body types (this pattern runs from XS-3XL). I was also surprised that I liked the neckline on this one – normally scoop necks feel as if they’re constantly falling off my shoulders and constantly needs adjusting, but so far, this one has worked well. The only thing I’m on the fence about is the sleeve length – it’s a bit of a strange length for me, although it definitely ‘dresses up’ the overall feel of the finished dress.

All in all, this is another winner from Seamwork Magazine… I think once I’m done sewing up my knit fixes, I should finally get to work on the Adelaide – that one has been calling my name since I first saw it!

One More Hacci

06-floral sweaterAfter finishing up my Astoria, I was left with a nice little chunk of sweater knit to use for something else. The material reminded me of the casual sweater style tops that I see in PacSun\Hollister so I decided to use what was left to recreate that look.

I started off with Jalie 3355 (a pattern that I had purchased last year, but never used because finding sweatshirt material with any amount of stretch is darn near impossible!) and eeked out just enough material for all the pieces… However, upon sewing, I discovered that while the fabric has enough stretch for the body, it’s just not stretchy enough for the neckline\sleeves\hem band. Consequently, I had to re-cut the neckline and cuffs slightly larger (thank goodness for large remnant chunks), but didn’t have enough for the hem band. Fortunately, the sweatshirt (or maybe this would be better called a sweater) rolls to the right side to create a fun, casual look.

The end result is a cute (but not nearly as glamorous looking), casual top that is definitely going to be cozy to wear this fall (I’m thinking of pairing it up with a pair of denim shorts). I can’t wait to wear it!