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Alright, before I put up a post saying, “I’m hoping that I’m not sewing this one up late” (the night before it needs to be worn), I’m going to read the directions first. McCalls really wasn’t kidding when they called this pattern “2 Hours” – it really is… from start to finish. In fact, there’s very little sewing involved (so long as you use a faux suede). While this is fine for a dress up outfit or a 2.5 hour “Cowboy Day” at school, I don’t think I would recommend this pattern as a Halloween costume. Because the edges aren’t finished, they are eventually going to start to fray (even with a faux suede) and may not survive as a costume that has to be taken to school, trick-or-treating, a party, andor weekend holiday activity…. in fact, I can see it looking very ratty at the end of the night. So here’s a breakdown of the proscons of working with this particular pattern:

Pros: It’s a very low-sew type of project… there’s even a section included that tells you how to create the chaps without a sewing machine so this costume is perfect for a beginner. It’s also very fast to create – it really does take 2 hours from start to finish!

Cons: The edges of this project are raw (so long as you use a faux suede) so expect some fraying from even the faux suede material. This also means that you’ll need to carefully cut your material to make them look smooth (I highly recommend using a rotary cutter for the ties andor fringe). You’ll also need to measure your child before creating the chaps so that you can get ‘the perfect fit’. I found that they ran very long and had to take the pattern up several inches to make them fit correctly (this may also mean that you need to adjust or eliminate a set of ties to make them ‘look right’).

I Want To Be A Cowboy

Next week, Easton’s school is having a “Cowboy Day”. All the kids have the opportunity to dress up like a cowboycowgirl – this, of course, gives me the perfect chance to make something for ‘dress up’! We settled on a black cowboy hat, McCall 2851, and a couple of faux suede fabrics for a vest and chaps. Yes folks, I said chaps.

Needless to say, I’m putting my striped hoodie aside to work on this – I’m hoping that I’m not sewing this one up late (next) Monday night just to get it finished! Here’s all the details for this project:

Project Details:

Pattern: McCall 3132

Faux cow skin suede from Hobby Lobby

Faux brown suede from Hobby Lobby

Materials & Cost: