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Pretty Dress or Adorable Apron?

When you use a downloadable pattern from a personal website, it’s a crapshoot as to what you might get. I took a gamble on FleeceFun’s Thankful Apron because the finished apron design was very cute and it had a professional looking pattern print out. Unfortunately, I wasn’t as impressed with the instructions. Not only were they a bit ‘skimpy’ (a good example is sewing the apron skirt: it mentions sewing the sides, never the hem. Either this is an omission or the author just assumes you’ll know to eventually do this?) but they were a little confusing – I had to read several parts of the instructions several times to get the drift of what I was supposed to do. There are also numerous spelling errors which leads me to believe that there was little to no proofreading before it was published. Speaking of errors, if you decide to add the ‘belt’ in the middle of the apron, you’ll need to cut a third waist tie, not the neck strap (the neck strap isn’t long enough).

Putting aside all the ‘issues’ I had with this tutorial, the finished design did turn out really cute. I love how the neck strap is tied on the side and I think that the Amy Butler fabric works really well with the gingham check print (which I also used for this apron) – when you put them together they really have a romantic and fun Valentine vibe. The best part? This apron looks so much like a pretty dress, everyone will be thinking you’ve dressed up when you wear it!

So Sweet

Between Superbowl cooking (and eating), I managed to find enough time to sew up one project over the weekend… a Valentine half-apron. I think this one just screams, “I’m so sweet!” To create this look, I used Simplicty 3652 (view C) and the pink gingham check fabric.

Overall, this was a very easy pattern to put together – an experienced sewer should be able to put this together in around an hour… even with minor modifications. Speaking of, I did make one small change to this pattern: swapping out the standard pocket for a heart design (I think it just made it have a more Valentine ‘feel’). The directions were easy to follow, but I think the notions requirement was a bit off. The envelope back has you buying 2 packages of piping (this goes in the area between the flounce and the bottom edge of the hem) and you only really need one. Even in the largest size, if you don’t waste any piping, you could get away with only one. Normally, I wouldn’t complain, but I own way too much piping, cording, and bias tape as it is… my notions drawer is beginning to overflow! The end design is adorable – it’s cute, flirty, and fun, however I’m not sure I care for the waistbandties (created by bias tape). If I make this particular pattern again, I think I’ll draft one that uses self fabric. So, what do you think? Isn’t this a perfect way to serve up some chocolate fondue?

Valentine Aprons

I was recently given a $25 gift certificate to shop for apron fabrics at a new-to-me online shop called OnlineFabricStore… not only did this give me the opportunity to combine my love of material and apron sewing, but I also discovered a new fabric resource! Not only do they have your ‘traditional’ quilting, home decor, and apparel fabrics, but they have a HUGE selection of more unusualhard to find materials: vinyl and leathers, foam and pillow forms (there’s a huge variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. I had no idea you could even get some shapes like this), and coffee bags! I really couldn’t resist putting a couple of these in my cart because I’ve been itching to make a bagtote with them.

Last night all my supplies arrived so I’m now ready to get stitching! I’ve settled on two apron designs: a short and sweet half apron in gingham (I’m also mulling around the idea of adding a few appliques) and a rose printedfull apron with gingham accents. I’m excited to started, but can’t decide which to start first!

Project Details:

Pattern: Simplicity 3752, View C

Pattern: Thankful Apron

Amy Butler fabric in Temple Rose from OnlineFabricStore

Pink gingham check fabric from OnlineFabricStore

Materials & Cost:
Pattern……..$0.99 & free tutorial