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Oscar Night Fashions 2008

Not that I probably need to tell you, but the Oscars were last night. Like millions of other Americans, I didn’t watch – in fact, I even missed the red carpet arrivals. After surfing the internet and scoping out the styles, I realized, I didn’t miss much. Instead of re-hashing all the Oscar looks (which everyone seems to have done already), I’ll just point you in the direction of some of the best places to gawk – EOnline and FabSugar (my personal favorite since you can vote for your favorite look). My favorite gown of the evening – Heidi Klum. How about you? [photo via FabSugar]

Dress For The Zoo

Eva Longoria recent spent a day at the zoo in this adorable dress (I’ve never worn a dress to the zoo, she’s definitely a brave one!). Although the details are difficult to see (this is the best picture showing her wearing it), she’s sporting a design similar to New Look 6696. Closeup photos show that her dress is made up of a raspberry cotton eyelet – perfect for spring. If you’re looking for similar material, you may want to pop over to who has a very pretty red scalloped eyelet in stock.
Edited to add: It looks like the red eyelet is now gone!

Flirty And Flowy

With the writer’s strike on a wind down, it’s nice to see some awards shows popping up – there’s nothing like checking out the celebrity formal wear. One dress that immediately popped out at me was Carrie Underwood’s Zuhair Murad gown. It’s dressy yet flirty and not over the top in design. If you’re wanting to recreate this romantic look for yourself, check out Simplicity 3503 and either this gorgeous silk from Emma One Sock or this one in a beautiful floral print from Gorgeous Things. I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive – sleeveless styles here I come! [photo via FabSugar]

Tartan Coat

I love coats and jackets. If I had enough room in my closet, I’d have one for every sort of occasion imaginable! That’s why, when I saw a photo of Dita Von Teese attending a show for Fashion Week, I just had to add this number to my ‘inspiration collection’. I’m thinking that McCall 5525, view E, looks fairly close (the belt would have to be changed, of course) – although, I’m sure the fit will be much different seeing that I do not have a 22 inch waist (16 when she corsets herself)! [photo via CelebWarship]

Diamonds Are Her Best Friend Too

Paris Hilton showed up to the premiere of her new movie The Hottie And The Nottie (I can’t believe this isn’t going straight to video) in what can only be described as a Marilyn Monroe knockoff (the pink dress made famous in her movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes). If you’re thinking of making this strapless style for yourself, go with McCall 3385 or Simplicity 8393 – both are now out of print, but you may be able to score one off of eBay or a ‘vintage’ pattern site.
On a side note, I’ve made this one up for myself several years ago (I was Marilyn and Bret was Elvis for Halloween) – you can catch a glimpse of it here, who knew my costume would be so stylish? [photo via Yeeeah!]

JLo’s Gown

It’s rumored (once again) that JLo had her twins sometime Thursday. Normally, I won’t talk about celebrity births, but reports are saying she had a couture hospital gown made just for the event. DearJohnnies makes custom gowns for $55-65 each, but now you can make your own for much less. LazyGirl has a free pattern that you can download and print from home so you can feel like a celebrity the next time you’re delivering!

Golden Globes We Missed You

Not only is the writer’s strike causing some of our favorite shows to cease production and start running re-runs, but it also contributed to the disaster called the 2008 Golden Globes. Since celebrities banned together and decided not to attend the event, there were no beautiful gowns to gawk at, knock-off, and discuss the next day. Fortunately, People came up with “What Should the Stars Have Worn to the Golden Globes?” You can now scroll through and envision what your favorite celebrity might have worn. Let’s cross our fingers that the Oscars don’t get canceled, too – besides Britney sights, the celebrity style watch is getting sort of thin!

Knock It Off

Been eyeing some of those wonderful celebrity styles? Wanting to make you own knock-off, but just haven’t found the motivation? Then here’s something that might get your creative juices flowing – Pattern Review’s Designer Knock-Off Challenge where the winner receives a $200 gift certificate to Textile Studio. This is definitely one of my favorite contests, but will undoubtedly sit this year out, there’s just not enough designer maternity wear out there!

The Man Purse

Remember that Seinfeld episode where Jerry carries a ‘purse’ and claims,

“It’s not a purse, it’s European.”

This is what celebrities must be saying because twice in the same week, I’ve seen (celebrity) men carrying what looks to be purses. First it was Robert Downey Jr. and today it’s James Spader. Is this a new 2008 trend that I’ve missed or is this just another part of a weird celebrity get-up?