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Keyhole Tunic

This isn’t celebrity fashion, yet – I’m just waiting for Britney Spears to show up at some nightclub wearing this (with her hot pink wig, no doubt), but I couldn’t resist talking about it. I first spotted this Brette Sandler Keyhole Tunic while surfing FabSugar and the horrible image has been burned into my brain since. It’s meant to be worn as a swimsuit coverup, but I can see how some crazed celebrity will wear this out. Anyone want to take a guess who all might sport this number first? [photo via FabSugar]

Paris Goes Asian

Paris Hilton was recently in Shanghai for the MTV Style Awards. At one of the events, she wore this adorable Asian-inspired mini dress (the shoes were cute too, but I’ll leave that up to Manolo’s shoe blog to comment on those). If you’re thinking of adding this little number to your holiday wardrobe, then start out with New Look 6203 – it’s a dead ringer for Paris’ latest style! [photo via Celeb Warship]

What’s Happened With Celebrity Fashion?

It’s been a rough few weeks for celebrity fashion. Sure there’s been a few awards shows, movie premieres, and just random sightings, but honestly there hasn’t been much that’s caught my eye or even looked remotely similar to what most pattern companies have to offer. Last night was the American Music Awards – here’s what FabSugar has picked out as their ‘best dressed list.’ What do you think? Personally, I loved the back of Kellie Pickler’s dress (although I’m not a fan of the front). [Photo via Yeeeah]

Lady In Red

I’ll admit, I didn’t watch the CMA’s last night. Apparently, I missed a lot of drama too… Performer Kellie Pickler sang “I Wonder,” a song about her estranged mother, with tears streaming down her face (if you missed her performance you can catch the video here). Even though she may have broken down on stage, she still looked beautiful. I love the striking red dress she wore on stage which looks very similar to Vogue 2847 – right down to the color on the model! [photo via A Socialite’s Life]

Gorgeous and Charitable

I’ve always liked Malcom in the Middle start, Jane Kaczmarek. I liked her even more after I found out she started a charitable organization called Clothes Off Our Backs – an internet site that auctions off celebrity garments and donates the proceeds to children’s charities. Recently she attended the Fredrick’s of Hollywood 2008 fashion show wearing this adorable dress. It looks a bit like McCall’s new pattern (a Hillary Duff creation) 5512 without the over-sized neckline. I think what I like best about this dress is that she took what could have been a boring solid and is wearing a bold, striking print – I love it with this style! [photo via a Socialite’s Life]

Celebrity Halloween

What do celebrities wear when they attend a Halloween party? Apparently some pretty elaborate costumes!

Terri Hatcher’s Queen of Hearts costume is absolutely fabulous. Quite a few years ago, McCall’s had a very similar pattern (now out of print) that I picked up. Still to this day I have yet to use it. However, after seeing someone in this fantastic garment, I may have to give it a whirl next year. Other celebrity costume sightings – Paris Hilton in what appears to be a sailor costume (no pattern found yet) and Marlee Matlin who makes a fabulous Captain Jack Sparrow (Simplicity 4923 would work for this costume).

Cheri’s Chemise

Remember Cheri O’Teri? She was once a regular on SNL and I don’t recall seeing her since she left the series – that is until today. Here she is at last night’s Fredrick’s of Hollywood 2008 fashion show (I hardly recognized her) wearing this cute sparkly number that looks an awful lot like Simplicity 3799. At the moment, I’m unable to locate a silver knit, but with the holiday’s right around the corner, I’m sure that they will start popping up soon! [photo via A Socialite’s Life]

Tyra’s Toga

It seems as if almost all the celebrity photos I see anymore are of Britney Spears – and I really don’t think we want to talk about her fashion style any more than what we have to. So instead, I present to you today’s new fashion disaster, Tyra Banks. I guess the dress itself wouldn’t be too bad if you were looking for something trendy, avant-garde, or toga-ish, but I have to ask, what’s going on with that metallic decal over 1/2 of her chest? I love the bag, though. [photo via Celebrity Warship]

Where Did You Get That Coat?

As soon as I saw this photo of Rebecca Romijn, I said “WOW!” Not only does she look fabulous, but I’m in love with that blue coat she’s wearing. I’ve done a bit of searching and haven’t come up with a fabric that is a match (it has a bit of texture to it, so it may be harder to find than a plain wool coating), but I believe that Simplicity 4084 is a good start to making this style for yourself. With all these beautiful coats and jackets celebrities have been wearing lately, I could spend the eentire season sewing nothing but those up for myself!