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Tommy Boxers v.3

With school out this week (can you believe it’s already time? Where did the year go?) I have come to the realization that summer is right around the corner. That also means it’s time to ramp up my summer sewing – the first item on my list? Tommy Boxers! This is one of our all-time favorite summer loungewear patterns – even my mom has requested for me to make more! Consequently, up on the cutting table are 3 new sets: one for all the girls in the family.

Project Details:

Pattern: SisBoom Tommy Boxer

Sleepy Owl fabric from Hobby Lobby

Skellanimals print from Joann’s

Bryant Park print from Sew Much

Materials & Cost:

A Matching Top

What’s a workout skort without a matching top? I used the rest of the material from my Jalie 2796 project to whip up a second zippered V-Neck. I wanted it to coordinate with the skirt fabrics, but didn’t want to do any color blocking so instead, I made the top exterior out of the light gray (these are the side panels on the skort), used a dark grayblue contrasting zipper and used the dark grayblue fabric for the lining – if you look closely when it’s unzipped you can see that the material peeking out.

I can honestly say that this top went together much smoother the second time around, although the fit is different from my first top – I now realize that this material does have a lot less stretch. Consequently, it’s a lot more snug – especially around the bust area. Maybe all this working out make me lose a few pounds and help with the lack of stretchfit?

The Workout Skirt Solved!

It’s amazing how stretch can really effect the way a garment fits. I managed to ‘solve’ my hot pant dilemma by using a fabric that had 4-way stretch (which was recommended by the pattern envelope if I would have checked first!). Not only does it fit, but is super comfy. The down side? It’s beigenude. I didn’t have anything on hand that was remotely similar to the main fabrics I had chosen and I didn’t have anything black in a 4-way, so I went with something ‘fleshy’. Now that it’s all put together, I’m not sure if that was a good choice or not – when I bend over, you can see the hot pant underneath so I’m pretty sure people will be wondering if I’m even wearing underwear!

The fit is a bit snug – I’m thinking that it’s because the fabric doesn’t have as much stretch as the previous wicking material that I worked with, but overall, I’m pleased with how this turned out – and I love the pocket details on the side of the skirt!

Hot Pants Dilemma

I’ve got good news and bad news.

The good news: I started my skort. You can see from the picture that the front and side panels are attached and the ‘hot pants’ are ready to be attached.

The bad side: The hot pants give my thighs muffin tops. Shortly after I snapped this photo I decided to give them a test fit – I had decided to use elastic around the legs and had a lot of difficulty even pulling them up to mid thigh… so I cut a second pair, this time skipping the elastic and just hemming the legs instead. The fit was better, but still way too tight. Since there isn’t a quick and easy solution to the hot pants (i.e. eliminating the elastic), it looks like I’m back to the drawing board.

Edit: As I sat drinking my morning coffee and mulling over my hot pants dilemma, something occurred to me…. my fabric doesn’t have 4 way stretch. I ran down to my sewing room and sure enough, the pattern recommends a 4-way! Unfortunately, this means my hot pant will not be the same color(s) as the main pieces, but on the bright side, I know it will fit (or at least I hope so). The moral of the story? Always read your fabric recommendations before you start sewing (and if you run into trouble, mull over your problem with a great cup of joe)!

Sport Skort

I wasn’t kidding when I said that I was going to work on a skort next – I even have the traced out pattern to prove it! I may not work out a lot, but I really do love their cute and comfortable clothes (plus I’m thinking that Taylor may want to wear this when she golfs this summer)… plus I’ve had this pattern in my stash since last year so it’s high time I give it a whirl. I’ve decided to go with a low-waisted, hot pants design in a graysteel gray wicking material that reminds me a lot of the model on the pattern cover. The rest of the details of this project are listed below:

Project Details:

Pattern: Jalie 2796

Light Gray wicking fabric from Needle Nook Fabrics

Steel Gray wicking fabric from Needle Nook Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

Sick Day

Ahhh, illness. It’s been running through our house like a madman since Easter. It seems as if everyone has been getting a nasty viral infection that as resulted in visits to the doctor for one reason or another and apparently, it’s my turn. Consequently, I’ve got nothing ready for today. I will say that I did manage to make my way to Needle Nook Fabrics earlier in the week for new wick-away material (for those that are interested, she has several colors: hot pink, purple, and several shades of blue) so that I can start on Jalie 2796 with a matching zippered top (incidentally, the colors are very similar to the skort model on the pattern envelope) once my medicine starts kicking in. I’ll be posting more information on this project along with my swimsuit progress and a book review early next week – I’ve got some catching up to do!

Swimsuit Season

When the temperature rises, I get the urge to sew something summery. Record setting temperatures today have started me planning ahead to days lounging at the pool…. so it only stands to reason that it’s swimsuit sewing time! This year, I’ve decided on McCall 6569, which is a dead-ringer for a popular Juicy Couture design. I also picked a really gorgeous copperyslatebrown material for this look – unfortunately it’s hard to capture the true color with a camera. I started cutting the pattern yesterday and almost put it back into the envelope after seeing all the pieces! While there are a number that I need to cut out for the fabric, I have quite a few left over because this pattern has several looks as well as a variation in bust sizes that I’ll never use.

After talking to Ann at Needle Nook, I decided against buying the polylaminate foam for the bra cups and decided to try some large, preformed ones that she carries in her store instead. After cutting out the pattern pieces, I’m not sure if this is going to work because even though these cups are much larger than most, I’m still not sure that they provide enough material to fill the lining. I’ll keep everyone posted as to how this plays out!

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall’s 6569, View C

Coppery brown swim fabric from Needle Nook Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

Zippered V-Neck

I just can’t work on a project if I’m not ‘feeling it’. As much as I want a fabulous new purse, I just couldn’t get into the mindset of working on a bag this weekend. So instead, I scoured my patterns and decided on a new top: Jalie 2682. Not only did I want to make this perfect for summer, but I wanted it to look and feel sporty – so I decided to use some wicking material that I picked up from Needle Nook last year. I think the ‘details’ of this top are lost in the photo because it’s so dark, but I have to say – I LOVE this shirt. Even though I’ve made this style before, I think this particular one is the most comfortable (probably because of the material) and I think it will look perfect with a pair of athletic shorts. In fact, I love it so much, I’m thinking buying more interspanwicking material and making a two-tone version with a matching skort sometime soon!

Project Details:

Pattern: Jalie 2682, View A

Black Interspan from Needle Nook Fabrics

Materials & Cost:

Simple Boxy Bowling Bag

I am in need of a fun purse. I went to dinner with a friend recently and I admired her silver handbag – that’s when I decided I needed a purse like that. The other day when I went to the store, I stumbled across the ‘perfect looking’ purse – the problem? It’s designed for clothing. Consequently, it’s very flimsy so I’m intending on interfacing the heck out of it so that it retains it’s shape (I’m thinking a woven and Peltex combination). The HotPatterns Boxy Bowling Bag pattern that I intend on using calls for a lining like ripstop. Since I wanted the inside of the bag to be a lighter color, I just didn’t feel that ripstop would work (it’s very see-through) so I went with a heavier nylon sport. All the details for this project are listed below – I can’t wait to get started!

Project Details:

Pattern: HotPatterns’ Handbag Heaven Plain & Simple Boxy Bowling Bag

Silver Crocodile Pleather from Joann

Sport nylon in white from Joann

Materials & Cost:


I am happy to say that my Jessica dress is almost finished! From test fitting this garment, I can say that it does look nice on (so I think that I picked the right pattern size for me), although the hem length needs to be modified a bit because it is way too long on my short little body. Before I can do that, though I really need to get rid of the static cling that is in this fabric because it’s really hard to see how well it’s fitting in certain areas because it’s wrapping itself around my body so much! Aren’t there products out there that you can spray that helps with this (I’ve never really had this problem with my fabric until this year)?